Riverkeeper Fail: The Shrinking Influence of a Big Mouth

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The Delaware Riverkeeper Network, a political action group masquerading as a charity, failed again as two FERC members were appointed by unanimous consent.

Earlier in the week a regular reader sent me an action alert from the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, known not so affectionately here as the Delaware Povertykeeper or right arm of the Philadelphia gentry class. He sarcastically made the subject line “No lobbying here.” It was all about the continuing and quite extensive efforts of the Riverkeeper/Povertykeeper to prevent new FERC appointments so key pipeline projects would be stalled and kept in limbo ad infinitum.

The fact the Riverkeeper/Povertykeeper even imagined this was a viable strategy ignored the political realties; both Democrats and Republicans want those projects. This is why Maya and company, the biggest mouths on the fractivist scene and hired guns for elitist power-brokers were ignored and those appointments have now been approved. It was a big fail.

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is a totally political animal—some might say a shrieking hyena—and here is what prompted our reader to call it out as lobbying (although, technically speaking, it’s not because it deals with appointments and not legislation):

And, what happened? Well, the Riverkeeper/Povertykeeper was shut out, according to this story from the Houston Chronicle:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has approved two Republicans nominated by President Donald Trump to serve on the federal commission that oversees the nation’s power grid and natural gas pipelines.

Senators’ unanimous votes Thursday approving Senate aide Neil Chatterjee and Pennsylvania utility regulator Robert Powelson restore a voting quorum on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Yes, the Senate acted by unanimous consent to make these appointments. The big mouths at the Delaware Riverkeeper Network had not the slightest impact on the outcome. Its influence, outside of a few courts where ideologically inclined judges control, has shrunk to the point where no one pays any attention to all the shrieks. They’re just background noise.


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4 thoughts on “Riverkeeper Fail: The Shrinking Influence of a Big Mouth

  1. Who is associated with the bigger Riverkeeper organization and is the bigger antifracking pipeline resistance movement influencer? Robert Kennedy Jr.

    Did Maya get arrested yesterday over FERC at Schumer’s office or did Sane Energy and Beyond Extreme Energy folks with Food and Water Watch cheering them on?

    What is the garbage being produced today by Mark Hand and Think Progress and being called “news”?

  2. https://twitter.com/billmckibben/status/893455000525037569

    By the way, Bill Mckibben says the most recent work by Phil Mckenna (and phil mckenna has been writing nonsense on pipelines for perhaps a year or more over at inside climate.org ) is the clearest report on fracked gas pipelines being written yet!

    That’s entertaining. Remember last year when Bill Mckibben was having work published based on a report from Oil Change international? He doesn’t work with the people running Oil Change International and on their board and who issued the reports on natural gas and natural gas pipelines last year? Sure he does.

    The farce that is both reporting and the antifracking pipeline resistance movement and a large part of the climate movement is absolutly incredible. It really blows my mind. One would think that with subjects as important as climate change and energy, environmental organizations would act seriously and with some sense of gravity or even decency? But nah. That apparently is not their SOP or MO.

    And reporters? And others who aren’t really reporters but social scenesters or writers at say Teen vogue or vogue are this blind to what is happening around them? Holy moly,

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