Revelations It Paid Dimock Shill Cause Food & Water Watch Meltdown

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You know you hit the target when the opposition squeals like a stuck pig. Food & Water Watch has taken a huge hit as its paid Dimock shill has been revealed.

If any evidence was needed that Food & Water Watch is embarrassed and frightened by the relevation that Craig Stevens has been its paid Dimock shill all along, it has been provided by Wenonah Hauter. The haughty Hauter has gone apoplectic, telling us how proud she is of Craig Steven’s contributions to fractivism while simultaneously screaming, in so many words, “how dare you, how dare you fight back to tell your side.”

Two articles explain. The first is a calm, cool, collected post by Reggie Sheffield in the Susquehanna Independent. which is well worth reading in its entirety tio understand what happened in the courtroom last week. Reggie notes Craig Stevens reluctance to share the facts:

During his deposition, Stevens first denied receiving payments from Food and Water Watch but then changed his answer to say he was only receiving travel reimbursement checks.

After being confronted with cancelled checks from Food and Water Watch, Stevens then again changed his testimony to say that he in fact had a contract with Food and Water Watch which was paying him $4,000 a month for “consulting and educational outreach.”

Stevens has traveled across the country speaking out on problems he sees with the fracking industry, including engagements at the United Nations sponsored by the U.N. Sisters of Mercy and the New York State Assembly…

Stevens’ admission that anti-gas organizations had paid him thousands of dollars has raised more than a few eyebrows locally as most observers were under the impression that he and Kemble had been speaking out against the drilling industry out of an overabundance of concern over its effects on the environment and local community.

That was a story in itself but, being a real journalist, Sheffield asked Food & Water Watch for its statement and received this (emphasis added):

Craig Stevens is an important and effective voice against the reckless practices of fracking companies like Cabot,” Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter said in an e-mailed statement.

“He has witnessed first-hand the devastation fracking has caused in Dimock and elsewhere, where Cabot was cited for 265 violations in a four-year period. We have reimbursed Craig for travel and other expenses, allowing him to travel the country to speak out against fracking and educate others about the inherent harms of the industry,” Hauter’s statement continued.

An “important and effective voice” she says about the guy who held up Ray Kemble’s pre-drill water tests in the air before New York legislators telling them it showed clean water when, in fact there was benzene in it, no doubt from the junk vehicles on his property. That’s what Wenonah Hauter was proud to finance. And, notice the weasel wording to soften the impact of paying Stevens by calling the $4,000 per month “other expenses.”

Craig Stevens lecturing Floridians on fracking. Was this one of his Food & Watch financed tours?

But, to truly appreciate Hauter’s meltdown you need to read her hysterical article in Food & Water Watch’s EcoWatch. Here is the over-the-top title:

Cabot’s Sneaky Attack on Pennsylvania Cancer Survivor
Reveals Dirty Agenda to Silence Environmentalists

Sneak attack? No, this is a response to a phony lawsuit filed against Cabot by greedy “Pigs to Rigs” trial lawyers to generate attention and, they hoped, new clients. That lawsuit was withdrawn on their own motion because they knew it had no merit and was prohibited by a previous agreement. They had hoped to make a quick hit, produce some publicity and then pull back after the filing had achieved its rain-making objective. It didn’t work. Cabot said enough and sued them back. That’s the real story. Ray Kemble is only a victim to the extent he was drawn into that phony lawsuit by those lawyers.

Hauter then goes totally apoplectic, threats and all, including this (our observations in red):

Cabot’s recent filing with the court asked the judge to place a cancer patient with no resources in jail until its lawyers have had a chance to interrogate him. The judge rejected its request and after the hearing, Cabot’s spokesperson tried to deflect from the corporation’s persecution of Kemble by claiming that it is really just using the courts to go after groups that have provided financial support to Kemble and others who have been victimized by Cabot’s irresponsible fracking operations.

[No, Cabot doesn’t want Kemble in jail. It wants his deposition, has a right to one and is asking the court to enforce an order to compel him to submit to a deposition. All Kemble has to do is answer questions truthfully. He is putting himself in jeopardy because, for some odd reason he doesn’t want to talk. And, the judge did not reject anything. He simply gave Kemble more time, which Cabot actually suggested. Food & Water Watch’s harsh reaction is, of course, the prima facie case for the fact Cabot is, in fact, targeting and hitting groups that have financed the Dimock lie.]

The irony of Cabot’s claims is rich. While Cabot whines about advocacy groups supporting affected citizens in their work to stop fracking, its spokesperson didn’t mention the over $600,000 the company paid out in lobbying and campaign contributions between 2011 and 2014 in Pennsylvania in an attempt to cover up the 265 operating violations it racked up over the same period…

[As has been noted here numerous times, those 265 violations are vastly overstated as to relevance, with many being for the same incidents, many being paperwork violations, etc.. Moreover, Food & Water Watch takes in $17 million per years, huge portions of which are spent doing grass-roots lobbying and paying for people such as Craig Stevens.] 

Elected officials have happily taken campaign money from Cabot to protect its interests in the state. Food & Water Watch has been proud to stand alongside Kemble and all the other victims of Cabot and other fracking companies in Dimock, across Pennsylvania and around the country. We’ve provided funding so that people in Dimock who have had their drinking water taken from them have access to clean water, and to assist these courageous frontline advocates who have been fighting hard against crooked companies and bought-and-paid-for elected officials who look the other way. And we will continue to do so even in the face of corporate intimidation.

[So, Food & Water Watch admits to funding Dimock shills and says it intends to keep funding the folks who know too much, not about Dimock, but Food & Water Watch.

It’s the same old lines and same old con. Food & Water Watch is paying a slew of staff people huge salaries and throwing money at folks such as Craig Stevens to attack Cabot for greed, dirty profits, etc. as it aligns itself with greedy trial lawyers making victims of everyone, including Ray Kemble. But, one thing has changed. Cabot is fighting back and they really hate it. Cabot is making Food & Water Watch pay for what has been a dirty, greedy game on the latter’s part. That is a wonderful thing.

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13 thoughts on “Revelations It Paid Dimock Shill Cause Food & Water Watch Meltdown

  1. Your usual fantasies and twisting of the facts.
    Craig Stevens was paid to tell the TRUTH about Dimock and our county and the gas industry.
    Cabot will be exposed for their harassment of the exposers of their dirty deeds..
    Cabot is the only company harassing any of us out of about seven gas companies in our county.

    Wonder why? Cabot has racked up the most violations, fines, harms and lawsuits ..

    You’re a paid shill for the Industry.
    Tell us what you get paid monthly to glorify and white-wash the gas industry.

    You will be deposed and subpoenaed one of these days…

    • Vera: The wheels are coming off of this charade. Cabot CEO George Stark, as mentioned in the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin – is really going to go after the billionaire foundations that are behind all of this who enable paid shills to go around and smear and libel anyone who gets in their way. Here’s the U.S. Senate report that outlines what is really going on – It appears as though Food and Water Watch and all the rest mentioned in the Feb. 4 hearing like Catskill Mountainkeeper, Frack Action, and Water Defense Fund better start to lawyer up. This whole thing reeks of conspiracy as it seems like this was all very well orgainzed, financed, and orchestrated by these groups and all their lackeys like Citizen Action, NYPIRG, and hundreds others. All of these “non – profits” are a serious danger to our democracy and way of life. Today it’s fracking, tomorrow, who knows? Private property rights? Can’t cut down trees any more? These bottomless pits of money need to be investigated and prosecuted.

    • They will never post the truth Vera
      if that was the case ya may see it saying Morcom & Grosso water well is still not used over Cabot oil and gas Find’s it is Better they supply water to them people By the day then fix a Problom they Made .
      Just know one is willing to come clean after even DEP has pushed auto’s down our Driveway knowing how high the Gas was in the well water test, all them small Reason’s we still live in Hell knowing That the people of our state and even county can care less That it is all about Cabot’s Money ! Not Looking at all of the Lifes They rune over this gas find now.

  2. Since no large newspapers are interested in this story just as they aren’t interested in the fact that food and water watch spent a couple of years hocking the port Ambrose export conspiracy theory as part of their campaign against fracking, I highly doubt food and water watch is having a meltdown. Food and water watch, Catskill mountainkeeper, the Sierra club and others cannot be held accountable for their behavior, much like Karenna Gore and her fellow pipeline resisters were found not responsible for their behavior. It appears that environmental orgs can act with impunity as can the NY DEC and DOH to me.

  3. Vera,

    did you buy a water treatment system from Craig Stevens?

    Funny how you like lawyers who go after gas companies, but when lawyers go after paid to play protesters who have been caught in multiple lies, you object.

    Who paid for the ACLU lawyer representing you in your serial trespass cases? Wasn’t that you harassing Cabot?

    Want to know who is harassing the gas and pipeline companies and using the activities to promote their fund raisers? Food and Water Watch, NDRC, Catskill Mountain Keeper, EDF, and the list goes on and on.

    • If they were telling the truth every time they ran their mouths for money, they wouldnt be so scared to give a deposition. They know they will be caught in lies. That attorney for Cabot caught Steven’s in a bunch.

  4. Currently, the public sector seems awash in money for renewables, studies and reports dedicated to the environmental community by the environmental and energy agencies. In addition, there is large amount of money that is being donated by individuals and foundations to environmental organization, which receive public or private funding.

    At a minimum, there must be full disclosure of all public sector funding, when these funds and grants are received and expended on these environmental and economic debates. In a world flooded with funding biases and dubious economic claims, material facts help Wall Street and global investors keep the world in economic perspective no matter what is being said in public about energy and the environment.

  5. Can I ask if I am Paid By Cabot ? To have them still comming to our Home with Water over them running our water well it is long Time now They still have not fixed the well water at our Home ….to joke over my Nabors Hard ship is not very Funny I find That very Insulting on the part of Cabot Oil & Gas now ….if you People did not Rune the water supply our life’s and our Farm might not still be as messed up as Cabot Trying to Hide The Truth now.

    • At least Cabot did not have utter arrogance and disdain for landowners and farmers like the Park Foundation did when Joint Landowners Coalition of NY members Dan Fitzsimmons and Bob Williams went to Adelaide Park Gomer asking for a grant to try and get fracking approved in NY. She and all those like her are vicious, hypocritical elites who will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda. I believe private ownership of land is in danger in the future. Socialists like Gomer have control over the media via her connection with the Park Media empire. As far as any problems with gas drilling, it is remarkable that people like Vera, Craig, Bill, Ray and others are quiet as church mice when it’s a fact that 33,000 people DIE on our highways annually. Damaged water supplies are unfortunate but it must be remembered it was not deliberate. There is no such thing as a risk free process. What Gomer et al. are engaged in is premeditated and intended to do great financial harm to thousands of NY farmers and landowners. A small handful of folks in PA claim water damage. Compare that with tens of thousands of NYers who are forced to sell their farms and land because of an ego – maniac with a $375,000,000 mountain of money to inflict pain and suffering. Cabot is a boy scout compared to Gomer.

      • sorry you feel that way now if it was up to Cabot alone to fix any probloms you will never get them to that point
        Cabot Oil & Gas is all abot the Money they can suck out of the People ….any one that thinks it will save them or the land is out of your mind …..The other may hay took the Hush Money Cabot offered us on the other hand live in hell over That part now I can say we have dealt with a Lot of Lye’s a lot of False Hope’s over the last six years one day when The others have lost all water they can drink will be the way they understand now you can never get Back the Clean water you once had.


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