REMANDED! Constitution Pipeline Case Back to FERC! Door Open!

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The DC Circuit Court of Appeals has already remanded the Constitution Pipeline case back to FERC, and the agency is almost certainly going to overrule NY!

Well, that didn’t long. Apparently, the DC CIrcuit Court of Appeals couldn’t wait to get that FERC Remand request. They’ve already approved it!

It couldn’t be a better day for Williams, Northeast gas producers, Upstate New York communities needing gas, New England, the New York City metro area or the air that will get cleaner because gas will available to replace heavy oil and coal used in peaking power plants that should be closed and replaced with gas plants.

It’s also a great day for national security with the prospect of an alternative to Russian LNG coming to our shores. And, it’s a great day for landowners and gas industry employees who can now see another way to get Northeast gas to market. That will ensure natural gas development continues, more employees can be hired and landowners get better royalties.

Here is the good news from the court:

constitution pipeline

The battle is far from over and there are other hurdles and lawsuits. This, though, is the moment where the tide turns for the Constitution Pipeline. This is the moment when we can hope the NRDC gang gets a comeuppance. Who can’t love that?

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4 thoughts on “REMANDED! Constitution Pipeline Case Back to FERC! Door Open!

  1. Interesting. The antifracking pipeline resistance movement history with Consitution pipeline is pretty long and epic but let’s explore Karenna Gores role in it in 2016.

    Not long before Karenna got herself arrested along with Tim Dechristopher, David Publow and Sophia Wilansky who went on to have her arm blown open in November over the Dakota pipeline, she attended a pipeline not pancakes direct action event at Ferc where some people were arrested, a Consitution pipeline protest where she was photographed by Erik McGregor of the people’s puppets of occupy, occupy wall Street, sane energy and resist aim and had an editorial published by the nytimes on constitution pipeline just prior to the NYDEC denying the long delayed permit for Constitution pipeline.

    Next up: Robert Kennedy Jrs role and let’s not forget the former attorney general Eric Schneiderman was involved with anti Consitution pipeline activism as well.

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