Recognizing the Extremists Among Us and Their Radical Goals

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Fractivism, to the extent it is a movement at all, is composed of extremists whose real goals are profoundly radical and dangerous to our civil society.

There is a tendency among us to dismiss those on the lunatic fringe of politics as irrelevant. We assume they’re simply oddballs with strange ideas and give them little more than a raised eyebrow or a whispered chuckle. We ignore them at our peril, though, if history is any indication. Radicals and extremists have enormous influence they exercise by  moving discussions in their direction and making other extremists only slightly less radical look moderate by comparison, steadily defining deviancy down. Such is the case with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund or CELDF, a profoundly extremist group that loves to interject itself into environmental issues. It does so not because it cares a whit about the environment but, rather, sees such issues as a means of dragging others into its revolutionary campaign.


Tom Linzey – CELDF Marxist

Tom Linzey, the spoiled – never had a real job – brat who founded the CELDF, runs around the country seeking out causes to which he can attach himself, many of them fractivist in nature, but he’s also been active in places such as Spokane, Washington, as we talked about here. There the issue to which he’s attached himself like a leech is banning coal and oil trains coming through the city. One of our readers writes the following:

Last week, on 31 January, a lawsuit was filed in Federal Court in Spokane to ban coal and oil trains coming through Spokane. The lawsuit is the latest effort to change the Spokane City Charter, according to Thomas Linzey/CELDF, who filed the suit without standing by using as plaintiffs the names Gunnar Holmquist (the past sponsor of the last failed attempt to succeed at a ballot initiative) and of railroad blockade protesters recently arrested in Spokane for tresspassing and interrupting rail operations. The two protest groups solicited by CELDF (read: Envision Spokane/Direct Action Spokane) were the “Raging Grannys” and “Veterans for Peace” (a far left Black Lives Matter affiliated veterans group).

During the recent Veterans for Peace protest/blockade, Thomas Linzey himself was present and declared to the media as an attorney representing the protesters. A protest/gathering is planned by CELDF’s Direct Action Spokane for February 15, 2017 at the location of “Center for Justice.”

CELDF in the past has allied itself with domestic terrorist organizations such as Deep Green Resistance, who are capable of more violent actions such as sabotage including causing derailments. In early 2016 the Northwest and Hawaii regional director Kai Huschke of CELDF asked Dillon Thomson of DGR Eugene to join in activities in and around the Spokane area.

In Thomson’s many presentations and publications, he promotes the “permanent destruction of infrastructure” and “the destruction of civilization,” and speaks in glowing admiration of tactics including the use of explosives by the group MEND in the Niger Delta region…

According to Linzey, the radical Marxist founder of CELDF, this case will ultimately result in CELDF finally being able to amend Spokane’s City Charter despite numerous failed attempts since approximately 2008. Linzey and his CELDF make no bones about being at the forefront of overthrowing the US Government from the municipal level on up, in what they call The Second American Revolution.

The CELDF’s opposition to coal and oil trains is theoretically based on preventing global warming, the same excuse given by fractivists for opposing natural gas development. The organization’s underlying goals, though, have zero to do with that issue. Moreover, any reasonable person addressing the issue would recognize natural gas is responsible for the only meaningful declines in CO2 that have taken place anywhere, at any time. A reasonable person would discern there are differences between coal, oil and natural gas on that score and seek to utilize them to achieve its ends.

The CELDF is anything but reasonable, of course. It is a band of extremists and our reader is quite correct in noting the relationships between CELDF and the Deep Green Resistance. Here is what Deep Green Resistance Seattle reveals about that relationship:


Revolutionary lawmaking is another term for anarchy, of course, and isn’t it interesting Deep Green Resistance views the Tom Linzey as a “great” friend? What Deep Green Resistance is all about is told in their own words in this chilling video:

Watch the whole video; it will make your blood curdle if you care about civil society. It promotes attacks on civilization, it advocates property destruction and it proselytizes for the views of Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Marxist who is mentioned near the beginning. There is the obligatory reference to avoiding violence toward human beings themselves, but it’s betrayed by the citation of Gramsci who said “The violent conquest of power necessitates the creation by the party of the working class of an organisation of the military type, pervasively planted in every branch of the bourgeois state apparatus, and capable of wounding and inflicting grave blows on it at the decisive moment of struggle.”

These are hard-core extremists; dangerous narcissists with no souls. They do, in fact, advocate violence toward human beings and, of course, there’s always the collateral damage which they’re quick to excuse. They say, in their book Deep Green Resistance “A drop in the human population is inevitable, and fewer people will die if collapse happens sooner.” It’s the “making an omelet requires breaking a few eggs” philosophy that led to the death of tens of millions in the 20th Century. Derrick Jensen, the most prominent of all Deep Green Resistance folks, rationalizes that “No matter what you do, your hands will be blood red…” As I noted here, this same Derrick Jensen is on the CELDF Advisory board (along with Josh Fox).

This is who they are. Tom Linzey is a “great friend” of these people. This is the same Tom Linzey that Grant Township foolishly followed, that led Mora County astray and has used and abused dozen of other useful idiot communities. They’re extremists, they’re dangerous and they need to be called out every time they rear their ugly heads.

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