Pseudo-Environmentalist Groups are Nothing Short of a Ponzi Scheme


K.J. Rodgers
Crownsville, Maryland  


Environmentalist groups such as the Food and Water Watch are just a Ponzi Scheme and it is more than just investments they are robbing from us. 

When you think of Ponzi Schemes, you most likely think or Wall Street or how Bernie Madoff or Lou Pearlman ripped off their trusting investors. To your credit, you are right, but when you consider the definition of what a Ponzi Scheme is it much more broadly applicable.

Ponzi ScemeA Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors. It is a pyramid scheme that rips off the majority for the benefit of a few. Do you know where I see this mostly? Pseudo-Environmentalist groups are doing much more within this realm than supposed Wall Street wolves.

NaturalGasNow has previously covered the financial schemes groups like the Food and Water Watch utilize. As a summary, FWW acts as a charitable non-profit and rings the proverbial bell for donations as I saw on their FaceBook page on #GivingTuesday. What they then do is turn around and funnel the donations to their political arm, Food and Water Action. The often brag about their legal actions on their website as seen in this gloat piece.

Food and Water Watch Ponzi Scheme

Where the new adaption comes into play is their in willingness to strip away high paying jobs, economic stimuli, and affordable energy from millions to fit their shortsighted ideological goals. Or, at least they try and when it works out in their benefit, they claim the victor’s glory. This is exactly what happened in Maryland when Gov. Larry Hogan gave a tit-for-tat for political capital. Now, their fight moves into the Sunshine State. Using their unexpected victory in Maryland with a Republican governor, they claim that they can now ban fracking in Florida, too.

Ponzi Scheme

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A recent story ran by Fox4 shows how ridiculous their protests are. The video shows inflatable alligators resting on black trash bags to show what an oil spill would look like if fracking is not banned. Overlook the irony of the props themselves deriving from fossil fuels and focus on the 5 or 6 loudmouths the FWW (or FWA) pulled together to shout out support of House Bill 237 – a ban on fracking in Florida. FWW rep, Michelle Allen brings up a point they haven’t discussed before: water contamination.

“In South Florida, the Biscayne aquifer provides drinking water for millions of Floridians,”

Over 25 peer-reviewed studies have proven this is not an issue. In fact, their whole lists of reasons are debunked from earthquakes to public health. Nicole Jacobs at EnergyInDepth tackles each one here.

Florida Oil ProductionWhat is really happening in the Sunshine State is fear mongering. Florida already has oil production rate of about 2 million barrels per year. These groups have turned the use of the word fracking into a scary word that people tend to stay away from. Armed with junk science studies and non-facts from other biased groups, they taint the thought process and encourage people to be afraid of what they do not know.

By poisoning the public opinion they are robbing millions of Floridians of both affordable energy and vocational careers. Breitburn Energy Partners, the largest Oil and Gas Company in Florida, paid more than $130 million for capital goods and services, $33.9 million in production royalties, and $9.7 million in state and local severance and property taxes in 2014 alone.

They want to steal this opportunity away for the benefit of those at the top of the environmental food chain (e.g., the Tides Foundation, the Parks, the Heinz Endowments, the Rockefeller, et al). They ask others to invest in their ideology, with the promise of more hollow victories to come. This is Ponzi enough to make Charles Ponzi blush.

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