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President Trump, Help Us Make Upstate NY Great Again!

landowners and laborers - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


Victor Furman writes a letter to President Trump asking for help for New York against a corrupt Governor Cuomo to make New York great again.

Dear President Trump,

Upstate New York counties supported you, as you well know, in your bid and win for office of POTUS. Congratulations on your decisive victory with 304 electoral votes.

president trump

Mr. President, all across the country people heard your message on making America Great Again and it resonated deep into the hearts of millions of your supporters. Bringing jobs home, manufacturing back to the USA, reducing our deficit, strengthening our military and protecting our borders; you covered all the bases. Your emphasis on producing more oil and gas to ensure our energy security and independence from those nations threatening Americans at home and abroad, resonated with so many of us.

President Trump, here in New York we are governed by a corrupt governor, Andrew Cuomo, a man I am sure you know very well. Not unlike the individual your supporters kept out of the office you will occupy on January 20th, 2017 as our 45th president, he is a sanctimonious ideologue and corrupt politician for hire who does little or nothing to hide the fact. Quite possibly, he will challenge you in 2020. Therefore, you need to understand what Upstate New York knows about this man-child.

Mr. President, your stance on energy exploration and harvesting has renewed the hopes of hundreds of thousands of your supporters in Upstate New York. We are a region of people who have lost hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs, taxed out of the state and forced to migrate into others, or even out of the country. We are a region of people who stood by and watched our neighbors in Pennsylvania, Ohio and 28 other states practice the freedom of commerce derived from the gift of shale energy, lifting themselves from poverty, unemployment, and foreclosure simply because the earth provided.

president trump

President Trump, we, the people of Upstate New York, haven’t bought into the fear mongering, the Gasland/Hollywood lies, the phony “peer reviewed papers” and all the hype bought and paid for by those who wants us to fail so they can succeed. They’ve bribed our governor with political donations to kill our economic opportunities because they want our land as a gigantic park for themselves. We, who are sitting over the Marcellus, the Utica and other formidable shale plays, are appealing to you, sir. We implore you to use your office to intercede with Governor Cuomo, in ways only you can, to make our state great again by removing the barriers to Upstate New York natural gas development..

Mr. President, sir, president trumpat the very least we ask you to use the IRS force those wealthy foundations who have been masquerading as “charities” in their war against Upstate New York landowners and farmers be made to follow the rules and operate as the political organizations they really are or lose their tax-exemptions. We ask you have your Attorney General look into the office of Eric Schneiderman and Andrew Cuomo and review the evidence of conviction against the expelled leaders of the Senate and General Assembly, two of the “three men in a room” with Cuomo in running New York. We ask, in the name of justice and full disclosure, that you use your gifts of persuasion, to help us combat the one-sided, uninvestigated reporting that has, emboldened the Crook Cuomo in his theft of our rights as taxpayers by removing any fear he has of the political consequences.

All we want, as Upstate New Yorkers, is the right to steward and use the resources God has given us to feed our loved ones and better our lives. We are under siege by a sanctimonious ruling class of special interests Governor Cuomo is appeasing to further his personal agenda. We plead for your help in stopping him.


Victor Furman
Aggrieved Upstate New Yorker

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40 thoughts on “President Trump, Help Us Make Upstate NY Great Again!

  1. You forgot to include a suggestion that he frac his own NYC watershed first. Not that that’s surprising, for a letter written by a supporter of JLCNY, the organization that screwed its own reservoir-area brethren by supporting DEC’s anti action there.

    • Tom your wrong. all we supported was a 4000 ft setback from the water. we agreed with the geology dept at Syracuse University that the reservoirs could safely be drilled under

        • We did mot ask for a setback Vera we agreed with the argument that surface activity could cause sediment runoff into the water effecting the eco systems. We have absolutely no concerns of the drilling or fracing process polluting the water

          • You obviously haven’t seen how the better companies, like SWN did below my pad, stop all sediment runoff with ample use of filter socks. No; the primary beneficiary of your screwing of a 400′ swath of landowners along those reservoirs will be your buddy tRump when, after he loses in 2020 and pays off the appropriate NYC DEP people on his way out, there’s still that nice pristine waterfront land for him to build his retirement mansion on.

          • You’re an anti. Go over to the anti side.

            Your JLCNY buddies, and their buddy the Binghamton Police which enforced that order for them in front of the Forum Theatre a while back, didn’t bother to explain to ME how MY proposed directive was an anti directive.

  2. Well said Vic.

    Will Trump be able to help us? Hard to say… his being from NY is a big plus but world events may relegate us to low priority.

    Rabid NYC leftists like Cuomo, Schneiderman and deBlasio abuse
    state’s rights, thumbing their noses at the Feds. Easy under Obama…

    Cuomo is blocking interstate commerce and he destroyed our minerals value- without compensation. Two illegal acts. Plus all the Buffalo and nrdc quid pro quos and other shady filth.

  3. Interesting letter. It’s also interesting to note where the united States currently stands in the world in terms of let’s say producing natural gas or oil or other liquids and then compare this with the ban on fracking in ny state along with the stats on how much natural gas NY uses.

    Something very strange has gone on with natural gas production in ny state indeed. How long will it take for reporters to figure out there’s a huge story here one wonders?


  4. If you want to learn from a Rock Mechanics Expert and Cornell University Professor, Dr. Tony Ingraffea, about Fracking, Methane, renewables in New York….

    Video on this :

    I know pro-gassers have maligned Dr. Ingraffea, but he knows a lot about this whole fracking issue;

    see what you think:

    • Ingraffea and Howarth have been discredited so many times, you can only peddle their tarnished reputations to people that haven’t paid attention. This isn’t one of those places.

      We know they’ve be refuted by groups like NASA and the EPA. We know that they are reduced to “publishing” their papers in “pay for play” so called journals that offer quick turnaround times and minimal review for a fee. You need a new dog and pony show for your circus.

  5. For those who are still hoping for “wealth” and “financial gain” from gas drilling/fracking:
    Look to the examples in Pa. and how happy or not the Landowners are there:
    see what Bradford County landowners are experiencing :

    “About 700 people attended a meeting in Bradford County Wednesday night where state and local officials urged them to contact legislative leaders in Harrisburg about a bill aimed at ensuring gas companies pay fair royalties.

    For years people in the region have complained some drilling companies charge exorbitant, and possibly fraudulent fees for processing gas– leaving landowners with little to no royalty money. In some cases, people have received notices their royalty account has a negative balance, saying they owe thousands of dollars to drilling companies.

    “It’s what I call ‘the great royalty rip-off,’” says Bradford Commissioner Daryl Miller (R).”

    This is from Sept. 2016:


  6. It is time for President Trump, on January 21st, to direct FERC to over-ride the obstructionism on energy projects put in place by The NRDC Gang operating in NY. Energy is an ‘interstate’ issue.

    Then maybe Trump can teach Corruptocrat Cuomo to understand he’s the Governor to benefit 17 million NY state people, not just the 9 million who live in NYC. But I hope Preet Bharaha can move faster than that will take!

  7. Vera
    Oil and gas leases are very complicated and often, no always favor the oil and gas company.
    In 2008 when PA was being invaded by landsman with false promises in some cases here in NY landowners coordinated with leaders and lawyers even before the illegal ban. It is a shame what happened in PA in many cases but signing a lease away withput a lawyer is equal to performing heart surgery on yourself

  8. This article is pretty ironic and contradictory. He cites the Governor Cuomo corruption scandal to demonstrate what’s wrong with NY when that was entirely about gas companies bribing state officials to approve a fracked-gas power plant. So we agree with you 100% Vic that is exactly what is wrong with NY crooked frackers and crooked co-conspirators in Albany!! Thanks for hitting the nail on the head.

    • Citation please for ‘crooked frackers’.If you have evidence of corruption of the sort displayed by Cuomo and his minions, let’s see it. How may gas company executives are under indictment in NY? On the Cuomo side, we have Joe Percoco, Todd Howe, Alain Kaloyeros…

      And please don’t bother us with anything from the fake “AGs for Clean Power” scam group – the name alone shows a political side, and other than the true believers Schneiderman and Heany, all their useful idiots have abandoned the cause.

    • Pramilla Malick was a participant in the Port Ambrose LNG export conspiracy fiasco. This scenario was cooked up by antifracking activists. Perhaps Pramilla still believes that the Port Ambrose LNG import project was secretly for export.

      Pramilla also likes to pal around with some people who have been spreading all kinds of misinformation like the Sane Energy/resist Aim folks. Not to mention of course there are fun stunts to pull like getting arrested with the Babe Actor.

    • Your comment is so full of manure you are causing a massive methane leakage! Where is the water contamination? It is NOT widespread, and the little there is is mostly due to surface contamination.The EPA said so, after a 5 year review. Remember, methane is naturally occurring in subsurface pockets, and is not considered to be a contaminant. And don’t forget, fracking has been done for 40 years – why only since 2010 have the protesters come out from the woodwork? Oh yeah, the Corrupable Cuomo was elected! Or do you still believe the liar Ingraffia, who under oath, had to say that his ‘evidence’ of contamination was speculative, and he never EVER got his fat, lazy ass out to do any field work at all? And what fool believes that cheaper energy does not contribute to making America great again? You obviously have no memory of the gas lines and high energy costs during the OPEC embargo that drove down productivity and drove up costs. As for Aubrey Mclendon, it seems you want to conflate his personal issues with those of gas drilling -a most dishonest practice. ‘Mailbox money’? Nice – your commie friend Saul Alinsky would be so proud! And please cite real sources, not fake news outlets like the low-information Facebook, or the Park Foundation shills stateimpact.

  9. Where there is Cuomo, there is crookedness … period! This schmuck is heating New York City with hydro fracked natural gas, and all the while railing against it.

    • Cuomo is not the CEO of Con Edison. Maybe the reason they use gas is because it is clean and available, not because of or in spite of the governor.

      Could it be that Cuomo doesn’t want to disturb the existing status quo because that would expose how far behind schedule and inadequate renewables are compared to his goals. He is more than willing to cripple anything in the future, especially gas, if it would replace or delay renewables.

  10. I hope that our New President Donald Trump will follow thru with his promise that after becoming President to force Gov. Cuomo to allow drilling for Natural Gas in New York.
    New York should have been the Natural Gas Capital of the northeast, not PA!
    Please make new York and America Great Again Donald Trump!

    • Trump can not force NY to allow drilling. He may be able to help with interstate pipelines across the state. The NYS Court of Appeals’ (the highest state court) Dryden and Middlefield decisions ruled that township and municipality level governments could use “home rule” local zoning regulations to ban energy development. How ironic you want the federal government to overrule states’ right and local home rule.

      If we want gas development in NY (and I do!), we will have to do it township by township on our own. Besides, why do you think someone who supports an expansion of coal mining is the friend of gas?

      • the NY Court of Appeals “home rule” ruling was a travesty that ignored crystal clear existing law. the fix was in- convicted felon Sheldon Silver’s BFF Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman saw to that.

        and we’re supposed to believe Cuomo is pure as the driven snow… he’s the worst of the lot. he enjoys making people suffer, and is directly responsible for destroying minerals value and an entire industry here. there was no 5 billion dollar compensation fund for Southern Tier landowners. he simply stole from us because there was no one to stop him. NY’s highest court is corrupt.

  11. If you read activist against fossil fuel Glen Wshls comments of facebook he would have you believing solar is clean and he (rotflmao) minimizes his use of fossil fuels more then anyone. The simple fact is we get 80 percent of our solar panels from polluted china and where we once supplied them with food they now supply us. Well thanks to China’s industrial age we have this. http://countercurrentnews.com/2016/11/organic-food-china-found-highly-contaminated/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=FB_Biz_Part&utm_medium=FB_Biz_Pages
    You can also go to http://www.cleanenergynotsoclean.com

    • You can also ask solar supporters how they store any extra energy they produce or do they use the grid until morning. If they do use batteries, do they know how not green lead smelting or lithium and cobalt processing is. There is a safe way to recycle an old or damaged photovoltaic cell. Who runs and where are the facilities? What guarantee is there that disposal/recycling will be done safely, or what will happen, if the recycling facility goes out of business or can’t cover it’s costs from sale of recycled materials?

      I love turning their questions about gas production back on them now that wind and solar on an industrial scale is seen to be not quite perfect anymore.

  12. well, this article certainly brought out the fractivist nut jobs…

    lows are hovering around 10*F this week- you’re all getting every watt of electricity from your home solar rigs right, and not using a drop of fossil fuels for heat, hot water, or driving? i didn’t think so…

  13. Seems to me that all our new President Elect would have to do require all states that have deprived their citizens of their mineral rights to be reimbursed .

    • Nice idea but I doubt that’s possible, or at minimum the radicals who run NY would tie it up in court for a decade…

  14. Great letter Vic, lets hope it finds it,s way to his desk! And
    I still and always will believe all us pro gassers should have stuck together. By letting them start banning whole regions of the state without a battle set the stage for what the rest of us got.
    If ya think about it we kind of got what we deserved by not demanding ALL NY OR NONE !!
    And as much as I hate to admit it Vera made a darn good point about royalties! How about all of us do all we can to help those land owners get fair compensation for their gas?

  15. Everytime I asked the question, “How will you compensate landowners?” it was met with silence. If you deny me my rights, the least you could do is give me a tax break.
    I wish NY could see how drilling goes in Texas; you don’t even notice that it’s there, it does not ‘industrialize’ anything. There are upscale suburbs here with drilling (somewhere) but it’s practically invisible. It’s in my small town, but I’ve yet to see a rig.

  16. The problem with resource extraction in this economic structure, is one loses profits when one restores the land. Promises can be made, yet, it becomes bait and switch in process. The land is destroyed, everyone loses, even the municipal workers- who tend to gain because they want the real estate taxes. This is short sighted and of self interest, for those very people the service industry is supposed to serve. Until we change the economic model, where resource extraction is done with care for the earth before profit, it is not worth the short term gains over time. it is time to consider what we leave for those to come. And, it is time to create local economies, and begin to use the earth in ways that are pro-biotic, as we all know we are very separated from the land, which is where we would regain grace and happiness. Start growing your own food, take care of your homes together, teach what it means to raise children before having them. Get rid of the failed system of public schools and get the children back out onto the land! Respect labor, and stop thinking in the short term. There are going to be those here after you, leaving them un-furtile land is a crime beyond crimes.

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