President Trump Blasts Germany Over Nord Stream 2 Deal

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President Trump calls out German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal she made with Russia, calling it “very inappropriate.”

President Donald Trump kicked off the 2018 NATO summit by blasting Germany over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal.  At the opening reception, Trump declared:

“We are protecting Germany, we are protecting France, we are protecting all of these countries and then numerous of the countries go out and make a pipeline deal with Russia where they are paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russia.  I think that is very inappropriate.”

The Western press was stunned.  CNN posted as its website headline “Trump starts visit by insulting allies.”

Of course, readers and watchers of CNN probably have no idea what President Trump is talking about.  That network has been so busy talking about Michael Cohen, Rod Rosenstein and other sideshows it has ignored many of the world events that really shape our future.

If you think about it, it’s pretty incredible that readers of this blog, and the excerpts that I post sometimes on Linkedin and that get posted by other sites, are better informed about the Nord Stream 2 issues than readers and listeners of CNN, MSNBC or Fox.  My guess is that you will see a lot of scrambling today as these “news organizations” try to explain what the pipeline is all about.  It’s even possible that because of this, Stormy Daniels’s lawyer might not get on the air – at least for a day or two.

President Trump is absolutely right in both what he said about Nord Stream 2 and how he said it.  As I discussed last week, Nord Stream 2 is a problem from an economic standpoint in that it ties Germany more closely to Russia, it is bad environmentally because it encourages continued Russian development of natural gas without environmental constraints in a delicate Arctic ecosystem, and it is wrong politically in that it bypasses Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States, cutting them off from transshipment payments.

Further, the Germans are doing this as they continue to fail to live up to their NATO commitment to spend 2% of the country’s GDP on defense.  As of 2016, only Greece, the UK, Estonia and Poland joined the US in living up to its NATO commitment.  Again as I mentioned last week, the Estonian Foreign Minister just came out against Nord Stream 2.

Nord Stream 2

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela

None of this has swayed German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who pushes forward with the pipeline plan.  Today she acted offended when the American President calls her out on it.

Much to the chagrin of the “smart set”, I imagine Donald Trump will get a lot of credit from Mr. and Ms. America for standing up to this sort of action by a European leader, which we have seen over and over again.  Don’t be surprised if the Baltic States and Poland reinforce President Trump’s concerns over Nord Stream 2 as the summit continues.  Donald Trump may have looked like the isolated leader coming into the NATO summit, but due to energy issues it may look very different coming out.

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10 thoughts on “President Trump Blasts Germany Over Nord Stream 2 Deal

  1. Love him or hate him, you can’t fault him for being politically correct. He tells it like it is, and in this case, he is spot on. We’ve got thousands of military people over there specifically to protect Germany, the country that started WWII, from the Russians! And then they make a deal with the devil to bring natural gas from the same country that uses that commodity like a hammer with other countries. Outrageous! Thank you Mr. President!

    • No, but you can despise him for being politically inept. Secretary of State Pompeo seems to trail after him all over the world like a supermarket stock boy doing a foreign policy clean up in aisle #6.

      We have thousands of troops in Europe to protect us and frustrate the Russians; Germany was one the best places for that during the Cold War. Back then WWIII was going to be fought in the Fulda Gap, today we confront the Russians at the Suwalki Corridor in Poland. If you were a new NATO member, like Poland and the Baltic States, and even closer to Russia, is there anything Trump has said or done that would encourage you? They need only look to what Trump has done for the Kurds in Iraq and Syria or his casual attitude toward sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine.

  2. Russia #2 is NG Leader. Russia has been notoriously brazen in using state-owned companies as instruments of national power. President Vladimir Putin’s natural-gas wars with Belarus and Ukraine made headlines and sometimes left substantial parts of Europe in the cold. But Moscow’s exploits in other energy-related areas have been less noticed. Russia is # 1 in Nuclear Power, Rosatom’s success can be ascribed to the strong support provided by the Russian government. Moscow recognized roughly 10 to 15 years ago that Rosatom’s work enables Russia to add another energy-related means of extending its long-term political influence throughout the world. Unlike oil or gas projects, Russia’s nuclear developments need not be in neighboring countries or even in its region — a fact that broadens the Kremlin’s investment options. Russia #1 in NG in Europe, better than burning $$ German Coal. Germans hate Nuclear and NG tankers $$$$$ so Russia RULES +++ Russia loves Nuclear Power so they can Export MORE NG to NO-NUKES.

  3. Excellent analysis and I agree with all you wrote. I believe that opening this pipeline deal up in front of the world, pointing out how Schroeder is on the Board of Gazprom,(talk about real collusion!), how Germany, in their zeal to be beholden to Obama and the PC crowd eliminated their conventional energy plants, now requires far more gas than ever before due to their ignorant dependency on wind and sun, has made the German public pay far more for basic electricity than most anywhere else in the world, except Boston, is a good thing.
    Thank you for posting this so timely.

  4. Change is the raw material of history, but what gnaws at it now is the speed of change. The major problem is that environmental thinking is mired in the past tropes and solutions.

    And, the existential problem is that “climate change disputers are actually innovation pessimists” has been circulating around climate alarmists circles lately. Frankly, I think that they have it ass backwards: Climate alarmists are the real innovation pessimists, when it comes to energy, electricity, technology, Internet of Things, economic development, global markets, responsible developing of natural resources, democracy, and the planet’s future itself.

  5. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are twisting this to make it look like President Trump is colluding with Putin on this. The worst part of it is that some people are so stupid that they believe it !!! They can’t think for themselves and research and see what was actually said.

  6. Russia exports gas because it is the regional low cost producer with a dependable way of exporting it. No number of LNG tankers will ever be able to match be able to match the Nord Stream pipelines. You can also expect to have this same conversation when future Russian Asian pipelines start supplying China, both Koreas and Japan for the same reasons.

    The Russian economy is in shambles with a GDP roughly equivalent to Italy. They need to export gas even more than Europe needs to import it. Virtually all of their exports are energy, but Germany (contrary to Trump’s misinformation) only imports 7% of its needs from Russia.

    There is a LNG tanker shortage now, rates are rising as producers compete for transport and shipyards that can produce these vessels have backlogs measured in years. When will you have the capacity to compete with the Russians and what are the Europeans supposed to do until then?

    • The point is that why should a so called NATO ally be dependent on an “unfriendly” for such resources in the first place? 7 percent may not seem like a lot but the way the deal was made does matter. Maybe Merkel and Co. keep forgetting that East Germany no longer exists?

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