Port Ambrose: A Lesson in NY Energy Politics

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The Rockaway Pipeline/ Port Ambrose Saga continues featuring tweets and costumes that attract the attention and sympathies of supposed journalists.

“Several hundred Broadway theater-goers are getting a lesson in NY energy politics,” tweeted Capital New York reporter David Giambusso when covering a recent protest event against the three year old Port Ambrose LNG import proposal held by Sane Energy Project and other groups. That the protestors are and were the people burying the likely connection between this proposed project and the Rockaway project for over two and half years, instead preferring to whip up their own fantastical version of reality– let’s call it the Port Ambrose export conspiracy theory– which reporters and publications then just lapped up and often repeated blindly, no matter how ludicrous that export scenario was, is most certainly a lesson in something.

Port Ambrose

Capital New York’s David Giambusso with the tweet of the decade.

Also giving the same important lesson in NY Energy politics is someone named Lew Blaustein for “Green Gotham TV”.

Port Ambrose

Lew Blaustein of something called “Green Gotham TV” and Lewis Brand Solutions also gives a lesson in NY energy politics with “Green Gotham TV.”

Apparently he interviewed Kim Fraczek, one of the Sane Energy project’s experts on this Port Ambrose conspiracy theory and decided to post a video on social media and the web of said interview right after the USCG Final Environmental Impact Statement release on Port Ambrose, which of course describes exactly the opposite of what is said in that interview! Amazing stuff! And, to think the lessons and educational sessions given by Sane Energy’s Patrick Robbins, Clare Donahue, Kim Fraczek and friends have only been going on now for the last three years!

Port AmbroseWhat’s the lesson? Well, it isn’t that reporters like Stephanie Colombini actually have the time to get any details straight when covering “energy politics.” Perhaps they are too dazzled by the colorful costumes and posters of the protestors to even recognize the same tired cast of charactors they keep capturing in pictures and quotes.

Stephanie Columbini just reported that the Federal Government approved Port Ambrose, a minor untrue detail when compared to the steady stream of nonsense reported over the years on the proposal, and she produced a story with a picture of Kim Fraczek and Monica Hunken featuring a Jessica Roff quote. It really is like the story of the Rockaway Pipeline project and the insane activists it involved is a never ending tragicomedy, a bad dream from which I cannot wake.

The lesson? Well, it seems that lots of New York city and state reporters don’t actually know what they are talking about when they cover energy, particularly anything that has to do with natural gas. It’s more than likely that some, like David Giambusso, are willfully turning their eyes away from obvious truths. Meanwhile, the people in the news influencing politicians and policies, the reporter’s sources, are actually lunatics and liars.

Reposted, with permission, from Outside Now blog.

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