Poetic Justice for the Constitution Pipeline?

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The Constitution Pipeline is getting some poetic justice, as Andrew Cuomo is forced to address an energy situation that requires more than his bandaids.

Poetic justice may be the sweetest of all, even if sometimes fleeting. The Constitution Pipeline is getting some right now. Electricity providers in both New York and New England have been telling Andrew Cuomo and others governors they need more access to natural gas. That means the Constitution Pipeline. Cuomo, in a craven act of subservience to the NRDC gang, refused to allow his Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to issue a routine permit for this necessary infrastructure. Now, a heat wave has forced him to call for conservation. How sweet it is! Well, not really.

Constitution Pipeline

Here’s what the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) said recently (emphasis added):

The interaction between natural gas infrastructure and the power grid is coming under sharp focus as any disruptions in generator access to natural gas may increasingly have consequences for grid reliability. The increase in gas demand for electric generation, the economic pressure the state’s nuclear units are facing as a result of low gas prices, and uncertainty over the likelihood of gas infrastructure expansions all contribute to strategic concerns over the gas system’s ability to meet the future coincident requirements of gas-fired generation as well as residential, commercial and industrial gas customers, especially on winter and summer peak demand days.

It was a clear message to policy-makers to bring on the Constitution Pipeline and others like it or face the consequences. The consequences have already arrived. A faithful reader of NaturalGasNOW received an e-mail form of a press release from NRDC panderer-in-chief Cuomo saying this, among other things:


Governor Urges Public and Local Governments to Follow Suit, Protect New York’s Energy Grid

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today directed state agencies to take immediate steps to lower electricity usage in New York State due persistent high temperatures and humidity expected today and through the weekend. All state agencies have been directed to immediately lower energy usage by turning off lights, raising air conditioning temperatures, closing window shades, and powering down unused computers, printers and other electrical devices; other regions were put on notice that they might have to do the same later in the day.

“This extreme heat has led to near-record electricity usage and has placed significant demands on our entire grid,” Governor Cuomo said. “As temperatures remain high, I’m once again directing state agencies to take steps to conserve energy and reduce demands on the system. I encourage all New Yorkers to do the same.”

During heat waves, increased usage of electric devices such as air conditioners place a considerable demand on the state’s electricity system and instances of low voltage or isolated power outages can result. The record for such usage was set on July 19, 2013 when it reached 33,955 MWs (One megawatt of electricity is enough to power up 1,000 average-sized homes). As a result of yesterday’s high temperatures, the state’s peak load approached the record with 32,076 MWs. Today’s peak load forecast is 32,800 MWs.

The Governor also strongly encouraged local public officials, municipalities and the public to follow suit. Consolidated Edison, the State’s largest utility, implemented its commercial demand reduction program at 12 PM. This Department of Public Service-approved program is put in place to reduce electricity demand when it begins to rise rapidly…

Excessive heat is the leading cause of preventable, weather-related deaths each year, particularly among the elderly. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heat causes more than 650 preventable deaths in the United States yearly. In most years, excessive heat causes more deaths than floods, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Weather Service statistics, there have been more than 80 deaths directly attributable to heat in New York State since 2006…

The New York State Department of Health created an online list of cooling centers, where people can cool down on days of extreme temperatures. A list of addresses and phone numbers for cooling centers shared by local health departments and emergency management offices in each region is available here.

So, the Department of Health is now worried about deaths from heat? I thought it was hydraulic fracturing, which hasn’t killed anybody or ever polluted a drinking water. Where’s Howard Zucker these days, by the way? Stuck in Hoosick Falls? Cuomo was happy to use him to please the NRDC gang two years ago. Now, he’s persona no grata. There’s no mention, either, of the DEC after they did the gang’s bidding on the Constitution Pipeline.

Constitution Pipeline

The NRDC gang, of course, isn’t worried. They have second-homes up in the Catskill Mountains, after all, where they can go to stay cool. Moreover, their homes and offices on Manhattan already have a good supply of natural gas, so they’ll be fine. The poor rubes upstate and in New England might suffer a bit, but those places might better be a wilderness for them to enjoy on cooler days anyway. So goes the thinking in that gang of elitist thugs. “Let them eat cake,” they say.

Cuomo’s call for using less air conditioning and warning of the dangers of too much heat while simultaneously trying to kill energy projects illustrates where all demagoguery ends; in disaster. He is a corrupt man-child with a talent for making the naive and politically correct believe he’s somehow leading. Yeah, he’s leading. He’s leading from behind, trying to catch up with his own mistakes. It would be sweet poetic justice indeed if it weren’t for what’s at stake and the fate of New Yorkers forced to live with his lack of real leadership.

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4 thoughts on “Poetic Justice for the Constitution Pipeline?

  1. Kuomo would rather fry the city then save the state, Kuomo is a two faced manipulating Politian, using false tax paid TV adds to promote himself, not NY Kuomo wants to be the next president and plans on getting their on the bridge of lost rights, perversion, and lies… Not much different the Hillary

  2. “Excessive heat is the leading cause of preventable, weather-related deaths each year, particularly among the elderly.”

    Need I say more as these politicians play their games.

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