My Pledge to Resist the Fractivists and Defend My Rights

Fractivists - Natural Gas Advocate Vic FurmanVictor Furman
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Another one of those silly stunts recently undertaken by fractivists has been taking a “Pledge to Resist” and it has inspired Vic Furman to come up with his own “Pledge to Defend” his property rights.

I have nothing against activists.  I am one, in fact; a pro gas activist living in Upstate New York.  Fractivists, though, are another matter. My state has, for political reasons, denied my rights and those of other landowners wishing to tap into their mineral rights using high volume hydraulic fracturing that has been proven safe and is in use throughout the rest of our nation. Upstate New York, outside of the Hudson Valley, is in a death spiral and, yet, the politicians in Albany pay more attention to the antics of a handful of malcontents, a few fractivists, than the crisis facing landowners like me and my neighbors.

An example of what stands in the way of an Upstate New York Revival is offered by the recent efforts of some misguided people from the nearby city of Binghamton who have bought into the cultists mindset of some fractivists and publicly made a “Pledge to Resist Fracking.”  Here is what it says:

The Pledge to Resist Fracking in New York

I believe:

  • that high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracking is an accident-prone, inherently dangerous industrial process with risks that include catastrophic and irremediable environmental damage;
  • that these risks cannot be properly resolved, nor can they be mitigated through regulation by any government agency, let alone one that has colluded with the gas industry over the last four years in creating rules that attempt to regulate fracking;
  • that Governor Cuomo and this agency, the Department of Environmental Conservation, have repeatedly turned a deaf ear to the petitions of New York’s scientists, economists, medical professionals, and ordinary citizens who have tried again and again, for four years and to little avail, to alert the agency and Governor Cuomo to the many dangers that hydraulic fracking poses to our health, safety, property values, peace of mind and to the climate itself;
  • that it is wrong to shatter the bedrock of New York State and inject it with toxic chemicals.


If Governor Cuomo permits high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracking in any part of New York State, I pledge to join with others to engage in non-violent acts of protest, including demonstrations and other non-violent actions, as my conscience leads me.

I make this pledge in order to prevent the destruction and poisoning of New York’s water, air, and food systems, on which life, health, and economic prosperity all depend–including that of future generations.

Signed on this day, ___________,


This pledge, based on demonstrably false claims, was promoted, at an event I attended, with a view toward encouraging others to trespass on any land where a drill rig was to set up to prevent the rig workers from doing their jobs should they attempt to drill in New York.  It was read one sentence at a time by a paid cult leader and then repeated by the fractivists who have chosen to adopt this cult as their own.

I am not a cult leader, but I am a veteran who served my country to preserve the rights of “all Americans” and not only the ones who hold rallies in their attempts to deny the rights of other Americans, but also those hoping to bootstrap their way out of poverty by exercising the rights that came with their deed when they purchased their land.  So, I, too, intend to resist something – them.  I intend to defend my rights from the fractivists.

Fractivists launched their cult movement here in New York State.  Their cult leader (complete with flames and all) is Josh Fox, the producer of Gasland & Gasland II.  While the latter has been a fairly complete flop, the former inspired the cult to grow like a cancer on the prosperity of Upstate New York.  Cults are dangerous precisely because they play on the mentality of the vulnerable, but, fortunately, usually collapse as truth emerges and sensible people call them out.

Fractivists - gasland-documentary-josh-fox

Therefore, I offer a pledge of my own and, like those cult leaders, “not to incite violence, but to prevent it.”  My hope is that fractivists who took “The Pledge to Resist” will see my Pledge to Defend (you may adopt it as your own) and realize their resistance to my rights will be met with the resistance of a landowner who is even more determined to defend his constitutional rights.

My Pledge to Resist Fractivists and Defend My Rights

1.   I promise to make sure any drilling operator to whom I lease is required to use the best drilling and fracking practices available and demand such performance in the lease I sign.

2.   I promise to make any gas company developing my land do baseline water testing on all water well sources, within such distance as DEC recommends, at the company’s expense, for any and all elements used in the drilling and fracking processes and provide the test results to all those who live within that radius.

3.   I promise to go anywhere that may be required to challenge the false claims of fractivists and meet them with the facts, debate them on those facts and to so peacefully.

4.  I promise to protect my land from trespassers who try to interfere with my commerce or my right to my minerals using non-violent methods, police agencies if needed, and by whatever means needed to protect my rights, “as my conscience leads me.”

That’s my pledge.  How about you?

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5 thoughts on “My Pledge to Resist the Fractivists and Defend My Rights

  1. Great pledge Victor.

    I have a pledge of my own.
    Private land usage pledge.

    I pledge to prosecute any individual on my land that has no permission.

    I pledge to revoke any and all privileges of land usage until proven worthy.

    I pledge to promote to all landowners to shut down the privilege of their safe private land.

    I pledge to inform all those displaced hunters that State land is for all to use. But is it safe now with so many displaced hunters?

    “All landowners should know the stance of any and all who have the privilege to hunt our safe private lands.”
    Permission may only be granted under one condition. Those seeking permission including family should present a letter Addressing Cuomo’s wrong doing of holding landowners rights captive.
    That letter is to be read by the landowner. If approved each individual will put their letter in a self addressed postage paid envelope for the landowner to drop off at the post office.

    For absentee landowners:
    “All absentee landowners should appoint another landowner the rights to file charges to prosecute trespassers in their absence.
    A notarized letter stating this guardianship will enforce the charges.

    I pledge to vote down proposition 1 (NY Casino’s ) until Cuomo lifts the moratorium on Natural Gas.

    I refuse to see our families used as servants to entertain, and provide tax revenue to those that hold our rights captive.

    Declaring Upstate as the playground and retirement zone for the wealthy using our family as servants while denying us our own legal access to better our families and way of life is unjust.

    For whatever its worth that is my pledge.

    • We should all pledge our beliefs and come up with a pledge that stands us all in solidarity…. I also pledge to use any force or means necessary to remove a trespasser from my land be it with the use of a hose or a manure spreader. Anyone caught hunting on my land without permission will forfeit the air in their tires and the windows on their vehicle

  2. Great article! I appreciate that the pledge addresses responsible fracking before it even mentions the fractivists, because most landowners would have done these things to protect the land whether this had turned into a huge controversy or not. It would pain me to think that if/when drilling is allowed in NY and/or the Delaware River Basin, fractivists get some kind of credit for an improved level of environmental standards.

    • Grace

      I have always said that if the anti camp worked with the pro drilling landowners instead of against them, that that effort would do more for the environmental protections then what jelly did for peanut butter… but Anti Activist just want their voice heard for the only purpose that makes any sence “fund raising”

      The town of Homer NY did just that (brought anti and pro together) to write protective ammendments to their towns codes… They did a great job and theur efforts not only showed that working together was possible but their 15 page document represented the concerns of both sides and were agreed upon. I will get a copy of this effort and publish it here

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