Plastic Straw Bans Are for the Unserious Among Us

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner, Shale Gas Activist


Plastic straw bans, based on school-kid “science,” accomplish nothing. They just ruin the taste of what we drink and illustrate the futility of fractivism.

I know plastic straw bans have already been talked up and ridiculed by those in the know, who point out they’re like trying to use an eye dropper to empty a lake. Still, I simply have to share my own views on the futility of these token feel good measures. Lunatic fringe environmentalists who imagine banning plastic straws will save the oceans of the world or even the sea turtles, should look around at their favorite eatery.

plastic straw

Banning plastic straws and bags in a world that can’t live without plastic is like trying to build a fire under water. In this photo taken at my favorite restaurant we see just a few examples of how stupid taking straws out of our mouths of customers is. It really sucks, pun intended.

As I looked around the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice plastic glasses for drinks, plastic coffee cups and plastic bottles of soda and water. Yet. it’s the straws that threaten us?

Come on, folks. This makes utterly no sense whatsoever. It’s nothing more than feel-good “I’m better than you” tokenism, which does more to convince the rest of us of the lack of seriousness on the part of the restaurant owners and others who are pushing the plastic straw bans, than anything else. If the object is to lead by persuading anyone, plastic straw bans are counter-productive.

But, those who claim the crown of environmentalist, want us to believe they are so, so serious; that these stupid stunts will somehow make a difference. This is the logic of the anti gas movement on full display. It’s completely unserious crap.

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2 thoughts on “Plastic Straw Bans Are for the Unserious Among Us

  1. Well said, Vic,
    If you seriously want to change the world for the “better”, then you should lead by example.. otherwise as they say, empty barrels make the most noise!!:)

  2. Yes, plastic straws are a very tiny portion of the plastic that gets into our environment and their banning is total nonsense.

    It would make much more sense to tackle the real problem of those people that discard their waste on the streets, roadways, public and private places. It is not the fault of the plastic that it gets into the oceans or else where in our environment.

    Maybe we should stock up on personal supplies of plastic straws, meat and fuel, before one of the current misguided and ignorant presidential candidates takes office.

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