Pipeliners: A Special Labor Day Message Just for You

Fuel for Freedom - Aaron PriceAaron Price
Director of Gas Odyssey and Silent No More

Pipeliners: you are the heart of America and Aaron Price has captured what you do and what you mean for all of us as we celebrate Labor Day this year.

Our buddy Aaron Price, creator of Gas Odyssey, who is from the beautiful town of Windsor, New York, has written a poem just for pipeliners. We’re pleased to run it this Labor Day in celebration of all the good things brought to all of by pipeliners. He calls it “Pride in America.” I call it Aaron’s “Ode to Pipeliners.” Enjoy.

I get up early every morning
And I go to work.
You go to work early, too.
My job is building pipelines
For gas companies
And my work helps you.

Each day I and all the people like me
Help provide this country with
Clean and abundant energy.
And we do it safely.
And we do it cheaply.
And we do it the way
We’ve been trained to do.

You don’t even think about us.
The gas just flows through the pipes,
Fueling your factories and businesses
By day,
So at home
You’re cool in the summer
And in winter,
Warm at night.

I don’t want you to think
Too much about us.
Because that would mean
Something had gone wrong.
But something has gone wrong.
Because some people don’t like
What I do for a living.
And they don’t want you
To live the way you do.

Our country has a long history
Of taking things out of the ground
And making other things out of them.
It’s what made our country work,
It’s what made our country great,
And it’s what keeps our country safe.

I never want to say, I used to work
For a pipeline company.
And I want my grandkids someday
To show their friends on a map
All the pipelines their Grandad built.
Because I think that’s
The coolest thing.
Knowing I left something for
The next generation to use.

At the company where I work,
We’re all about giving back,
We’re all about giving you the
Fuel you need to do what
You need to do,
As well as earning a living
For ourselves.

If there’s a pipeline to be built
In your neighborhood,
Speak up.  Support us.
We need your help.

                By Aaron Price

And, just to reinforce Aaron’s message, watch this:


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One thought on “Pipeliners: A Special Labor Day Message Just for You

  1. Very nice thoughts and sentiments, an ode for those who work each and every day to bring energy to us.
    Unfortunately our ‘environment radical advocates’ look down on us with distain on those who use their hands. This is beneath them, after all we are ignorant deplorables and they have the ‘corner’ on intelligence. I wonder who fixes their pipes, their AC, their heat and builds their homes?

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