Pigs to Rigs Lawsuit Brings Out the Sheer Lunacy of Dimock Fractivism

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Hard as it is to imagine, the Pigs to Rigs lawsuit brought by Cabot Oil and Gas against Ray Kemble continues bring forth ever more lunacy from fractivists.

Act V in the “Pig to Rigs” lawsuit regarding pig farm suer Charlie Speer’s attempt to grab a new plaintiff in already settled Ray Kemble, is shaping up. It will happen on February 4 at 8:45 AM in the Susquehanna County Courthouse in Montrose, Pennsylvania. I reported on Act IV back in May of last year. It was an utter debacle, complete with a failed attempt by Kemble’s new lawyer to withdraw from the case after a stuoid frack trick by his client and judicial use of Forest Gump’s “stupid is as stupid does” line. It was so bad as to be unbelievable, unless you were there to see and hear the whole thing. Act V, it appears, may be even more bizarre, if one takes Bill Huston at his word.

Pigs to Rigs

Yes, that Bill Huston, who, together with Craig Stevens and Ray Kemble, tried that boneheaded frack trick without ever telling Kemble attorney Rich Raiders what they were doing. That was enough to cause Raiders to petition the court for permission to withdraw from the case. The judge, though, wasn’t about to let Kemble do another “I can’t find an attorney” dog and pony show. He cajoled/ordered Raiders to stay involved, but it appears things have gone from bad to worse.

By that I mean that, according to Huston, Raiders is again asking to withdraw:

“Oh, and Ray’s attorney Rich Raiders has botched this case badly. Do you watch the Ring of Fire segment, where they talked about the “opportunity of Discovery” upon Cabot Oil and Gas? Well Rich Raiders hasn’t made ONE SINGLE discovery request upon Cabot!  he has also divulged confidential, privileged info to Cabot’s atty multiple times, even placed a confedential email from Ray ON TO THE RECORD!  and now WANTS OUT.”

The whole post has to be read to be believed, but it appears Raiders is so frustrated with his pigs to rigs client that he is asking for a second time to be released from having to represent Ray Kemble. Not only that, but it seems Kemble must have put something in writing that’s so bad Raiders feels compelled to file it as evidence of the inability to deal with his client.

Then, of course, there is the news that Bill Huston apparently uses propane. There is, too, the “Ring of Fire” video where trial lawyer Mike Papantonio, who regularly appears on RT (Russia Today) as “America’s Lawyer,” does a short rant on the pigs to rigs lawsuit suggesting more discovery. Oddly enough, though, it is Kemble’s friends who are fighting discovery with every breath. They’ve filed motions to quash discovery subpoenas, in fact, which are the subject of the February 4 hearing.  Here’s what  I wrote last month about that, which is worth repeating:

Not only were Kemble and Speer. subpoenaed, but Craig Stevens, Bill Huston and a woman named Julanne Skinner were also summoned. Skinner was on the Montrose Borough Council in 2013 when she apparently failed to disclose she was working for Charlie Speer who was then representing Craig Stevens in a lawsuit against the Borough. See what I mean by all the rustling in the bushes. It’s been going on a very long time.

Stevens, of course, has a long history of working with Charlie Speer and his local attorneys, Fellerman and Ciarimboli. He and Bill Huston also have very close relationships with Ray Kemble. Stevens, in fact, was given power of attorney by Ray Kemble in a public document witnessed by Bill Huston. Yes, Craig Stevens is Ray Kemble, legally speaking, which explains why Cabot wants all their depositions; to find out what’s rustling in the bushes and why.

What in the world are these folks so determined to avoid being questioned about? We have an attorney apparently begging to get out. We have a frantic Bill Huston who seemed (from his directions where to mail communications) to be living at Ray Kemble’s house although Bill also says he stills lives in New York. We have several actors in an on-going drama fighting to say they know nothing and shouldn’t be questioned. It certainly looks like Cabot attorneys are getting awfully close to the truth about something. I can’t wait to read whatever it is Rich Raiders filed with the court and be there on February 4th in Montrose. There’s something rotten in Dimock and it’s not in the water.

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12 thoughts on “Pigs to Rigs Lawsuit Brings Out the Sheer Lunacy of Dimock Fractivism

  1. 1. Did Cabot pollute the aquifer in Dimock Tom? Curious if you admit that yet. You have not in the past.
    2. During the Dec. 2017 hearing Cabot stated it is their right to pollute Ray as often and as much as they like. Do you agree Cabot has that right Tom?
    3. Please explain why Cabot has the right to depose friends of the defendant – what role do they play in the case? When you are subpoena’d or deposed – will you participate willingly? As a Cabot supporter Ray’s team would have just as much right to depose you, subpoena all your bank records .. as Cabot has had to do the same to Ray’s friends.
    4. Have you yet looked into the Morcom case where gas wells were drilled in 2009, then fracked in 2012 – water pollution happened after fracking occurred – not after drilling occurred? Can you explain it?

    (If you again refuse to reply to valid questions please know your lack of argument frames your editorial acumen. Your singular job here seems to be Cabot’s smear machine.)

  2. Ray Kemble is fighting multiples strains of cancer. He’s enduring ongoing surgeries. Darn simple – and something you already knew Tom. Cabot wants to force Ray to testify even though his Dr has ordered Ray not to because of his health. Cabot hoped to jail Ray – a cancer victim whose life THEY ruined when they deprived his home of a clean water source. Raiders wants out mostly because Amy Barrett is not just unreasonable but is also using the case to further destroy anyone who dares tell the truth about Cabot’s actions.

    • Smoking those big fat cigars for how many years that Ray smokes had nothing to do with his getting cancer nor did living in a junk yard. Look I’m sorry Ray has cancer and I pray that he recovers but life’s choices are what they are Cabot did not give Ray cancer.

      When Tom starts writing blogs he can’t back with science or facts then I will be the first to log off.
      Look what happened in NY yesterday, Sandra Steingraber, an abortion patient she tells us, argued we must protect the children in the womb, in the schools, in poor neighborhoods because drilling in upstate NY would cause particulates to ride the wind to NYC from the diesel trucks in the gas fields. Then with a swipe of a pen and murder in his heart the Governor who agreed with her signed late term murder, abortion, into law up until minutes before delivery.

      God, please help Ray. God, please forgive those of us who live in New York, for Cuomo.

  3. Since you can’t answer, I will:

    1. Yes – this site has not changed it’s position that all Dimock victims of the Cabot water pollution case are lying:
    “The Three Stooges Return to Do Stupid Frack Trick in Dimock?”
    “Bad Guys Win in Dimock Despite Evidence and Timeline”
    (water pollution victims are “bad guys”? Cabot who polluted them and still lies about it would say so)
    “Fractivist Hippycrites Cry Dimock One More Time”

    “We didn’t damage the plaintiff’s water, its contents are naturally occurring. Aside from some bacteria issues which they’ve had that no one blames on Cabot, their water was safe for consumption and that Cabot was not negligent and did not create a nuuisance”
    You post Cabot’s statement/lie – but you never post the thermogenic testing from DEP that matched the gas in the water wells to Cabot gas did you? Did you post the predrill testing showing no hydrocarbons in this water? Did you post the DEP testing showing glycol compounds in this water? Nope.
    Answer = Tom still pushes the Cabot lie that Dimock victims are liars and frauds.

  4. 2. Reading your ubiquitous support for Cabot on this site, and seeing you had no reply – my guess would be yes – you support the idea that Cabot can pollute continually anyone’s property who signed a settlement with them.
    3. “When you are subpoena’d or deposed – will you participate willingly?” Of course you can’t answer that, no guts.
    4. No .. you can explain nothing as my many years of trying here has shown.


    Have you spoken with Ken Tom? Have you ever spoken with any of these victims? Seems you just serve the Cabot narrative without doing any research at all on their claims.

  5. I started by just walking up his driveway 4 years ago. Extremely nice people.

    His case is listed by DEP in their count of residents who received letters confirming their water pollution was related to gas extraction. Do a media inquiry. I did. If you have not done this research why do you stand by your claim that the Dimock victims are lying?

    • On the Carter road pollution concerns.
      A junk yard was atop the water table leeching toluene and other auto fuel related fuels into the ground and the DEP stated itself that with every rain storm the VOCs increased.
      In 2008 a 6000 gallon tanker carrying home heating diesel flipped on the Meshoppen Creek road right off Carter spilling it’s content directly into the water table.
      In 2009 when the 13 families on Carter road and Meshoppen Creek were awarded the value of there homes x 2 it was later called by John Hanger of the PA-DEP, a rush to judgement because testing showed no drilling related chemicals in the the private homes well water sources. Most of the families still live there and one used his royalties to build a 7 million dollar pension on the very land he accused Cabot of polluting.

      • Ray does NOT live on Carter Rd.

        The 2x was supposed to be 2x the value not the assessed value.

        I’ve offered many times that you and Tom can come here & I’ll be more than happy to show you a few things but neither of you do.

        Not everyone should be included in your statements about liars.

        Would you like to rent a certain home/property?

        You & Tom have my phone # & email if you’d like to discuss further but Do Not lump us all together again. That is a Big mistake on your part & I assume you will immediately apologize.

        • Absolutely true, Ray does not live on Carter Road but as for what I stated I am only repeating what was in the consent order and what John Hanger said addressing NY landowners at a forum at the holiday arena in 2010/2011. As far as you being lumped with liars which I don’t think I did, and if so I do apoligize for that, I’m not sure who you are but there is only one family on Carter road besides Victoria Switzer that I respect, and they lived behind the family from hell.

          • So you are aware Switzer Does Not Live On Carter Rd.
            You also know darn well who I am. I welcome you as I have before to come out w/ Tom & see a moldy disgusting unworking treatment system.

        • Taking a quick look at Google Earth, it appears that 11081 State Route 3023, Montrose PA is approximately 640 feet south of the southern end of Carter Road. This property falls within the “Dimock/Carter Road Area” as defined in the Consent Order and Settlement Agreement (15 December 2010) between the DEP and Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation. This agreement replaced a Consent Order and Agreement originally issues on Nov 4, 2009, and subsequently modified on April 15 and July 19, 2010. “The Department has determined that eighteen (18) drinking water supplies that serve nineteen homes within the Dimock/Carter Road area have been affected from the drilling activities at the Dimock/Carter Road Gas Wells)”. Cabot agreed to take a variety of compliance actions and pay a $500,00 fine to DEP. In addition, as directed in the Settlement of Restoration/Replacement Obligation section, “Within 30 days after the date of this Consent Order and Settlement Agreement, Cabot shall establish nineteen Escrow funds and each Escrow Fund shall hold an amount equal to, whichever is greater: $50,000; or two times the assessed value by the Susquehanna County Tax Assessor of the properties owned by the Property Owners within the Dimock/Carter Road Area.” And in the Acknowledgement of No Obligation section we find “a. In conjunction with Cabot, the Department will defend this Consent Order and Settlement Agreement in any future appeal(s) brought by or on behalf of any Property Owner and/or any other person or entity.” So although “Ray does NOT live on Carter Rd.” he does live within the Dimock/Carter Road Area as defined by the DEP, and the statement “The 2x was supposed to be 2x the value not the assessed value” does not match the facts. If you modify the Google Earth view of the property you will observe what appear to be junked vehicles on the property in question since at least September 2010.


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