“Pigs to Rigs” Lawyers, Dimock Junkyard Plaintiff Sued by Cabot

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An overdue lawsuit by Cabot Oil & Gas has been filed against a gang of “pigs to rigs” trial lawyers and their Dimock junkyard plaintiff Ray Kemble.

I have joyous news for all our readers. Cabot Oil & Gas has fired a shot against the seedy trial lawyers and even seedier hustlers trying to earn fame and money with jugs of brown water and filthy accusations surrounding Dimock. Cabot has filed a lawsuit against pig farm suer Charlie Speer, his Luzerne County trial lawyer associates and Ray Kemble, the Dimock junkyard plaintiff fractivists have descended to using as an example despite his complete lack of credibility on virtually anything.

It’s a $5 million lawsuit enjoyable to read for entertainment but, more than that and the obvious quest for justice, this is a glorious opportunity to expose some of the special interests behind fractivism. Discovery is going to be a nightmare for Speer, Kemble and allies.


Defendant Ray Kemble

The lawsuit may be found here and I’ve highlighted the important parts. Here are some of the basics (emphasis added):

  1. Prior to 2012, Defendant Speer, a pig farm nuisance lawyer from Missouri, routinely filed suits against those in the agricultural industry based on alleged damages from odors and other purported nuisances.
  2. After Missouri enacted legislation at the end of 2011 that put an end to Speer’s pig farm lawsuits, Speer set his sights on Pennsylvania and switched his focus from pigs to rigs.
  3. In the process, Speer and Speer Law teamed up Ciarimboli, Boylan, and F & C to commence nuisance claim lawsuits against natural gas operators in Pennsylvania.
  4. One of their new Pennsylvania clients, Kemble, had sued Cabot and GDS in 2009 and settled his claims in 2012.
  5. Following the 2012 settlement agreement, Kemble spent the next five years breaching its terms.
  6. Despite knowing that Kemble had settled his claims against Cabot and GDS in 2012, Speer, Speer Law, Ciarimboli, Boylan, and F & C drafted and filed a 24-page complaint against Cabot and GDS in April of 2017, in the Middle District of Pennsylvania (“2017 Complaint”), for which they had no probable cause…
  7. The 2017 Complaint included irrelevant and inflammatory allegations designed to harass Cabot and GDS, attract media attention, poison the community and jury pool against Cabot and GDS, and extort payment from Cabot and GDS when no legitimate claims existed.
  8. As a result of all Defendants’ tortious, intentional, malicious, and wrongful use of process, and Kemble’s multiple breaches of the 2012 settlement agreement, Cabot and GDS are seeking compensatory damages and punitive damages in the amount of $5,000,000.00.

That’s the essence of the case, but read the details I’ve highlighted, especially the background starting on page 16 and continuing through page 22. You’ll notice Speer, Kemble and company moved to dismiss their own case when it became apparent what a dog’s breakfast it was and hoped to get away with it without incurring any penalty for their bad behavior. They wanted to milk the bad publicity generated against Cabot and then withdraw before things got serious. Cabot is calling them out and demanding they be held accountable. Bravo!

Also, read the five pages of examples of Ray Kemble, the Dimock junkyard plaintiff, making outrageous claims against Cabot and the natural gas industry. It is just fascinating to see so many of them assembled one after the other. Our personal favorite may be this one:

There are so many to pick from, of course, (here’s another great one) but a quick perusal of the list will keep you laughing all night.

But, this is no laughing matter. It’s about getting justice for a company and an industry horribly maligned by very special interests with a desire to make a killing substituting rigs for pigs, generate donations and publicity for fractivist outfits and pursue the ideological fantasies of others. It’s also a great opportunity to expose the whole scam and with legal discovery that’s going to happen.

Craig Stevens’ named is mentioned more than once in the lawsuit, for example, not as defendant, but as someone curiously involved. Perhaps the attorneys will get asked about the Energy In Denial group they help Stevens create or the ad that group supposedly sponsored in the Des Moines Register that he knew nothing about.

Or, maybe they’ll get asked about their representation of Stevens in a lawsuit against the Borough of Montrose. And, possibly they’ll get asked whether they’re financing those numerous Stevens and Kemble trips to all parts of the country with their brown water jugs and flamboyant remarks. Or, how Food & Water Watch always seems to be on the fringes (or in the middle) of these activities. Exactly what is the relationships between the Park Foundation, Food & Water Watch, Kemble, Stevens and all those trial lawyers hoping to trade pigs for rigs? We all yearn to know.

This is the beauty of this lawsuit. We may finally get the concrete evidence how trial lawyers (Charlie Speer, Jay Halfon, et al) have been plotting to replace pigs with rigs and docs with rocks for a very long time, exploiting naive wealthy trust funders and the ideologues they fund for cover, all the while putting characters like Kemble out front as stooges. Will they now pay Ray Kemble’s legal bills? Or, should he sue them?

Anyway, here’s a statement from our friend George Stark at Cabot:

“Cabot will protect its rights and pursue justice against those who irresponsibly and maliciously abuse the legal system to extort and harass.

The defendants in this filing, led by Speer Law Firm, engaged in improper legal proceedings and filed a meritless lawsuit against Cabot without probable cause.

Therefore, we are demanding a jury trial in Susquehanna County on several counts seeking to recover actual and punitive damages.”

Amen and Godspeed!

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66 thoughts on ““Pigs to Rigs” Lawyers, Dimock Junkyard Plaintiff Sued by Cabot

  1. Kemble’s cigar is probably more toxic than his water; but he seems to have no problem with that. Many of the elements that he mentioned in his water test are very common in ground water and even in reservoirs around the country. These are naturally occurring.

    • Pollution from junk yards? None according to EPA Region III as they claim that ALL Auto recycling Facilities in the State of Pennsylvania are located on CONCRETE and all stormwater runoff is contained and treated.

  2. The green jug of water is clearly a fraud. What is in it ?? It looks like antifreeze. Vera Scroggins needs to be part of this lawsuit too as she gives her trespassing tours and travels to NY to give speeches claiming Cabot destroyed Susquehanna County. She has plenty of video evidence she recorded that could be used against her.

  3. So, we all understand that Ray Kemble’s water was ruined when Cabot’s rig 500 ft from Ray’s front door went bad. That gas well has been under repair for years.

    Can any of you admit that?

    Tom, it’s a shame to see a grown man gloat when a victim is further harmed.

    • Hope for peace

      I’m not gloating…. that won’t happen unless Cabot wins… then I am driving to Cabot headquarters with sheet pizza for everone…you know like those who partied in Albany when they bought the moratorium

      • “This is the beauty of this lawsuit.”
        “I have joyous news for all our readers. ”

        What word would you use, Tom?

        Yet – you can’t answer basic questions about the contamination case. You have no real evidence that this victim should be further harmed. Neither will you visit the property yourself, as invited, to see for yourself. Ray’s life has been ruined by Cabot. His home is worthless with no water source. After living for 5 years across the street from the blown-out gas well under repair, Ray has become very very sick.
        Do you know what air contaminants the flare stack that was across the street “flaring” for years was putting into the air Ray and Jamie (now dead) were breathing? Have you seen the FLIR footage showing hydrocarbons emitting from that flare?
        If the aquifer has returned to normal, why has DEP not removed the 9 mile drilling/fracking moratorium?
        There is so much evidence that you are wrong – you seem unable answer for any of it.

      • Oh you mean David Braun and friends, Vic? Who Hope does know actually or at least has in fact said she knows.


        Here is what boggles the mind–with the incredible amount of video and social media material actually available online often created by the antifracking pipeline resistance movement itself (like shalehockmedia) , how is it that reporters can’t put together who the antifracking movement is, how it operates and whether or not it is credible?

    • Hey is this actually Hope ForPeace? Hey Hope do you remember when I left a message for you and then you immediately proceeded to lie about that message in writing online?

      Hey Hope–maybe you can figure out what “event” Erik McGregor took this picture at?

      What’s David Braun up to in California on the antifracking front Hope?

      • HI Karen – how about you play the tape of you calling me on the phone as we where having a heated online discussion? That would be great.

        Then how about you field some of the questions I posted to Tom re: the article that you are commenting on here:

        If the aquifer has returned to normal, why has DEP not removed the 9 mile drilling/fracking moratorium?
        ATSDR confirmed that the areas aquifer was contaminated. What evidence do you have that all the residents who say their water was fine before Cabot drilled where lying?
        Have you seen Ray Kemble’s clean pre-drill report?

        • I think I told you to stop making false statements about me online and then you responded by lying about the message I left? That’s my recollection of the events Hope.

          Any particular reason you chose to lie that time Hope or is just habitual with you?

          Why don’t you try to answer why the name on this photo is Erik McGregor and when and where or why the photo was taken?

          I know nothing about Mr kemble. Craig Stevens who is mentioned in the article I have seen. In Brooklyn. At a pipeline hearing actually. In a docket where Erik McGregor’s name can be found giving testimony.

          Craig Stevens I also saw in the news at a meeting for a proposed lng import porject hope. That’s the project your friend David Braun group united for action actually claimed was an export project days before the first public meetings on that project. They were of course lying.

  4. Be this a legal tactic or not due to the case filed by Ray K against Cabot O&G, the entire crowd of complainants beyond those named in the story and comments above, from Georgia up through Virginia, Wyoming County PA, Susquehanna County PA and all the way into Broome County NY should be brought into the case. Multiple dozens of “complaints” filed by the entire bunch of them, which in actuality were little more than frivolous rumors, were investigated over the years by DEP costing the citizens of the Commonwealth thousands of dollars and employee hours. They should all be held accountable.

    • You’re saying the 243+ known Penn contamination victims should all be sued for $5 million each?

      What testing did DEP do to determine whose water wells had been impacted by drilling/fracking? Your handle says you’re a former employee – you should know. How did DEP lie through that testing??

        • Karen, what’s curious – every time I see you online you are personally attacking people.
          I’m easy to look up by my name. I’m funded by donations to AK, if you’re interested in pitching in.
          Phelim Mcaleer lies for a living – he’s not a journalist. I hope we see justice in his case in the Minehart lawsuit.
          Now – do answer my questions above, thanks.

          • What’s curious is how much you lie Hope. Here is your answer to the question I asked. Looks like the picture was taken by Erik McGregor on fracking reality tour that a NYC council member named Donavan Richards went on.

            See unlike you hope I actually know what I’m talking about. So if you were to speak to David sometime out in California at a fracking protest just ask him if he remembers some suggestions I had for his no lng chants around the time that Sandra steingraber was claiming that there’s zero science involved in lng regulations in NY State. This was probably 2013 Hope.


          • Josh Fox also isn’t a journalist Hope as I’m sure you know and he isn’t credible either. I’m uninterested in looking up anything having to do with Mr Kemble.

      • Lets begin with the frivolous complaint lodged at the Temple, hundreds of DEP hours spent on that falsehood. Determined to NOT be O&G related, a complaint made there numerous years prior revealed pre-existing iron in the water well and at that time blasting was also not a causing factor. Look, all of the folks implied would communicate among themselves creating these stupendous stories of devastation occurring at the time, inspections and investigations found nothing. The sky is (was) falling indeed.

        • Shanti Temple? What did the pre-drill test show?
          I like how you point to one case and throw out the other 243 known cases – failing to answer my valid and basic questions about those, instead claiming all the victims are lying. You are not aware of or you are ignoring the testing by DEP in those 243 cases??

    • DEP Employee identify yourself and stop spreading wrong information…DEP has loads of evidence of contamination even beyond Dimock and that is why we have a 9 sq. mile moratorium in Dimock, and millions in fines and settlements with Cabot for their toxic actions..
      This case may backfire on Cabot and cause them many more headaches than solving any.
      I am surprised Cabot is chancing this exposure of themselves and their actions…
      Sure everything is “frivolous” if it doesn’t implicate Cabot and the Gas Industry;
      you must work for the gas industry now instead of DEP….
      and are promoting their harmful actions ….

      This action will prove to be helpful to further expose Cabot’s harmful presence in our county…

      • I am not “The former DEP Employee” that you want identified, but I am the Ex-Soils and waterways Chief in the NCRO of PA DEP. After issuing a Cease and desist Order to Columbia National Gas in Sullivan Twp, Bradford County, and after writing up Numerous violations for Texas eastern Gas in Clinton County , I was barred fro inspecting any Natural Gas sites. In my professional experience with the Natural Gas Industry, fracking operations are no where near the environmental problem as the conventional gas industry in Pennsylvania. I have worked for and with Gas Companies such as Citrus, Seneca, Southwestern, Talisman, Shell, etc and found their staff and projects to set the Example for environmentally positive conduct. You should thank god you have Fracking operations instead of our Home boys of Pa who do what they wish when developing conventicle gas wells.You should also be held responsible for your lies.

        • Al, this page is about Cabot suing a victim whose property they ruined.
          How do you feel about the gas industry’s habit of calling their victims liars and frauds .. and fighting needed restitution.

          Are you familiar with Ray’s case?

          • Weapons grade uranium, right. He should be selling his “watah” if true, no lawsuit (now withdrawn) needed. And he should not have waved his gun at Cabot contractors years ago. Truth.

          • DEP found weapons grade uranium in Dimock wells. If you know anyone .. I have a jpeg of those results if Tom would like to allow that submitted here somehow.

            Gun? Oh – so you are VERY familiar w/ the case … you mean the time they came into his house without knocking telling Mr. Kemble they were there to lock off his water well?

            Ray home’s value is ruined now – as is Ray’s health. Unable to sell he is stuck living across the street from a blown out gas well under repair.

          • Not familiar with Rays situation—but As someone who has been involved in quite a few Public meetings,, I can assured you that ALL men who testify on adverse affects of drilling and who wear pony tails are liars.

        • so, Mr. Sever: you admit to problems with developing conventional gas wells….and that you were barred from inspecting….and why were you barred?
          because you exposed the truth of problems with conventional gas wells?
          yes, I agree much problems have come up with conventional gas wells and water contamination in western and northwestern Pa. and also with the oil wells there.
          and also, the unconventional gas wells are problematic for our water because of failed casings and spills
          and we have over 240 DEP water contamination cases from gas drilling in Pa.
          and that’s within the DEP narrow perimeters of determination…
          thousands of water complaints came in all over Pa. to the DEP and DEP only approved less than 10% of the complaints using their guidelines…
          Glad you’re at least admitting that unconventional wells are problematic…

          sorry, you were barred for doing your job…
          can you tell us more…

          • No secret that the conventional gas industry plays by THEIR own rules in PA, e.g, Salt water from conventional wells is treated the same as any other industry with Water quality standards for 5the receiving waters predicating treatment requirements while Non-conventional gas operations are barred from using that same treatment technology for treating similar wastewater. Fracking Companies need to grow a set of balls and quit rolling over and playing dead for all of the loud mouth liars trying to make money by delaying Fracking.

  5. OMG! I didn’t get to read that yet but is that a Minister Erik McGregor picture??? Everyone should know about the “photojournalist” Erik and his friends shouldn’t they?

  6. This lawsuit isn’t about Kemble’s water condition or his health. It’s about him violating the terms of his settlement agreement and trying to extort Cabot for more money. I suggest everyone read it. The link is provided in this report.

    • Mr. Kemble’s lawyers wrote a gag order for him that he believed allowed him to continue to speak. Tate Kunkle assured Mr. Kemble it was agreed to.

      I’m glad he continues to speak out – how else would the public know what a horror it can be to have your life, health and finances ruined by a gas company?

      There will be a day when all gas industry related gag orders will be rescinded. We need to know the extent of damage that has occurred. As long as gag orders are required for victims we can never know the scope of the contamination.

  7. RE: “Extort money”

    Extort: obtain (something) by force, threats, or other unfair means.

    You would think it fair then that Ray’s home value is diminished to nothing, His home can’t be sold with no water source – yet Cabot has not repayed the value of his home. Ray suffered a +/- 100K loss. Is that fair?
    Should a company be able to cause damage that devalues your home and not be required to replace that value?
    Ray has also suffered severe health impacts – possible caused by the flare stack that sat 500 ft from his front door burning off the who-knows-what from the blown out well. FLIR film shows black emissions from that stack.

    Why does any industry have the right to do that much damage to a citizen and get away with it? And if Ray tries to sue back .. THAT is “obtain (something) by force, threats, or other unfair means.”??

  8. Its a fact that Pa DEP said they dropped the ball in Dimmock. Cabot had to cap off 3 wells . Pa DEP had a saying , if you break it , you fix it . The closest water was from Montrose. A fresh water line was supposed to be brought to the area. The water was undrinkable under Governor Ed Rendell. When Governor Tom Corbett took over , the water was good to drink . A miracle . Oil & Gas now owned Pennsylvania . Act 13 of 2012 was passed and later found to be unconstitutional. Gag orders on 7 year olds from Washington County made national news .The judge was prosecuted later for stealing cocaine from the evidence locker and using it for his drug habit . And the saga goes on .

    • Thanks , Bob….Tom will never fault the gas industry that pays for his biased and untrue articles…
      Cabot’s water deliveries, filters, filtration systems , money settlements, fines and gag orders do not fix the water problem…
      This new lawsuit will bring to light Cabots dirty laundry for all to see…

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  10. Oh my god these Anti fracking luddites are loons. WEapons Grade Uranium in water wells? One is talking of a substance that needs billions of dollars worth of equipment to produce via enrichment. THe value of that type of substance would far outweight the actual economic benefit for a Halliburton Making. IF anything was used as a Radioactive tracer it would be a substance with a half life of weeks not centuries. Hyperbolic and False statements cuts to any credibility of the complainers such as Scroggins or Kemble and hence why Cabot is now suing. The video above is great evidence

        • Tom .. I asked some very valid questions about Ray’s water here. I’m surprised you refuse to answer any .. but just chime in to mock another news outlet.

          Why not field some of the valid questions I’ve asked .. about Ray’s predrill test – the other nearby cases where people are still stuck with bad water. The ATSDR report, etc. I’d like to hear your ideas on those.

          • I’d like the evidence of the weapons grade uranium you promised. Let’s start with that.

    • Paul: “Weapons-grade nuclear material is any fissionable nuclear material that is pure enough to be used to make a nuclear weapon or has properties that make it particularly suitable for nuclear weapons use.
      For such use, the concentration of fissile isotopes uranium-235 and plutonium-239 in the element used must be sufficiently high.”

      And again – these victims are just regular people. When a technician told them there was weapons grade uranium in the water – and they see the results – they don’t have a science background to figure out the subtleties.

      Many other toxic chems where found in those DEP tests – and by ATDSR.

      You know the idea is to claim, well – none of those can be proven to come from drilling/fracking … even though you know Ray Kemble has a pre-drill test showing clean water and no hydrocarbons.

  11. What about the DEP testing showing Uranium 235 did you have questions about?

    A few of the ways we know Cabot is responsible for the ruination of Ray Kemble’s water well/home value/health:

    3 Consent Orders by DEP prove a ruling made after testing that Cabot was responsible for the ruination of the water wells of Ray Kembles and 20+ (state settlement) of Ray’s neighbors.
    Ray has clean predrill testing showing good water and no hydrocarbons.
    Ray’s neighbors also still face water pollution lingering after Cabot’s wells blew out, including one new case that occurred after DEP allowed fracking of Cabot’s drilled wells .. more evidence fracking (defined even in the strict industry accepted definition) itself can ruin water wells. Ray’s water turned far worse after that 2012 fracking.
    Atsdr’s 2016 report, based on 2012 testing .. confirmed water “Levels in 27 private water wells were high enough to affect health.
    Chemicals detected above health-based comparison levels include arsenic, cadmium, copper, iron, lead, lithium, manganese, potassium, and sodium. 4-chlorophenyl-phenyl ether was also detected in private water wells”

    THat’s just a bit of the evidence off the top of my head. Your blaming of the old cars in his yard and harping on a claim he repeated that was made to him by technicians about Uranium are obvious ploys that won’t work with the non-industry supporting public. Cabot suing Ray = very very bad move for Cabot. A corporation further harming their own victims is disgusting and entirely unacceptable in the general public. I know they have you loving it and jumping with glee .. all the more evidence you’re not getting the true picture here. Have you ever been paid to consult for Cabot?

    • Don’t deflect. Send me the proof of weapons grade uranium you promised and explain how gas drilling and/or fracking introduced it. I told you I’d publish it and now you’re avoiding sending me what you offered.

      • I sent film of me showing the DEP testing and the Uranium results.
        You posted the link.
        I clarified what weapons grade Uranium is.
        Uranium 235 – weapons grade uranium – was found in Dimock water wells – as I showed here.

        Feel free to ask questions about those posts and the testing.

        But don’t act as if I have not replied. That would be disingenuous and overtly incorrect.

        • Handwritten on the first page of tabulated results is “DEP test”. In my 27 years with the agency I NEVER saw official DEP lab results presented in that fashion. Further, I have NO recollection of DEP performing such comprehensive testing of Ray’s water as listed, rather that was likely done by an outside contractor. Titling and proclaiming that to be DEP results is a bold faced lie.

          • “DEP employee”: you’re so bent on making sure you prove Ray is lying – did you read any of my comments here explaining how dishonest and wrong a position that is?

            Of course no one at DEP wrote that – the person I got copy from wrote that.

            “Further, I have NO recollection of DEP performing such comprehensive testing of Ray’s water as listed”

            If you where part of DEP’s testing efforts at the time, you’d know that test has results for many homes. Each families results where marked for the family.

            Calling that testing a lie is calling me a liar, and the families I verified the testing with liars.

            Since you are so intimate w/ DEP – why not prove me wrong by providing what what you think are actual DEP results that led to the three Consent Orders. Feel free. I’m sure Loren Salzman has a copy – why don’t you look into it? Tom knows him well.

    • Lithium??? As someone who wrote hundreds of NPDES permits with Toxic Effluent limitations, A wastewater sample with Lithium in it would raise a red flag indicating the source as probably being automobiles in a salvage yard. Lithium is found in automobile lubricants for bearings and other mov8ing parts.

      • “Lithium is found in automobile lubricants”

        Why? Why can none of you admit in Dimock the entire aquifer was polluted?

        You have to work to find anything you can twist to make this victim look like a liar.

        AL – I wrote a comment here specifically to you about that – you never answered. Instead you take one point and claim pollution is from the old cars on Ray’s property.

        How did Ray’s old cars blow up Fiorentino’s water well?

        Ray lives in the middle of a polluted aquifer. Know it. Own it. Understand it. Research it. Let the fact that 20+ homes lost the use of their water 8 years ago – and many still have not recovered. DEP’s own testing and the 9 mile moratorium on drilling/fracking proves that – as did the ATSDR results.

        More than that – the word of fellow Americans. Neighbors called liars and frauds here because that lie serves industry’s profit margins. It disgusts me to no end to imagine good people like you and Tom can fall for that propaganda.

        Al – how many families in Dimock had lithium show up in testing of their water?

        • Lithium. — good point about lithium in those wells. Can only assume it came from septic systems used by all of the locals taking lithium medicines for their mental health problems

          • You made my point about needing to call these victims liars .. perfectly. Thanks.

  12. @AL Server

    ” all of the loud mouth liars trying to make money by delaying Fracking.”

    Here’s the real issue we have. Those supporting the gas industry call water contamination victims and their supporters liars .. money grubbing liars.
    The problem is .. WE”RE NOT! We have seen drilling/fracking related water contamination in case after case across the nation. I’ve traveled the nation documenting them. Reviewing testing, understanding the impact loosing your water well has on a family. It’s horrific.
    And then to be called lying frauds by industry supporters – honestly – it’s just heartbreaking.
    When I first met Kim and Ken, the family 2 doors up from Ray whose water went bad in 2012 after Cabot fracked already drilled wells – they said they believed “Dimock Proud” when they said all the neighbors where lying about their water … then Kim and Ken’s water turned .. and they said they felt so bad for hating on their neighbors all those years. It’s a truly disgusting thing to call a real victims liars. Some PR people on your side have gotten rich doing it. I hope when the record is set straight – you’ll finally see that. Though the promise of wealth does do a great job blinding people.

  13. Cabot did pre-drill testing in Dimock.
    When Cabot’s gas wells blewout and the aquifer was contaminated – Cabot had the testing thrown out as invalid. All except one test. Ray Kemle’s pre-drill test was done by another firm and stands as valid.
    It shows no constituents that later turned up in DEP testing.

  14. @ tom

    “I’d like the evidence of the weapons grade uranium you promised. Let’s start with that.”

    Provided. Here. Days ago. You know that. Discussed with others right here on this page.

    For the third time – if you have questions about the evidence I provided (anyone here can see I provided it) feel free to ask. I’ll be happy to answer.

  15. Missed you in court today, Tom. Cabot argues that once they have a settlement agreement, they can repollute a victim as much as they want. If water had returned to normal, Cabot can get away with repolluting again, a signer to a settlement agreement never has the right to sue for further damage.

    Do you agree?

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