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The Commonwealth’s DEP has just come out with a report summarizing all the facts on the Pennsylvania oil and gas industry in charts and maps.

The Pennsylvania oil and gas industry helped create the economic miracle that is our modern world. It all started, appropriately enough, in Oil City, a small town in Venango County. Today, more than a century later the place the industry started continues to thrive, the shale revolution having reinvigorated it. Pennsylvania, once again, is a leader. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has come out with a really nice 2015 Oil and Gas Annual Report that summarizes the story in a series of charts and maps.

Pennsylvania oil and gas

The Oil and Gas Annual Report charts and maps are largely self-explanatory. Here are some of the best of the lot:

Pennsylvania oil and gas

More than 4.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas was produced in Pennsylvania in 2015. The number of natural gas wells being drilled in Pennsylvania decreased, but the volume of natural gas produced continued to increase, as the chart above demonstrates. The term “unconventional” is, of course, now is a misnomer, as shale is the primary source.

Here’s where the permits were issued in 2015:

Pennsylvania oil and gas

Notice the strength of the Southwestern Pennsylvania counties, along with Bradford and Susquehanna. Here’s where the actual wells were drilled:

Pennsylvania oil and gas

The number of wells has lagged permits, which means there are a lot of permitted wells ready to drill now that prices are recovering a bit. Efficiency also continues to improve, offering a bright future. Especially interesting are those 14 Utica Shale wells just below the New York border in Potter and Tioga Counties:

Pennsylvania oil and gas

Violations are also down even though inspections are up:

Pennsylvania oil and gas

Pennsylvania oil and gas

Stray case issues are also declining, with zero in 2015.

Pennsylvania oil and gas

Read the whole thing!


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12 thoughts on “The Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Industry in Charts

  1. HVHF is still a Industrial process that isn’t safe and will always have industrial related problems .Charts are pretty but reality tells the whole story ….I can post some of the reality !

        • even though I have witnessed some improvement in some of the operations of some co’s .There is plenty of issues ( which I have brought up to the PA DEP 0 many times .Chemical spills,flaring,venting continue among other industrial problems like silica and road dust created by operations .air quality around well sites goes from pure to intensely dust saturated ( on most operations witnessed over the years ( and continues today .Seen plenty of operations created typical industrial polluted environments around pads ( this doesn’t need articles because it is a fact that comes from 6 + yrs of study and recording .Just don’t understand howsome people can’t get the point that HVHF is an industrial operation done close to homes .what do they think happens do conditions just evaporate .No conditions near dwelling become overcome with air and sometimes water pollution.Spikes in methane ,propane,ethane ,do occur ( have data on this done by PA DEP and Talisman energy .I don’t object to this industrial operation due to just here say .All references come from observation and testing done over the years ( water,air and soil ….No one here has the right to knock the comments since I have multiple reports on these mentioned conditions and have gone round and round many times with companies and the DEP ….trying to squeeze a buck out of your property rights doesn’t change the conditions experienced in local operations ( unless you are dumb and blind ) This goes fgor you to Tom since you have dedicated your life to development of HVHF and have ignored the multiple negatives that come along with it .Then there is the followers that believe your hype because they have to ….anyone can check the documentation of over 200 or more water issues on the PA dep site for a start .I can also post video and stills of many recorded operations showing condition unsuitable for healthy lifestyle …HAVE fun ,remember ignorance is Bliss ,right ( or has a purpose of some sort .

        • Tom I have taken part in air testing a few years ago that lead to the PA DEP increasing air monitoring in nG drilling local areas.Worked with one group from the University of London ( Citizen Sense ) .PA DEP invested over a million in air testing equipment related to the results….You actual benefited from this even though you bitch about me and all the others that have lead to improvements over the years in operations of drillers.,,,,

    • Tom S gets mad when I post related info .If he gives me the OK i will begin !6 yrs of living and collecting tests and info gives me plenty ..For your thoughts .”What makes you think an industrial operation next to homes doesn’t bring industrial related issues ” …..only the very uninformed think this doesn’t happen …

      • But that’s not what you said Bill…you said you could illustrate issues that were a direct result of HVHF.

        What is your problem Bill?

        You seem to really have an issue with oil & gas development in general.

        Because only the extremely uninformed would consider the actual act of cracking rock at great depth, an issue.

        Maybe your problem is that you don’t really understand the process.If there is a surface spill which takes place 2 years post completion,do you still consider this the fault of HVHF?

        Show me issues related to high volume,hydraulic fracturing Bill.

          • HaHA …see you just can’t except the reality that comes from NG development .It is industrial,and it DOES have many related issues that come with industrial operations ( ( unless you live under a rock ) mine come from 6 + yrs of testing and observing and plenty of complaining to DEP and co’s .Maybe you’d like to burn all the Books too ? Ignorance never stops the facts ( JACK ) ….money’s not everything ….health is the real wealth .

        • LOOK ..Neo maybe you don’t realize that the surface is affected by operations setup by drillers which need trucks,holding tanks,pumps,pipes ,well pads ,flaring,venting ,chemical spills as common practice ( unless you live in Disney land ) ..over the years I have witnessed many issues that polluted the air,soil and Yes even some people’s water ( which never had issues until hVHF occurred even though pro frackers claimed it was the water well construction .Wrong since NG development started water issues for many locals DID become just one of the many nuisances that occurred from operation .I got plenty of air,water and soil testing data .

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