Pennsylvania DEP Clears Way for Completion of Mariner East Project!

Mariner East OpponentsKurt Knaus

Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance

Pennsylvania DEP just cleared the path for Mariner East to complete the Mariner East 2 project which was already 98% done. It’s a big economic step forward.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) today announced that it “will lift the nearly year-long permit bar currently in place” for certain pipeline development projects after a consent order and agreement between the agency and pipeline operator. This Pennsylvania DEP action is very welcome news for Mariner East!

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The Pennsylvania DEP action means construction may resume soon on select portions of the Mariner East 2 and related Mariner East 2x pipeline network where work was halted. As of now, approximately 98 percent of construction is complete.

Finishing this project is essential. According to analyses, the Mariner East network represents a one-time economic impact of nearly $9.1 billion in Pennsylvania, with additional benefits upon completion for consumers, businesses, manufacturers and processors all along the 350-mile pipeline.

DEP’s recent regulatory actions demonstrate the strict oversight this project has endured — before shovels ever hit the ground and during the entire construction process. The continued vigilance by regulators ensures this pipeline is meeting the highest environmental standards. Completion of this project is essential.

Skilled laborers who have been waiting to get back to work will finally be back on the job, putting their training to use for the safe, responsible development of critical infrastructure. And once the pipeline network is fully finished, our commonwealth will be able to finally realize the full economic benefits of this vital link that will help Pennsylvania maximize the potential of its vast energy resources.

This announcement offers a very positive start to 2020.

Editor’s Note: Pennsylvania DEP has done the right thing. The completion of Mariner East 2 will now allow further economic development that will only benefit Southeast Pennsylvania; a region that has huge opportunities to be the next Houston, as we’ve noted earlier.

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8 thoughts on “Pennsylvania DEP Clears Way for Completion of Mariner East Project!

  1. Strict oversight from Pa Dep BS! Come to Dimock and see no oversight. See homeowners/property owners rights and leases trampled! No accountability or oversight! Fire them all!!!!

    • Mr. Knaus,
      I notice these words you wrote without any explanation or revelation of what is in the “…consent order and agreement between the agency and pipeline operator. ”

      Kindly, tell us what is in the “consent order” since the operator of Mariner East has received many violations and complaints from residents along it’s path and it’s been shut down and slowed down a number of times.

      Let us have the “consent order” from DEP to Mariner East.

      thank you.

      please don’t try to hide this information from the public.

    • So much devastation but nothing in the news. Except when it comes out in courtroom transcript that lies and fake movies by Craig Stevens and his legal advisor [HA HA] WILLY are revealed.

      • Really Vic?! Perhaps you and Tom would like to tell what you actually saw and your opinions about it? This was a violation of our rights. A Cosa between Pa Dep & the Gas Co. Not the property owners. They claim it “trumped” a lease and addendums without telling the home/property/land owners. No notification to the property/home/landowners that it “trumped” it. No negotiations. Written permission? Nope! Showing proof of the alterations? No! Many lies Oh Yes Definitely. Fire the Pa Dep!!! Let them lose their jobs, benefits, pay, company vehicles, retirement, etc!!! Being in people who will actually do the job they are paid to. People who won’t hide behind badges, and lies. Forcing people to file rtk requests and pay for them about things done on their property and to their leases without their knowledge, consent, or approval. How does this happen? How does the government permit it to happen? Fire them all!!! The weaseling, worming, lying puppet and the rest of them!

  2. Hi Vic! Feel free to post the pic I sent you since I am unable to. Please and thank you. Then everyone can see just how wonderful things are and have been.

    Also, per a phone call with Pa Dep. Any and all complaints we have filed are being ignored and any we file will continue to be ignored.

    How many other complaints, problems, and issues has Pa Dep ignored or disregarded? How many others have been told they will be ignored?

  3. Mariner was just fined 30 million by DEP and have a Consent Order for all their Violations…

    Don’t expect any help from Vic and Tom…they only help the gas industry and gas lovers…

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