PennEast Pipeline Company Offering STEM Grants

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The PennEast Pipeline Company is once again helping local communities through its Powering STEM Grant Program, awarding up to $10,000 for STEM education.

The PennEast Pipeline Company is now accepting applications for its fall Powering STEM Grant Program. PennEast will award grants, up to $10,000, to programs focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The STEM Grant Program is open to eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, afterschool, summer and youth development programs and educational intuitions.

STEM Grant

The STEM Grant Program is for nonprofit organizations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania focusing on:

  • Incorporating energy exploration, distribution, use (as well as affiliated trades and disciplines) and/or environmental education in the curriculum;
  • Providing individuals of all ages greater access to STEM education;
  • Developing a workforce to meet the needs of the region’s continued position as a global energy leader;
  • Helping young people understand the vast number of occupations associated with not only the energy industry, but the countless industries (plastics/petrochemical, high-tech manufacturing, steel, food processing, etc.) supported by low-cost natural gas and natural gas liquids;
  • Promoting hands-on, experimental learning, problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork;
  • Supporting general awareness about energy and environmental-related issues; and more.
STEM Grants

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The full PennEast Powering STEM Grant Program requirements can be found on the PennEast Pipeline website.

Applications are being accepted now and are due before October 6, 2017. The STEM Grant recipients will be announced October 24, 2017.

Anyone interested in applying may click here to complete the online application.

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2 thoughts on “PennEast Pipeline Company Offering STEM Grants

  1. this all appears like “bribes” to gain public support and reduce resistance to the pipelines…

    Pipelines have been giving grants for years now…

    doesn’t seem to deter increasing citizen resistance to high-pressure, ever growing abundance of pipelines that are being proposed next to our schools, homes, farms and businesses….

    Pipeline companies need a new strategy…

  2. WOW !!! What a pathetic response. Companies do something good for children and people like Vera whine about it. Shows what kind of people we are dealing with here. Of course we should expect nothing less from her wickedness.

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