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PennEast Pipline Company announced today they will be helping properly train for a career in the energy sector through their New Powering STEM Grant Program.

The PennEast Pipeline Company is once again helping our local communities. Today, the company announced their New Powering STEM Grant Program. This new STEM Grant Program is put into place to help educate individuals in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

STEM Grant

This grant will not only be open for young people looking for a career in the energy field, but also to older residents that may be considering a career change. The PennEast Pipeline Company will be accepting applications for this grant from eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, afterschool, summer and youth development programs and educational institutions.

“The region’s abundant natural gas supplies are helping usher in a wave of new career opportunities,” said Pam Witmer of PennEast Pipeline Company. “From the exploration and production of natural gas to its delivery, its use as an electric generation fuel to a manufacturing feedstock and beyond, it is critical that existing and new businesses have a workforce prepared to take advantage of an energy-based economy.”

PennEast’s Powering STEM Grant Program is open to New Jersey and Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations that focus on:

  • Incorporating energy exploration, distribution, use (as well as affiliated trades and disciplines) and/or environmental education in their curriculum;
  • Providing individuals of all ages greater access to STEM education;
  • Developing a workforce to meet the needs of the region’s continued position as a global energy leader;
  • Promoting hands-on learning, problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork;
  • Supporting general awareness about energy and environmental-related issues; and, more.

Organizations along the PennEast Pipeline’s proposed route will be given preference, but other organizations that meet the Program’s objectives are encouraged to apply as well.

STEM grantAnyone interested in applying may do so at:

All of the PennEast Powering STEM Grant Program details and requirements can be found on their website:

Applications are due on or before February 17, 2017 and the final selections will be made on  March 13, 2017.

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