Now Is Not the Time for Additional Taxes

shale gas outrages - Nicholas HadenNicholas Haden
VP Marking & Governmental Affairs, Reserved Environmental Services, LLC


The shale gas industry has been facing big cutbacks and employee layoffs; adding additional taxes now will cripple those businesses even more.

You don’t have to be a genius to see that big energy companies are laying off left and right. Pennsylvania won’t enjoy the billions of investment dollars it’s historically received from companies developing shale gas in our Commonwealth. These are facts, and it hurts. However, let’s focus on the hundreds of PA businesses employing thousands in the shale gas supply chain.

additional taxes

Our company employs 70 Pennsylvanians and 85% of our workforce is “blue collar”. Our employees and their families reside in towns like Belle Vernon, Brownsville, Connellsville, Coraopolis, Ellwood City, Grindstone, Monessen, Monongahela, New Castle, New Kensington, Pittsburgh, and Uniontown. These places aren’t in Texas.

We’ve postponed 2016 capital projects and can’t hire an additional 20 employees. And we are not alone. When the big boys halt capital investment, little guys must follow suit.

Additional taxes on the shale industry couldn’t come at a worse time. This Commonwealth competes for energy investment dollars plain and simple. How can PA small businesses grow when these additional taxes will further stifle investment?   I’ve always admired elected officials who say “I’m for the working man”. Now’s the time for these elected officials to “man up” and “join the fight.” Be accountable and provide a responsible and competitive fiscal framework which doesn’t require PA workers to fight with two hands tied behind our backs.

Reposted with permission from Well Said Cabot.

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1 thought on “Now Is Not the Time for Additional Taxes

  1. Way back when cars were made of steel ,imports started dumping on our markets. The fed stepped in and imposed a tariff. Maybe that would be wise for the energy market in Pa?
    The revinue could be used to appease those in need of pork money!


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