Nick DeIuliis Delivers Inspiring Speech on the Glorious Future of Gas

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Nick DeIuliis is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CNX Resources Corporation and just delivered a truly inspiring speech on the future of gas.

Nick DeIuliis is not only the President and Chief Executive Officer of CNX Resources Corporation but is also a professional engineer and a lawyer. More importantly, he’s a man of the people, a fellow who grew up in blue collar Pittsburgh and has never forgotten his roots. He describes himself as an introvert; a fellow who is Pittsburgh through and through and admits the best part of visiting New York City is when the wheels lift off the LaGuardia runway and he’s on the way home.

But, Nick DeIuliis is also a patriot who believes in America, believes in competition and believes in the future of natural gas, which has “broken the back” of OPEC and delivered enormous benefits to our nation. He gave a speech the other day that is just remarkable. It focused on those natural gas benefits while also delivering a warning that everything we have gained and the wonderful future we have before us is threatened by the false narratives of haters who would wreck it all; false narratives that absolutely must be corrected.

You can read about the speech Nick DeIuliis delivered to the Pittsburgh Rotary Club here and here. But, to truly appreciate what he had to say you need to watch it, especially the beginning where he givers his personal perspective and sets the stage for telling his audience why we need to fight. It’s inspiring. The video is available on the Rotary Club Facebook page but, as a service to our readers, I downloaded it and then put it up on YouTube.

Nick DeIuliis has laid it out for us; the glorious contributions of natural gas and the need to confront the false narratives of fractivists. This is a message the rest of the industry needs to hear, especially the midstream folks. For far too long, the industry has tried to avoid controversy, to “keep its head down” as he notes. Instead, it has relied upon lawyers and corporate PR types to spin messages that simply don’t resonate when they are confronted by numb-minded NIMBYs, true believers and rich trust-funders seeking validation who line up with a compliant media to advance false narratives.

No, the industry and those who recognize its value must stand up and fight, just as Nick DeIuliis skillfully lays it out. Let me take it a little further. It’s not merely a matter of fighting defensively. The industry must also take the offense. Nick DeIuliis did a bit of that by going after Pittsburgh’s incompetent mayor, but it also takes going after the Heinz Endowments, a prominent Pittsburgh institution that, together with the William Penn Foundation, has been funding the opposition everywhere. It’s a private foundation that is blatantly involved in politics through its funding of the radical groups he says must be confronted.

Still, Nick DeIuliis has offered some refreshing candor here. Let’s applaud it and follow his lead.

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