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NG Advantage, Russian Collusion and Cuomo Corruption

Image 2Frank Chernega
Broome County, New York, Landowner

Frank Chernega reflects on the NG  Advantage zoning decision, the Russian collusion to supply gas to New England and the fruits of Gov. Cuomo’s corruption.

The Town of Fenton Zoning Board of Appeals has turned down the NG Advantage’s proposal to create a proposed virtual natural pipeline (i.e. compressor station and transfer facility). There’s plenty of blame to go around, of course, as there usually is, of course, but, sadly, it’s no surprise NG Advantage lost their zoning bid. The big losers are the businesses and residences that will either get no natural gas or pay a lot more for it in the future.

Russian Collusion

Town of Fenton

The anti’s are extremely well funded and always seem to have far more support at meetings than our side. They’re good at protesting and have the time for it. I wonder if Vera Scroggins is a driving force behind much of this and where is she might be getting the funding from? The same holds true for Ray Kemble and Craig Stevens. Where is the travel money alone coming from?

For some reason landowners and others with an interest in natural gas are never motivated enough to raise Cain and counter the antis the way it should be done. Despite me putting up a lot of information on the Joint Landowners Coalition (JLC) Facebook page, this blog, and the JLC website, it never seems to be quite enough to get folks to come out to support natural gas with the same enthusiasm as the antis falsely condemn it. The truth always seems to come in second. Perhaps our side is just too busy trying to economically survive in Upstate New York.

NG Advantage’s seems not to have done their environmental documentation well enough at the front end of their application for the virtual pipeline. This gave a judge the excuse to get involved and forced the company to start over. Had NG Advantage done more homework and approached the project with the idea it would face major opposition (as they should have) this might have never happened. To some extent, they are to blame at least in part for this defeat.

In the long run, however, as people’s energy bills continue to skyrocket in this state, they will either get fed up and start to become activists for gas development or leave the state. Let’s hope it is the former and not the latter.

Unfortunately, the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin has been a great help to the other side. The following op-ed was sent in by me to the paper on Jan. 29 and to date has not seen the light of day:

“Who’s the high-level U.S. politician colluding with the Russian’s? Trump, right? Wrong! It’s none other than the governor of NY state, Andrew Cuomo.

How can this be when we’ve never seen anything about this in the media

It’s buried in a January 29, 2018 Washington Post news article. Seems like New England is having a big natural gas shortage and are on the verge of freezing, but not to worry as the Russians have come to the rescue with a shipment of liquefied natural gas from their Arctic Yamal facility.

So how is Cuomo to blame? Simple. He and his puppet DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos, who hails from allies of the natural gas hating, but wealthy, Natural Resources Defense Council, have blocked every natural gas pipeline installation that has been attempted in New York  state over the past few years, some of which could have transported gas to New England.

Make no mistake, however, Cuomo does love natural gas as shown by the natural gas fired Albany micro – grid he rammed through in May 2017 that will keep the Capital region warm during the winter even though the rest of us rubes in upstate NY might freeze along with our fellow citizens in New England.”

This is not the first time my op-eds have been ignored. The Press disgusts me as they are nothing more than censors and probably are somehow or another being supported in part by the Rockefellers, Park Foundation, or some other super wealthy foundation that is trying, and, apparently succeeding, in killing anything having to do with natural gas in New York. It is also obvious they are running interference for Cuomo as it seems like anytime one of my op-eds goes after him, they decide not to publish. Coincidence? Perhaps. Despite this, I will continue to submit op-eds as it is the best way to reach a large number of people and when they won’t publish, I will publish here.

Let’s all keep up the good fight!

Editor’s Note: According to our buddy Jim Willis, over at Marcellus Drilling News, Cuomo is also now caving to the wealthy extremists on the micro-grids as well, undoubtedly with the intent of sticking New York ratepayers and taxpayers with even higher electricity costs in the form of either rates or taxpayer subsidies. And, people wonder why New York is dating fast and Upstate is dying?

The real collusion taking place between New England officials and Russians to illegally land the latter’s LNG in Boston so local pols (with the support of Cuomo) can say they opposed a pipeline is also no laughing matter. It is, in fact, a matter of national security. How are we supposed to discourage England and France from taking Russian gas and becoming subservient to the big bear, when our own corrupt, dishonest and feckless leaders do the same thing? No pipelines, no NG Advantage, no micro-grid and no leadership as natural gas demand increases every year; just an insatiable desire to pander to political correctness at the expense of every New Yorker.

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10 thoughts on “NG Advantage, Russian Collusion and Cuomo Corruption

  1. it’s not that “gas demands increase every year” ,

    it’s energy demands that may or may not increase every year…

    where is your proof the demands increase yearly.

    We need to transition to other forms of energy that are non-carbon or fossil fuel and make the right form of energy
    that will not pollute our beautiful lands of New York
    and Pennsylvania and the rest of the US
    and not risk anyone’s water, air or life.

    So, focus on the alternatives and enjoy more safe, clean energy..

    And sorry to disappoint you Frank, I am not funded by anyone, or any foundation…I tried to get funded, but no such luck; I plan to try again to get funded but nothing yet…it’s my own meager income that I use to promote
    my vision of a better future for the next at least seven generations…

    • So tell me, Vera, how many watts is your solar photovoltaic “clean” energy array on your trailer roof? Furthermore, this is the 11th time these questions are being posed that you persist in avoiding answering : 1. if your area of PA is so polluted, why do you still live there? and 2. If frack – free NY is such a wonderful place, why don’t you move here? Oh, that’s right I almost forgot. That vulture Cuomo is slowly killing “beautiful” upstate NY so much so that folks are leaving this socialist hell in droves. A hell that you and your ilk have played a major part in creating due to your lies and exaggerations and helped Cuomo steal our mineral rights. Thanks a lot, you did good.

    • NYS puts out it’s report on fuels used, although mislabeled clean energy is claiming market it is still at the bottom of the list as NY secures more Pa cracked gas.

      Trillion Btu
      New York Energy Consumption Estimates, 2015
      Natural Gas
      Motor Gasoline excl. Ethanol
      Distillate Fuel Oil
      Jet Fuel
      Residual Fuel
      Other Petroleum
      Nuclear Electric Power
      Hydroelectric Power
      Other Renewables
      Net Interstate Flow of Electricity

    • There is a destructive “keep it in the ground” movement arising from environmental groups to block oil and natural gas development and the pipelines required to transport them. The center of this opposition is in New York and the New England states, where numerous policymakers seek to artificially constrain energy supply. Yet, despite producing none themselves, their reliance on gas electricity has surged. ISO New England now gets about 50% of its power from gas, versus 10% to 15% a decade ago. New York sits in the same boat: gas now generates ~45% of the state’s electricity, doubling its market share since 2005.
      Credit this to Forbes Magazine

      • 59% of Fenton is heated with virtual pipeline fuels (a delivery truck)
        30% of Fenton is heated with pipeline fuels (methane)
        Fenton biggest occupation: Driver/Sales or Truck Driver
        Trucking is the 7th largest in Fenton Industrial makeup
        In 2016 per capita income was $28,300
        85 percent of the population is only high school educated

        Fenton is growing with the rest of New York … Rejecting a potential employer that fits like a glove.

  2. They according to William Hustons facebook have raised 5 of 10 thousand dollars for Ray Kimble in a plea to Save Rays House? Why?
    Ray has money to fly all over the North East in protest of Natural Gas! Flying is not cheap and neither are bullets or cigars! ray often post picgures of himself puffing on cigars as he preaches that we must protect his air? And he post pictures and videos of him shootiing his pistols? So why is he runnning a gofundme for $10,000.00, something is on fire in the kitchen!
    You have to admit it though, the Town of Fenton Zoning Board members are like any other politicians, the anti’s know how weak and apathetic the truth is because the truth, allthough far out outpacing the BS, just doesnt get out and present itself.
    Perhaps when people in NY get their electric bill this month and see in most vases it has tripled… after their told to pay or be shut off!!!, then they will realize what the anti gas movement has done to their wallets…. and for those who think natural gas and electric is not related “NEWS FLASH” ALL UPSTATE electricis generated by natural gas and your rates are going up because of the cold created shortage … actually a gift from Governor Cuomo listening to the well paid Walter Hang, the Riverkeeper, and their minions like Ray, Vera, and Willy Huston…

  3. If you only knew what goes on right under your nose’s. Ban drilling, so we can steal it. Did anyone ever wake up and say “Hey! Whats going on?” Not in this brain dead community.

  4. Tom…. one of the strongest points we can make is having people post to you what their February electric bill is and when you get a collection of them post them…
    My nieces went from 200.00 to 900.00 , she posted her outrage on Facebook and the replies were numerous from her friends who saw their electric bills. My own january bill went up from 120.00 to 367.00 … as in a previous post I supplied to this site, Action News 12 reported, the increases are, accrediting due to increased demand for natural gas to run upstate power turbines that generate our electric and the shortage of natural gas infrastructure in NY as demand increases.

  5. I have seen more solar panels at natural gas facilities than on homes. Even the industry sees value in diversification of energy sources. They actually look at the whole picture, they apply science, and they apply engineering principles that have been proven and developed over one hundred years. All of society appreciated the first 95 years. Diversity of energy sources is essential. Imagine if Vera had expended her energy and intellectual capital on building solar and wind facilities instead of attacking. Imagine if Vera had expended her energy and intellectual capital on education, energy use efficiencies, and energy demand destruction. Vera would be a living legend, respected in the community and by energy professionals. I’ll refrain from name calling, an accomplished activist. Perhaps nothing more. The natural gas industry is constructively answering societal demands and they employ and provide a livelihood to more environmental professionals and scientists than the activist community.

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