NG Advantage Meeting in Fenton Goes Well; Were Minds Changed?

landowners and laborers - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


Vic Furman reports on the meeting last night in the Town of Fenton regarding the NG Advantage proposal. It went well. Could some minds have been changed?

Tonight was another night where two sides met in a forum opposing each others opinion on a proposed NG Advantage transfer station. Enrico (“Rico”) Biasetti, the CEO from NG Advantage, gave a great presentation to the audience, who mostly sat quiet and listened. It was very informational and helped dispel many of the myths being spun by antis.

NG Advantage

Biasetti talked about studies done by the New York State DOT on traffic. The agency concluded there was “no significant impact” in regard to traffic. He also talked about noise, countering more of the fiction spread by antis, noting OSHA indicates “ear plugs not needed – optional” for this type of activity.

The parks department was also there and indicated they had no safety concerns about the site selection on their border.

Members of the board  board asked some good questions regarding evacuation distances in case of a catastrophic accident and fire responders training. They  even asked the school superintendent about a proposed agreement in which traffic would be halted during peak school bus time.

For the most part it was a civil meeting with only a few rude people interrupting. There was so little of it it’s not even worth describing. There was, however, a great show of support for NG Advantage from locals and union members (e.g., local pipe fitters). A vote was postponed as not all board members were present and the planning board has to first declare itself as the lead agency in the SEQRA process.

The meeting was very educational. I was, of course, approached by people from the anti side. That was to be expected. Some were civil in their engagements. Then, there were others with degrees from the Vera Scroggins School of Insults. Were minds changed? I think some were, but, as for admitting it to others, we’ll have to wait and see.

NG Advantage

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23 thoughts on “NG Advantage Meeting in Fenton Goes Well; Were Minds Changed?

  1. And was I not, Vera Scroggins, civil to you and others in your group, and you waved to me and I waved back in the Fire Hall…
    you forgot to mention that…

    Nice to see Citizen involvement and doing all they can to protect themselves more fully ; about 200 people showed up….

    I and others taped it….will put it out soon..

          • What in my blog is off Vera & Stan
            And why is it OK for people against the station to be from PA, Conklin,
            Vestal, Binghamton but not me, I travel that road everyday and the town border borders me. ..

          • Well, Tom, I guess that is just the way you are, one of those nutter anti-fractivists – to use your sorts of terms.

            Yass, yass, why worry about the truth at all when it is so much more satisfying to throw names at people.

            That’s the sort of behavior I had hoped would stay at the 3d grade playgrounds.


          • Well Stan scobie deserves a mention in the history books about this movement doesn’t he?

            Well I noticed that the signs and tee-shirts in the article that say no look like they cost money, were printed out etc and the signs held up about jobs looked handmade. Another bit of hypocrisy about the fractivist movement — the “grassroots” just a bunch of citizens narrative.

        • I was there also, and the only rudeness I observed was by those NIMBYS holding their cute “No Compressor” signs. Yelling and making snide remarks did not help their “cause”,which is to continue to impoverish the people of this valley. The new name for this ilk should be “Povertykeepers” just like Tom Shepstone always refers to many like these selfish, self – absorbed elitists.

  2. Vera… we taped it to. Why are you attending a meeting in NY trying to stop a natural gas project? Why have you told the people to say they’re not against gas just the location to schools, why have you lied to them about the difference between a transfer station and a compressor Station? Why was the long haired version of peewee Herman sitting next to you coming back to me asking where I am from then going back and whispering in your ear? Why would you strut through the crowd of supporters before the meeting? I’ll tell you why… because you’re a paid agitator from New Jersey who is so in love with the limelight you can’t help but lie to have it spot on you.

    • Victor,

      Why is it you get such satisfaction in shouting down other people?

      It was a public meeting after all. And why are you assuming that I was “trying to stop a natural gas project.”

      I spoke privately to a collegue who is local counsel to the Company, and briefly and privately to the Meeting Chairman to congratulate him on having a very good Planning Board meeting.

      That’s it, that’s all I did besides take some notes.
      Why, Victor (and Tom) do you feel the need to make stuff up; is the truth not red enough meat for you?

      And by the way, Victor, I remember well when you intruded loudly to interrupt meetings in the Town of Binghamton. How do you justify that? Perhaps you thought you would enlighten the poor dupes and rubes in the Town of Binghamton? That you would grace us by driving all the way down here from northern Broome County?

      So, it is OK for you to travel out of your Town to meetings but not for others to do the same?

      • “A very good Planning Board meeting”? I thought you disagreed with Vic’s characterization but here you are acknowledging he reported it exactly correctly. Speaks for itself.

  3. Thanks for everything you do Vic. As you know there is no talking any sense into Vera or her kind. They ignore the facts are absolutely clueless to what goes on in the gas field. Just blows my mind that they all use gas and oil everyday of their lives and then cry about how evil it is like the uneducated babies they are.

    • Thank you. I don’t do what I do out of greed or hate but rather just the oppisite.The county of Broome will not ever recover from its economic downfall as long as we are connected to NYC and have democrats at the helm of power. Just 8 years ago Susquehanna County Pennsylvania was in the same boat but the difference between their recovery and our continued economic downfall is the 3 billion dollars infused to the Pa county and 1.5 billion last year alone to landowners is natural gas harvested. Here in NY those who hold political power and those who hold the wealth do not want to lose control of the state to newly created wealth and that is the motive governor Cuomo used to deny upstate NY access to the right to drill. Thousands of jobs would have been created, property taxes would have as in PA been lowered, instead of people fleeing the state and Broome County we would have seen growth. A new pride would have been felt by all.

      • You nailed it there. My father and I have a small production company in Chautauqua. Mostly Medina wells. Even the small production we have here gives many people jobs and landowners free gas and royalties. Keep up the fight man. Hopefully the facts will beat the emotion antis. I know I’ll be voting November 2018. Let’s hope that scumbag dictator wannabe Cuomo gets voted out and replaced by someone with some sense. Thanks again to you and all that are fighting for us.

  4. One wonders who taped this from the fractivist side? Someone from shale shock? Bill Huston?

    Isn’t it staggering that the press still doesn’t recognize they have been covering the same small group of people for years now?

    • Vera and Bill both had their video equipment (Park Foundation funded?) pointed mostly at those with anti signs… Vera was in panic mode when she arrived at the sight…spent an hour on her cell phone calling up people to come…although I didn’t hear a word I can imagine the alarm… you gotta come we’re outnumbered

      • See how I guessed bill Huston was there? Someone I have never met? (Although bill has met people I have met from the antifracking pipeline resistance movement). It’s a real shame that reporters do not go to shale shock or other places where fractivists have filmed themselves over the years so they can get a real understanding of what this movement is like in person and at hearings and who the main players are. If they did they could only come to the conclusion I did years ago as I’m sure you did as well: this is a movement that is not credible. I have tried quite hard to get reporters to really look at and cover this movement Vic. I believe the quality of the coverage when it comes to this moving is one of the great scandals and serious problem of our time.

  5. What is not written in my report Tom is the fact that Judge Lebous in his ruling told both sides to try and work it out. They met and not only did NG ADVANTAGE OFFER UP THEIR SAFETY RECORD BUT REALIZED THE SCHOOL BUSSES WERE RUNNING ON LNG. IN OTHER WORDS THE STUDENTS ARE ON ONE OF WILLIAM HUSTON SHOWED BOMB TRUCKS… the school superintendent turned down the offer of a new fleet of compressed gas busses which would cost the taxpayers upwards of $100,000.00 per bus. At the meeting the anti gas school superintendent said it wasn’t about money but the safety of the students…I AGREE 100 PERCENT… the new fleet of busses would be far safer then the present fleet. Grandstanding in the name of false fears is the anti ticket to stopping progress and the taxpayers of Hillcrest and Fenton should be made aware of the incompetence of the School Superintendent

  6. It is funny to me that the anti group wore t-shirts saying no compressor station. When infact what is being proposed is not a compressor station. i find it funny they dont even know what they are fighting against.
    There was a tour provided to the locals. Out of the 200 citizens opposing the transfer station only 11 went on the tour. To me that says they have no desire to educate themselves. They are just against it because Vera Scrogens say to! Vera stay in PA, your fear spreading lies are not welcome here.

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  8. I have to assume most if not all the planning board read these posts. The way I see it they must be pretty sharp and well informed to be filling those seats.
    As for the facts of the issue, New York needs affordable energy and a better tax base to grow and flourish.
    They have a lot to consider on this issue. Sadly the same school that has the most opposition to this stand to loose the most. Or do they? Maybe they-the school board- can just let the taxpayers pick up the tab even when an alterative source of cold hard cash presents itself ? Time will tell wont it?
    The way I see it ,if they turn this down we stand to loose much more than a nice influx of needed cash. We also find ourselves ever closer to having transport pipes running through our yards! I would be willing to wager that that would cost a bunch in property values loss in the long run too? That energy needs to come from someplace right? Albany wants NG and by damn they get what they want !
    And it makes much more sense to consume domestic energy as apposed to imported . The economy demands it. We owe china so much money our grand children will suffer over it !
    So remember Boys and Girls, friends don’t let friends consume imported energy ! The job you save might be your own ?
    Or, as I always say,- Burn Domestic

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