New York’s Gaslighting Politicians Shift Blame for Gas Shortages

Tom Shepstone
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Gaslighting politicians in New York are busy shifting blame for natural gas shortages, caused by their own short-sighted policies. onto energy companies.

New York State’s gaslighting politicians are moving into high gear blaming utility companies for the natural gas shortages these same elected buffoons created by starving those companies of gas.

Gaslighting is defined in this advice column as a psychological tool of manipulation “designed to convince you of three things:

  1. You are wrong.
  2. The discrepancy that lies between the truth and falsehood is harmless.
  3. If you fight for the truth, something is wrong with you and/or something bad will happen.”

This is precisely what New York gaslighting politicians such Andrew Cuomo and Joseph Addabbo are doing with their constituents and the energy companies serving them.

No place has more demagoguing politicians per capita than New York. It’s the way things are done in the Empire State and gaslighting is part of M.O. of these pols. Today, two in particular are engaged in gaslighting with respect to the natural gas shortage in the metro area; a gas shortage directly caused by the failure to approve new pipelines.

Andrew Cuomo, acting through his Department of Environmental Conservation, has repeatedly denied water quality certifications for these projects, most recently including the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) project.

And, State Senator Joseph Addabbo has been out front in opposing the NESE. He is also opposed to fracking in New York and, back in March of this year, excused himself for his stupid green tricks with the following equally stupid remarks:

This pipeline would provide no clear, direct benefit to my constituents, and may actually negatively impact their quality of life,” he said in a prepared statement announcing his decision.

After the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy six years ago, Addabbo said, “I cannot support an initiative that may burden them even further…”

I know of the need for different sources of energy, but I do not believe fracking gas is the answer,” Addabbo said.

Now, Addabbo is doubling down on the stupidity, as he demonstrates here:

As we are looking to invest in more clean energy sources, Rockaways’ current energy provider, National Grid, has to play along. They cannot get away with denying service to the people on the peninsula, just because we oppose the Williams Pipeline deal. It is not fair to the residents and business owners in the area that are told that National Grid does not have the capacity to provide their service to the people of Rockaway. I don’t believe anyone thinks National Grid lost the total ability to provide new businesses or residents service all because they didn’t get their desired Williams Pipeline approved from the state.

Talk about gaslighting politicians. If you live in Addabbo’s district, he is telling you, and the utility companies you depend upon and which he is deliberating starving of gas, the following:

  1. You’re both wrong.
  2. The fact he opposed the NESE before the moratorium is irrelevant and not a factor. Forget it. It’s not important.
  3. It’s your fault believing National Grid and their fault for not having enough gas. You need to play along and understand we’ll all die from global warming if you do listen to us and oppose the delivery of the gas you need.

Addabbo is dealing with constituents who suppose it’s all about “greed,” so perhaps that explains his particular gaslighting politician behavior but what about Governor Corruptocrat? He has a much broader constituency, after all.

Well, it seems he’s also determined to play psychological games. Here’s the latest from the man-child running New York (reported by S&P Global Platts):

“My administration has received reports that National Grid is refusing service to some customers who initiated new construction projects well before National Grid’s announcement of its moratorium, including affordable housing developments,” Cuomo said in the letter. “If these reports are accurate, National Grid is delaying, if not denying, services needed to shelter disadvantaged families.”

Cuomo said his office has received complaints from National Grid customers who suspended service during building renovations and were turned away by the company when they sought to restore service. Those reports come from customers including homeowners, small businesses and a nonprofit group that runs a senior center, he said.

If these reports are accurate, National Grid’s refusal to resume service could endanger the health and safety of New Yorkers,” Cuomo said. “Affected homeowners likely include families without the means to secure alternative residences, and National Grid’s refusal of service could deprive these families of heat as temperatures fall.”

He’s also threatening the company with fines, penalties and even replacement:

Cuomo directed the New York Department of Public Service to use its authority to force National Grid to provide gas to certain customers denied service amid an ongoing standoff between the state and utility over a stalled gas pipeline project. The governor told the DPS in a letter Tuesday to prepare to impose penalties and sanctions against National Grid and to line up alternatives for service in “some or all of the areas” the company serves in the event the utility refuses to begin flowing gas to impacted customers.

There’s no doubt from this that Corruptocrat is the king of gaslighting politicians. He’s not only blaming the victims of his short-sighted energy policies but threatening them and positioning himself as the hero with some victims for opposing others. He’s also distracting from the real issue—lack of pipeline capacity to accommodate growth because of his own denials of water quality certifications—diverting attention, instead, to the bureaucratic question of how to deal with the needs of existing customers. It is classic gaslighting, intended to shift the blame for his own mistakes to others, while manipulating the situation to increase his own power.

This is New York today. Sad, isn’t it?

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2 thoughts on “New York’s Gaslighting Politicians Shift Blame for Gas Shortages

  1. Why is National Grid taking this lying down. They should be putting on a full blown campaign exposing the governor as a demagogue and a hypocrite. Like Williams in PA, these companies have to play hard ball to expose the truth. Mind boggling!

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