New York Senators Tour Pennsylvania with Pied Piper

New York - story by Jim WillisJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


Piped Piper Vera Scroggins has now led several New York State Senators throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania to see natural gas development, as they have relied upon a vile-mouthed individual, with some very strange revolting ideas, to help make the case for  their own anti-fracking crusades.  Do they know who they are dealing with or what they are seeing?  Jim Willis wonders.  

A small group of anti-drilling New York State lawmakers from Westchester County and New York City came to Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania this week for a “tour” of one of the most drilled (and productive) natural gas counties in the Commonwealth. Anti-drilling celebrity (and potty mouth) Vera Scroggins led the tour.  The aim was to show the devastation fracking hath wrought to this poor, defenseless county. Unfortunately, for Vera and other anti-drillers, reality trumps their hallucinations.

MDN was not along for the so-called tour, but we know what the visiting city folks found because we’ve also toured the county and its drilling sites: They found a pretty, rural county where the people are happy and employed, (some of them newly rich, which disgusts the old rich of NYC), and where there is no industrial wasteland (despite the malcontents’ claims). Sometimes trucks clog the roadways–but nothing like the traffic the visiting downstate lawmakers experience every day of their lives…

New York Health Commissioner Nirav Shah isn’t the only one traveling in the name of hydrofracking these days.

Four state lawmakers from Westchester County are in Susquehanna County, Pa., today for a tour of one of Pennsylvania’s most-active areas for shale-gas drilling. The tour is being sponsored by Westchester 4 Change, a group that has been critical of hydrofracking.

The group is being led by Sen. George Latimer, D-Rye, and will also include Assemblymembers David Buchwald, D-White Plains; Shelley Mayer, D-Yonkers; and Steve Otis, D-Rye. Sen. Tony Avella, a Queens Democrat who is one of the Legislature’s most-vocal fracking critics, is also attending.

“The purpose of this trip is for all of us to see the impacts of hydrofracking first hand,” Latimer said in a statement. “We have heard about the problems and the promises of economic benefit and it is important for us to get the total experience of how this could potentially affect other communities.”

Several state lawmakers from the lower Hudson Valley have gone on fracking-related trips to Pennsylvania in recent months, including Sens. David Carlucci, D-Clarkstown, Rockland County, and Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County.*

As the article points out, visiting Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania certainly isn’t on the same level as the junkets being taken by State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah (see Is Cuomo Buying Off Health Commissioner to Delay Fracking Report?). It certainly pays (Shah) to be Cuomo’s whipping boy.


Editor’s Note:  The New York Senators who have let the Pied Piper lead them around are Sen. George Latimer, Sen. Tony Avella, Sen. David Carlucci, Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk and Sen. Bill Perkins.  Perhaps their constituents ought to know who they’re hanging with and what they’re doing in their attempts to be politically correct.  They might want to also contact Susan Van Dolsen, the apparent leader of Westchester 4 Change, who lives in Rye, New York, home of the super-wealthy, and who prides herself on also being a Patriotic Millionaire who wants to raise taxes.   Does Susan Van Dolsen know who she’s palling with?  Well, you can contact her at if her invitation to a Gasland screening is correct. 

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19 thoughts on “New York Senators Tour Pennsylvania with Pied Piper

  1. I can understand anyone wanting to go on a tour. If a public servant wanted a tour wouldn’t they contact the chamber of commerce?
    The local chambers have vast information and factual data. They have reputable staff that have had background checks.
    It blows my mind that public office of this caliber would bring the bar down this low.
    What is even more troubling is the fact that Gasland 1&2 have been exposed for numerous lies. But maybe this group is okay with a few lies? The Brown Jug has been proven to be a hoax.
    I wonder if they even had enough knowledge to know the difference between NY regulations and PA’s?
    For God sake this is a group of people that are supposed to represent sane people! At this point with all the factual data anyone that is in a position of leadership falling to the likes of a Scoggins bus tour should not be fit for office.
    Come on people have we lowered our bar that low to allow this type of representation?

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  3. While dripping with sarcasm and visceral personal attack, this article is completely fact-free, showing yet again that the industry takes an irresponsible “might is right” approach rather than a fact-based approach embracing the virtues of care and caution. And clearly the lone commenter, above, is unaware that the Chamber of Commerce is so unscientific as to claim that people can “physiologically adapt” to climate change. Anyone who knows anything about the time frame required for evolution knows this is utterly absurd.

    The Chamber of Commerce is not a neutral or benign entity; it’s an active climate-denial propaganda source, and as such cannot be trusted.

    When looking at the big picture and cumulative impacts, it makes sense to trust those such as Vera who are familiar with local impacts and who are studying both immediate and long-term toxic impacts of high-volume hydraulic fracturing, rather than those with a narrow, vested interest in short-term gain.

    While this article is adolescent and vaguely threatening in tone, its real purpose is to encourage an atmosphere in which personal attack against the advocates focused on clean air, clean water, protecting animal and human health, becomes acceptable and even encouraged.

    But all it really shows is how desperate, and how low, the industry is.

  4. A natural gas tour with Vera is anything but natural… she is living on her extended 15 minutes of fame empowerted by NYS Democrats who simply do not know better. They too will march in place when the music stops and look as foolish as the tour guide herself. giving tours from afar….how fracking rewarding

  5. Who runs NGN? Natural Gas Now is registered to Tom Shepstone.

    naturalgasnow registration

    Shepstone is also the campaign manger, blogger and sometime spokesperson for EID/IPAA Northeast Marcellus. He’s has also been the EID/IPAA representative at a number of public presentations and debates armed with the NGI industry talking points and misinformation. (Click here to watch Shepstone explain how Hydraulicfracturing “improves waters quality.)

    Poop throwing is a cowardly act and the last refuge for those who are unable to debate issues based on fact and evidence. Poop throwing at children is beyond low, it is even beyond being reprehensible.

    • You should direct your comments at Vera, whose utterances on video and writings are her own. If they convict her of something she has no one to blame but herself. Of course, you are trying to distract attention from those inconvenient facts.


    Public debates are normally confined to expressing opinions and views based on facts, based on studies, based on reports, based on research, and based on real-life documentation . In a civil debate, personal attacks (also known as character assassination) are only used by those who have nothing else to offer. It’s the equivalent of throwing poop.

    More often than not, we see the poop throwing in tightly contested political campaigns where one candidate say “Vote for me because the other guy is a doody-head”. Nonetheless, a personal attack on public figures goes with the territory. However, crossing the line from a personal attack on a public figure to including his/her family is rarely crossed.

    How low can the NGI go? Really low.

    Vera Scroggins, a retired grandmother living in the gaslands of Northeast Pennsylvania is very active with the issue of natural gas and its related activities. Armed with a video camera she’s been documenting their activities and challenging public officials and the NGI representatives alike. (Click here for videos)

    This has all caught the eye of the NGI. And the NGI has attacked back.

    In the past, the attacks on Scroggins’ work have been limited to the issue at hand, usually by presenting variations of NGI talking points and presenting opposing “facts” as they know them.

    Now they have sunk to a new low with coordinated poop throwing not only directed at Scroggins herself, but also at her family, including grandchildren.


    An article has appeared on a number of fringe NGI group websites. Why just on the fringe group sites? It provides cover and distance from the industry itself.

    One of the more “prominent” fringe sites is NATURAL GAS NOW (NGN) which featured an article by Jim Willis the self-identified Editor and Publisher of Marcellus Drilling News (MDN).

    Willis asks:

    Piped Piper Vera Scroggins has now led several New York State Senators throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania to see natural gas development, as they have relied upon a vile-mouthed individual, with some very strange revolting ideas, to help make the case for their own anti-fracking crusades. Do they know who they are dealing with or what they are seeing? Jim Willis wonders.

    Please Note – Willis did not post this on his own website. He’s more than willing to throw the poop but won’t touch it himself?

    Willis is listed as a “guest blogger” on NGN, and has appeared as a guest blogger on EID/IPPA public relations campaign site.

    • I notice you simply copied this from another website. For the record, has no connection with EID, although I do. It preceded my involvement with EID, in fact, when I simply operated as a landowner frustrated with the uninformed opposition to natural gas development. Regardless, as I noted in response to another of your comments, you should direct your comments at Vera, whose utterances on video and writings are her own. If they convict her of something she has no one to blame but herself. Of course, you are trying to distract attention from those inconvenient facts.

  7. Darlene,

    You are here not to discuss the lies and misinformation campaign or the hippypocracy of the argument itself, but to defend the wounded warrior of your cause. To distract from the credibility of the article you blast. Vera has entered into the discussion not as a worried grandmother with a video camera but as a person who has exaggerated the truth beyond recognition. You attack this article for exposing Vera for what she is and the harm Vera does to your cause. You don’t fool anyone with your phony concern for a loud mouth bigot who is so proud of her public self humiliation that she herself posts the video ammunition that is used against her. You distraction is only cause for yet more distrust for the anti who wants to blow smoke over the facts. Just the fact that Vera needs rescuing from herself is the greatest reason anyone who is in public office should reconsider taking a tour with this self proclaimed public bigot

  8. Desperation, thy name is AntiFracker…meaning that their cause is hopeless now that it is proven that ZERO water wells have been contaminated by fracking.

  9. I’m curious as to why these senators would need to be led on a tour by ANYONE. If they are interested in impartiality, why not drive around on a “tour” by themselves and interview the locals unfettered by political activists?

  10. Personally I find both sides acting childish!

    Articles like this or from the “other side” do nothing but make both sides look like spoiled children.

    If you want to point out the inaccuracies of an article or do so with documented proof and stop with the petty name calling or derogatory remarks.

    • While I can appreciate your point, the post is well-documented and a review of the links will show there is serious stuff going on here that relates directly to the credibility of the Vera Scroggins. That is not name-calling – it’s truth telling.

  11. BS… defending Vera is the same as saying I am against drilling and I will use any method possible to stop it with lying about the facts on top of my arsenal pile. Defending Vera is defending one religion in a country that recognizes all religions. Defending Vera is welcoming socialisim and abandoning the values of America itself.
    Defending Vera is an act of self ignorance
    Taking a gas well tour with this woman is admitting to all of the above

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