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New York Energy Prices Are Too Damn High and There’s A Reason

Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


New York energy prices are out of control, says Vic Furman, and the fault lies with politicians who have, for the most selfish reasons, blocked development.

Here in Andrew Cuomo’s New York, I am paying nearly $6.00 a gallon for propane. I do expect it to drop some, now that winter’s over, but it will. no doubt, go right back up in four short months when Fall weather returns.

We here in New York have lost the opportunity to take advantage of the same cheap reliable clean energy as Susquehanna County, due to corrupt politicians such as Cuomo, and Eric Schneiderman, combined with the efforts of a small anti-gas crowd enabled and echoed through funding provided by elitist foundations and, apparently, Vladimir Putin.

Brainwashing of antis has been a huge factor in the loss of our mineral and property rights. Vladimir Putin seems to have spent millions financing the anti-gas movement and protecting Russia’s profit from Gazprom. He’s even managed to get Russian natural gas into the Northeastern United States where we already enough gas to supply our needs fort at least a century. His propaganda, taken and spread about by the antis, was picked up by New York minions only too happy to engage in fear-mongering for the sake of drawing attention  to themselves.

This funneling of millions of dollars from rich foundations and, it seems, Russians, to the anti-gas Mountainkeeper/Riverkeeper types served to set up a corrupt Andrew Cuomo politically to oppose not only fracking but also pipeline infrastructure needed to serve to Boston and many other regions. It resulted in a boatload of Russian LNG in Boston Harbor that one would thought should have resulted in another tea party.

Russia got richer on the backs of New York landowners who could have provided that gas at much less cost and with much lower emissions connected with transportation of the product. The fracking ban and refusal to build pipelines has resulted in New York energy prices that are “just too damn high” to quote another another New York politician.  The Northeast paid way too much for heat and has suffered an exodus of population and jobs due to political corruption that has sacrificed energy infrastructure for the sake of appeasing radicals.

Lies always sells faster in the media than facts. We the people of NY have been bamboozled by money,  Hollywood and anti-gas activists such Sandra Steingraber who fly and drive all over the world on fossil fuels. Let’s also not forget Walter Hang of Ithaca, New York, who got $2.25 million dollars from the Rockefeller family to fight natural gas in New York. That’s at least $2.20 million more then the pro-gas landowners of New York got to fight for justice and Walter is only one of many paid these large sums of cash to spread fear and misinformation.

As New York politicians and others close to Cuomo continue to fall in the manner of Percoco and Schneiderman it would seem this election it might offer an opportunity to turn this sorry state of New York politics around. Don’t lose hope, fellow landowners of New York, we are still here and we’re still fighting for our rights to provide all New Yorkers with clean, inexpensive and reliable energy. New York energy prices are just too damn high.

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8 thoughts on “New York Energy Prices Are Too Damn High and There’s A Reason

  1. We are ruled by rattlesnakes, cuomo, putin, and do-gooders who have never had to work for a living or really need to be evaluated by a Dr.

    What do you think. Reid

  2. We must vote republican in the NY ELECTIONS in all counties.
    Democrats have made it embarrassing to say your from NY when askef

  3. Energy NEEDS to be expensive. If New York doesn’t like it, it shouldn’t have been quicker than Pennsylvania to trash Nixon’s speed limit.

  4. Energy is not expensive to the dictators living off upper New York State tax dollars. NYS is failing in it governing and many people are leaving the state for a better cost of living and governing leadership..I still believe that the state controller can oversee Cuomo. Of course I do really that the controller has issues.

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