New Holland Develops NGT (Natural Gas Tractor)

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New Holland, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of farm equipment, already has a propane farm tractor and has now developed one that uses methane fuel.

It’s being marketed as a “sustainable” farm tractor that burns farm-generated methane, but it can just as easily work off conventional natural gas, of course. New Holland already has a propane powered farm tractor, so this is the next logical step. It’s one sleek blue farm machine and provides one of those examples where renewables and natural gas overlap and are mutually supportive. I can’t wait to see one in action.

New Holland

New Holland’s sleek new farm tractor that will run on methane — a natural gas tractor or NGT by another name

Here’s the background from the New Holland announcement (emphasis added):

The new methane powered concept tractor builds on the foundations of the previous T6 Methane Power prototypes to achieve a significant technological advance. It features a powertrain that uses a groundbreaking efficient combustion technology specifically developed for agriculture applications by FPT Industrial, a brand of CNH Industrial that has pioneered natural gas traction for more than 20 years.

The 6-cylinder NEF methane engine delivers 180 hp and 740 Nm: the same power and torque as its standard diesel equivalent. It has the same durability and service intervals, and generates up to 30% running cost savings. The innovative tank design, using a composite layered tubular structure, enables a full day’s autonomy in line with an equivalent diesel model.

The powertrain of the methane powered concept tractor has the added benefit of quiet operation, with engine noise level reduced by up to 3 dBA. This translates to around 50% reduction in drive-by-noise, which makes it ideal for municipality, yard and transport operations.

In real field conditions, the methane powered concept tractor produces at least 10% lower CO2 emissions and reduces overall emissions by 80% compared to a standard diesel tractor. Its environmental performance further improves when fueled by biomethane produced from crop residues and waste from farm-grown energy crops, which results in virtually zero CO2 emissions.

This new New Holland farm tractor will reduce emissions 80% and even more when methane from natural gas is combined with methane from farm-grown crops. Once agin, we see how renewables are made possible and backed up by natural gas. Its a good lesson in how they naturally work together. Imagine, if you will, a farmer pulling up to a CNG fueling station in Bradford or Susquehanna County with this beauty:

Hat Tip: Bob Nolan

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8 thoughts on “New Holland Develops NGT (Natural Gas Tractor)

    • Close…. Biodigesters and properly permitted solid waste facilities should be working hand in glove with drillers to provide fuel source redundancy. Due to over development or even the abandoning of once revenue generating industries, these communities that either have under performing wastewater treatment plants and/or depend on septic systems in rural areas could be easily converted to biofuel facilities and promote sustainability. There is no way that conventional fuels can be dismissed because even with the best available technology, bio based fuels cannot support the demand. However, from a conservation perspective, both industries can compliment one another to keep prices reasonable and promote industrial growth which means more jobs, less public assistance, better infrastructure and protection of the environment.

  1. If that innovative tank (fuel) design, using composite layered tubing structure, is actually Adsorbed Natural Gas, this could be huge.

    In addition to a dearth of retail fueling stations, a big hurdle to more widespread acceptance of natgas for regular vehicles involves the challenges of handling 3,000+ psi tanks and lines.
    The recent advances in Adsorbed Natural Gas technology has lowered that threshold to 1,000 and even 500 psi in laboratory surroundings.

    When it achieves the ‘Holy Grail’ goal of sub 500 psi, homeowners will be able to fill their vehicles right at their residences using their household-supply natgas.
    Many large and small companies have been furiously competing to commercialize this approach.

  2. If New York State farmers could sell their natural gas they could afford one,Sadly most farmers in NYS are struggling right now and a purchase such as this tractor would be out of the question.I guess we will continue with our old diesel tractors.

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  5. I have 3 old Moline propane tractors I am excited about new Holland coming out with a propane burning tractor. thinking about getting a new tractor but don’t like Diesel, too expensive to operate and pollutes the air. very interested about learning more about and when available to buy one.


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