Needed: A Government That Respects Landowner Rights

landowners and laborers - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R


The disappearance of landowner rights is a sign of a government now so far removed from the people as to be unrecognizable, says Vic Furman.

I spend a lot of time on the web reviewing news about New York, our United States and the rest of the world – too much time. It used to be an everyday casual thing for me, but over the last few years, as I have become increasingly upset with what’s happening here at home, with the loss of our landowner rights, and in the world with the loss of the America I knew and loved, I fear for our future. It’s no longer a fun thing. We have ISIS, we have Al-Qaida and other Islamic terrorist groups, all trying to destroy the world and remake it. We have a president who acts like a sympathizer, unable to even call it out for what it is, “radical Islamic terrorism.” We have a corrupt state government where every top official is going to prison, is under investigation or is busy absconding with our rights.

Every day it seems we hear of more death and destruction at the hands of these radical Islamic terrorist groups. They kill people by burning them alive. They submerge Christians in acid. They strap suicide vests on women and children to maim and kill other women and children at food markets, schools and other places where innocents gather. It’s frightening, but this is the real world of today and tomorrow and next week unless we arise  as a free world and work together to stop it.

An even bigger problem, however, is to be found in the threats to our individual freedoms here at home. More deadly then the all the attacks on our property and lives are the constant, unending, relentless efforts of the Cuomo and Obama Administrations, enabled by media outlets, to smother all our liberties, the liberties for which we crafted a nation.

landowners rights

I realize this is a pretty bold accusation but the proof is right there in the newspapers, on the TV news broadcasts, on Facebook and inside the operations of Google. Let me offer a few observations in this regard that I believe are shared by many.

We’ve got a President who, over the last 7+ years, has used his position not to talk about drugs, terrorism or how to improve the economy in a meaningful way. No! President Obama has personalized everything and obsessed on non-issues to distract us all from much bigger real world problems such as radical Islamic terrorism.

Ask yourself this, why is it a transgender bathroom issue is suddenly taking precedence over far more serious matters such as the national debt, homeland security and, yes, even America’s home grown energy production? How did this ludicrous debate arise and why was it suddenly dumped on American people as if it were a national crisis? I suggest it’s pure distraction, a blatant attempt to occupy the airwaves, the internet and print outlets with utter nonsense guaranteed to inflame passions over trivial matters that keep us from discussing the bigger issues; things like liberty, security and our impossible to overcome national debt.

Likewise, here in NY we have the most corrupt political system in the country. We have an Attorney General who, incredibly enough, wants to sue Williams simply because Upstate landowners, frustrated by Cuomo’s delay and unfavorable decision on the Constitution Pipeline decided to protest in their own way, but cutting the trees in the right-of-way and clearing the path to progress. Landowners in favor of the pipeline decided to clear the pathway to the denied pipeline on their own cutting trees down on the pathway to progress. Eric Schneiderman thinks that gives him the right to sue Williams, to go off on some anti-corporate rant for the sake of pleasing his NRDC masters? What country am I living in where a man thinks he has such powers?

Then, there is our governor, Andrew Cuomo, who also insists on putting the transgender bathroom issue out front, not because it is what was on our minds, but because of what was on our minds concerning his corruption, his energy lack of policy and, yes, even our homeland security. I’m talking about him not properly vetting Syrian refugees and be willing, at our expense, to blindly relocate thousands of possible terrorist to locations anywhere in New York, but his Westchester neighborhood.

landowner rights

I submit that our government of the people is no longer for the people and does not represent the people, but, instead, speaks only for that which will keep our elites in power and riches. I submit that the taking of our landowner rights has been done under the cover of phony environmental issues and they even want to make it illegal to have a different opinion.

I submit that transgender politics and a bunch of other “issues” are foisted on us and kept alive by our government simply to keep us distracted from real world issues. Whenever the government wants us, ‘WE THE PEOPLE” to look the other way you can count on another absurd debate to out the focus on something, anything, else. We must as a people reclaim our status as a free people. We must reclaim our Constitutional rights with no distractions. We must reclaim America even if it takes another Boston Tea Party.

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10 thoughts on “Needed: A Government That Respects Landowner Rights

  1. Right on Vic! Unfortunately what we are witnessing is a new version of “the Kings deer” mentality orchestrated by our supposed, and absentee governor Rip Van Cuomo himself.

  2. Absolutely – It’s a full scale across the board attack on America. Everything is either bad, no or a combo. It’s all starts with a split in the environmental movement. A whole pile of sycophant/lemmings zigged when they should have zagged. They are following people like Al Gore, Maurice Strong, Ottmar Edenhoffer and other so-called leaders in the fight against global warming when in fact it has nothing to do with the environment – that whole deal is all about the reallocation of money to reduce the capabilities of America and reducing the human population to 100,000,000. And NOBODY within the movement is lining up to off themselves. But Al, Maurice Ottmar and the rest of them are now pushing an agenda that states – global warming is soooo bad that you might not want to have children.

    Alarmed – nope, not me. The thing that alarms me is the fact that the human race could dissappear faster than I can write these words by the poorly timed used of the nuclear arssenal – and those results are guaranteed -no “could”, “maybe”, “might” about it. POOF – gone!!! So the other point is, in between appoligies, Obama managed to seal the nuclear deal with the biggest liar and biggest state sponsor of terrorism on the face of the planet – Iran. People who think otherwise need to look at Neville Chamberlain 1939 as he got off the Plane from Germany waving that Paper over his head that he an Hitler signed with a big smile on his face and peace on his mind.


    Well it would appear that bathroom issues are in the news because of lawsuits which the Wall Street Journal says have been initiated by Republicans. I don’t quite see the connection to natural gas or property right issues myself but I have not been following the bathroom debate closely or really much at all.

    But below democracy now has interviewed a prominent antifracking natural gas activist Bill Mckibben.


    This tweet is about religious leaders not politicians or government employees getting arrested protesting a permitted natural gas pipeline because they feel they are doing “climate activism”. This seems odd to me as natural gas is the least carbon intensive fossil fuel and there are places one can go including govt sites that explain how the recent rise in the use of natural gas particularly when weighed against using other fossil fuels has actually been helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the country. Still these religious people would appear to believe that natural gas is an urgent problem and so they are getting arrested to show their displeasure.

    A number of activists and politicians it seems are under the impression that all the various govt agencies, most especially FERC, followed no laws and regs, weighed no environmental issues or looked at any safety requirements for spectra aim pipeline as that is how most of the current news on Spectra Aim seems to read. Is this similar to the natural gas production issue in ny state? It is if you asked me. There appears to be no convincing anti-pipeline activists that natural gas pipelines have benefits or can be built and operated safely. Wasnt the decision on fracking in ny state essentially the same thing? There were not enough benefits and it could not be done safely, ensuring protection of people’s health and environment?

  5. Donald Trump made some encouraging comments today at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismark, ND.

    “A Trump administration will declare an ‘America First’ energy plan. American energy dominance will be declared a strategic, economic and foreign policy goal of the United States. We have more natural gas than Russia, Iran, Quatar, and Saudi Arabia combined. We will become and stay totally independent of any need to import energy from the OPEC cartel or any nation hostile to our interests. We will get the bureaucracy out of the way of innovation so that we can pursue all forms of energy. This includes renewable energies and the technologies of the future. It does include nuclear and wind and solar….but not to the exclusion of other forms of energy, and other forms of energy that right now are working much better. The government should not pick winners and losers. Indeed it should remove obstacles to exploration. We are going to revoke policies that impose unwarranted restriction on new drilling technologies. These technologies create millions of jobs with a smaller footprint than ever before.”

  6. Of equal importance regarding respect for landowner rights is the issue of fair compensation for underground natural gas storage. The Federal and state governments, the FERC, the courts, and oil and gas companies have colluded to violate landowner and Native American rights by illegally taking over private landowners’ property for underground natural gas storage with little or no compensation.
    The 1938 Natural Gas Act was written for pipelines only, not underground natural gas storage. The FERC is illegally using the Gas Act to take over private landowners’ property by imminent domain or illegal perpetual leases. The courts are using the wrong paradigm to determine compensation for underground storage “diminution of surface land value.” The correct paradigm is the value of the underground storage caverns to gas and pipeline companies. The gas and pipeline companies make millions of dollars annually off of private landowners’ property with zero or a pittance of compensation to landowners. Gas and pipeline companies are sharecroppers that aren’t sharing.
    This is a huge national issue for landowners who own property on the 410 underground storage facilities across 31 states in the USA. This is a violation of the 5th amendment and needs to be addressed by state and federal legislation to correct the unfair compensation issue for underground natural gas storage.
    This issue also needs national exposure by the media (Vice TV, 60 minutes, Frontline) to force the federal and state governments to take action. Eminent domain is supposed to be for the public good not to line the pockets of gas and pipeline companies allowing corporations to make millions of dollars annually and cheat private landowners by using of their property with unfair compensation.

  7. People living next to landowners have rights too when they create nuisances that exceed the land owned by those that lease their land ……

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