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Natural Gas NOW Picks of the Week – December 2, 2017

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Natural Gas NOW readers pass along a lot of stuff every week about natural gas, fractivist antics, emissions, renewables, and other news relating to energy.

Here’s more material sent along by Natural Gas NOW readers; great stuff highlighting the power of natural gas and the absurdity of fractivism. Check out the links and other short bits below:

It’s All About the Decolonization?

An update on “Camp White Pine” from Truthout – a Park Foundation funded outlet for extremism:

Camp White Pine (CWP) — a resistance camp formed by people fighting the Mariner East 2 pipeline — sits on 27 acres of privately owned land in rural Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, population 45,634. The land defenders at CWP have come together to fight this pipeline as well as the fracking crisis in Pennsylvania and the mineral extraction industry as a whole…

ETP recently announced a completion date for the ME2 of the second quarter of 2018, approximately 18 months later than the original date. This delay is due in part to the successful resistance efforts of Pennsylvania residents, including the people at Camp White Pine…

Despite the dangers that come with land defense, many of the climbers and those on the ground supporting them have said they won’t be deterred from this mission. Cass Struggle, a resident of South Philadelphia, said she came to this work partially due to the air pollution from which people in her area are suffering. She said Camp White Pine is a “very strategic chokepoint.”

She described her time in the trees as “meditative” and as a “learning opportunity” for climbing and the land-defense tactics tree-sits provide. When asked if she ever felt unsafe in the trees, she said it’s only due to “external factors” of police and pipeline workers…

Many of the land defenders at CWP have said they’re not there to fight for the Gerhart’s private property, but rather against corporate interests and the decolonization of the US. Dan Solomon of Brookline, Massachusetts, has recently begun to engage as an accomplice in the fight for Indigenous sovereignty and the environmental issues impacting it. “I’m a settler here, and understanding what that means and the responsibility of working to stop that really f…ed-up system.” Solomon said he believes that “it’s all wrapped up in capitalism and colonization.”

The use of eminent domain for extraction projects is business as usual for the US government. The land being stolen from white people for extraction purposes is the same land stolen from my ancestors in order to grow capitalist and colonialist consumption of the Earth. What we’re seeing with these land grabs by ETP are the American chickens coming home to roost. Both Ellen and Elise Gerhart recognize their place in settler colonialism. “Our resistance here is really hypocritical in a lot of ways … this fight for property rights is happening on stolen land,” Elise said.

I simply had no idea Camp White Pine was about such a serious issue as decolonization. My bad! I thought it was about pipelines and tree nuts.

Natural Gas NOW

Masked Camp White Pine tree sitter doing decolonization in the trees

Which Brings Us to This — What Makes Fractivists Tick?

Email received from Natural Gas NOW reader:

At my upcoming reunion I have agreed to talk about my term as Town Supervisor  and the problems I had with the antis. I am aware of many of the special interest groups and foundations funding the antis, but what can I say about the root cause of the opposition to natural gas development and its related activities? I have never figured it out and would like to tell my former classmates what makes these people tick.

My response:

The short answer is that opposition to natural gas and much of environmentalism is part of an ideology that is a substitute religion for these folks. It isn’t about facts or logic. It’s about feelings and wanting to belong to a movement of some sort. There is also a deep resentment of ordinary folks, business people, capitalism and all the values that go along with these. They despise the bourgeois world in which they’ve never been able to make their way.

Well, What About the Weed, Then?

Another reader points out any water used within the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) for natural gas development needs a review and permitting by the agency (a docket) and asks “Will this be the standard for marijuana?”

He then listed the following three links:

Growing Marijuana Industry Raises Environmental Concerns

Why Growing Marijuana Indoors Major Environmental Problem

Marijuana Environmental Impacts


Hmm…who knew?

The Only Methane Being Released Is Fractivist Hot Air

“The hew and cry of so-called environmentalists is that extracting natural gas leads to fugitive methane in the atmosphere–and fugitive methane diminishes the benefits of using natural gas. Some quacks like Cornell professors Tony Ingraffea and Robert Howarth actually say burning dirty coal is better than extracting and using clean-burning natural gas. So how much methane actually escapes during the process of drilling and extracting and pipelining the gas? Take a wild guess. Maybe 5% wafts into the stratosphere? Or perhaps 2-3%? What about 1%?

…Penn State researchers, using a grant by the federal Dept. of Energy, set out to answer the question of how much methane is escaping. They did a study in northeast PA, using data from stationary towers and airplanes flying over gas operations. The study, titled “Quantifying methane emissions from natural gas production in north-eastern Pennsylvania” found methane leakage rates from natural gas wells and other infrastructure in the Northeast Marcellus Shale are roughly 0.4 percent of production. You read that right! A measly four-tenths of one percent of all production is lost.”

So, exactly why is Pennsylvania proposing over the top regs to address methane?

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3 thoughts on “Natural Gas NOW Picks of the Week – December 2, 2017

  1. “Masked Camp White Pine tree sitter doing decolonization in the trees” using rope made out of oil.

    “is part of an ideology that is a substitute religion for these folks.” plus they love to say NO.

    “Growing Marijuana Industry Raises Environmental Concerns” Just change Growing Marijuana to ALL….
    ALL Industries Raise Environmental Concerns

    For this one “So, exactly why is Pennsylvania proposing over the top regs to address methane?” I’ll be consulting my ouija board later and get back to you!

  2. Regarding released methane, if the relative numbers were more widely known, this avenue of assault on the hydrocarbon industry should instantly vanish.

    Agriculture – specifically rice farming and livestock raising – produce way more methane than the despised frac’ers.

    In fact, going along with the thought of using your enemies tactics back against them, perhaps live displays of the Argentinian fart packs fastened to cows would be the ideal ploy at the next meeting for Pennsylvania methane regulations.

    Cabot, Range, et al, could be doing the residents of the Commonwealth a great service by bringing in a bovine wearing planet saving technology that demonstrably reduces methane.

  3. OMG! Truly entertaining stuff. And this isn’t even close to all that’s going on right?

    Oh the prolific fractivist/”journalist”/climate activist bill mckibben has another article out in Rolling Stone.

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