Natural Gas NOW Picks of the Week – November 25, 2017

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Natural Gas NOW readers pass along a lot of stuff every week about natural gas, fractivist antics, emissions, renewables, and other news relating to energy.

Here’s more great material sent along by Natural Gas NOW readers; great stuff highlighting the power of natural gas and the absurdity of fractivism. Check out the links below:

NJ Governor-Elect Puts Out-of-State Radicals on Transition Committee

Governor-elect Phil Murphy has announced memberships to his transition committees, naming more than 500 people who will make recommendations on state policy, issues and initiatives as the new administration prepares to take office in two months. Earlier this week he announced transition committee leadership positions…[including] Tom Steyer, Farallon Capital… Maya von Rossum, Delaware Riverkeeper Network… (Hat Tip: W.S.)

Natural Gas NOW

Come on now, would you ask really her for advice?

Equestrian Shows How to Deal with Eco-Terrorists and Fractivist Protesters

Eco-terrorists and certain more aggressive fractivist types love to signal their virtues by interfering with pipeline development, chaining themselves to gates and other activities that endanger themselves and others while displaying an utter disregard for the facts or the rights of others. The response of government and industry is typically one of patience and politeness, but there are times a more direct defensive approach is warranted. We might take a lesson from an equestrian who recently had to confront a bunch of radical black-hooded animal rights nuts trying to interfere with an event in the U.K. by grabbing her horse by the bit and bridle (dangerous for the activist, the horse and the rider). Here’s how it went down:

Seventeen whacks from the crop later, the rider was still atop her horse and the activist was on the run. Make you envious? Well, me too.

Tesla’s Burning Through Nearly Half a Million Dollars Every Hour

“Over the past 12 months, the electric-car maker has been burning money at a clip of about $8,000 a minute (or $480,000 an hour), Bloomberg data show. At this pace, the company is on track to exhaust its current cash pile on Monday, Aug. 6. (At 2:17 a.m. New York time, if you really want to be precise.)

To be fair, few Tesla watchers expect the cash burn to continue at quite such a breakneck pace, and the company itself says it’s ramping up output of its all-important Model 3, which will bring money in the door. Investors don’t seem concerned. Tesla shares rose almost 3 percent to $317.81 Tuesday, giving it a market capitalization of $53 billion. Ford Motor Co. is worth $48 billion.

But still, its need for fresh cash came into high relief last week when Musk unveiled his latest plan to raise funds. He’s asking customers to pay him upfront to order vehicles that may not be delivered for years.”

CO2 Emissions Should Flatten As China Replaces Coal with Gas

“EIA expects coal demand and related CO2 emissions, especially in China, to flatten as natural gas replaces coal in power generation and in industrial applications. China is currently the largest emitter of energy-related CO2 emissions in the world and is projected to remain in that position through 2040.”

Natural Gas NOW

Projected Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Nation Energy Production (Quadrillion BTUs)

So, China is about to follow the U.S. and replace coal with gas, huh? Funny how that works, isn’t it?

New England Still Needs Natural Gas? Who Knew?

“New England will continue to rely on natural gas for power generation decades into the future even as it transitions to renewable sources, the head of the nonprofit agency that operates the regional power grid said on Friday.

Speaking at an invitation-only energy forum, Gordon van Welie, president and CEO of Independent System Operator New England, said the region will not be able to wean itself off natural gas — which already fuels half of its power generation — any time soon

Even though energy usage in New England has declined slightly in recent years, ISO-NE expects demand to start growing again as more people switch to electric vehicles and use electric-powered heat pumps, van Welie said.

When asked if wind farms, solar arrays and new battery systems would be able to meet the additional needs, van Welie said they wouldn’t because they’re intermittent sources of power.

‘That’s not going to happen,” he said. ‘For the most part, it will come from natural gas.’

How about that? Reality strikes yet again.

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5 thoughts on “Natural Gas NOW Picks of the Week – November 25, 2017

  1. Reality has been here all along. The problem is it is not being communicated to the people. One reason and I am confident if this is because some reporters are refusing to own their mistakes, correct them and then report accurately on the antifracking pipeline resistance movement. That is a gigantic problem.

  2. Just a few weeks ago, the New England wholesale electric price jumped 50 fold to over $1,000/Mwh for 20 minutes as both the Millstone 3 nuke plant was down and Pilgrim temporarily reduced output.

    Oil fueled generation (OIL!!) was 6% of the total for almost a day.

    Vast majority of people have minimal awareness or understanding of ‘big picture’ circumstsnces of these situations and rely upon government to act in the best collective interest.

    Fossil fuel rejection will continue to wreak massive havoc over a wide expanse of the populace until a pain threshold has been breached and the blowback commences.

  3. So here is how the Tesla bubble works. Tesla commits to make X amount of electric vehicles. Whether the vehicles actual get made or sold is irrelevant. The commitment to make the cars gives Tesla the magical “carbon credits”. Carbon credits are like fairy dust except that they can actually be sold to other companies to make it looks as if those other companies are also “green” or “carbon free”. The fact that those companies do actually use oil/gas to produce is again, not relevant. Tesla has sold them the right to say they do not add carbon to the environment. Those companies make lots of money telling people they are “green”. Tesla makes lots of money selling carbon credits. So, does Tesla make money on cars/turbines/rockets/anything other than carbon credits? That’s what makes it a bubble.

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