Natural Gas NOW Picks of the Week – January 12, 2019

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Natural Gas NOW readers pass along a lot of stuff every week about natural gas, fractivist antics, emissions, renewables, and other news relating to energy. As usual, emphasis is added.

Tom Wolf Likes Pipelines!

Earlier this week, Governor Tom Wolf participated in an interview with KDKA Radio Morning News. Throughout the interview, Governor Wolf was asked a variety of questions – his thoughts on gun laws, the federal government shutdown, and pipeline transports. Regarding pipeline transports, Wolf explained,

“[i]f we’re going to have a healthy gas industry, we need a pipeline network, we need it here in Pennsylvania, otherwise were just going to be exporting this natural resource to Gulf States and Pennsylvanians are not going to benefit to the extent that they should.”

Natural gas now

“I want to do what I can to help this industry succeed in the right way, environmentally and in an environmentally sound way. Economically it benefits Pennsylvania.”

As the reader passing this along noted, the stars must have been aligned!

Cuomo Hit in the Head by Hockey Puck

Karma is a wonderful thing:

National Grid is warning that unless a new natural gas pipeline goes through, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s planned new home for the New York Islanders on Long Island will have to find an alternative for its colossal heating needs.

The controversial Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement Project is expected to provide a guaranteed natural gas supply for the the Belmont Park project, a signature piece of Cuomo’s economic development efforts on Long Island.

natural gas now

But environmental groups in New York and New Jersey have grown increasingly hostile to any new fossil fuel infrastructure, and have lined up against the 37-mile pipeline that would stretch from from New Jersey, across New York Bay and into New York…

“Supplying firm service (365 days) for this Project is contingent on the successful and timely approval and permitting of the Northeast Supply Enhancement Pipeline Project (NESE), which is currently scheduled to be in service December 2020,” wrote National Grid representative Joseph Scibelli to the Belmont Park developers in November. “The NESE project is designed to deliver additional gas supply to National Grid’s system and is required to support this Project.”

So nice to see Cuomo pay a price for his pandering. Reality always has a way of intruding, doesn’t it?

NaturalGasNOW Told You So!

Back in November, 2015, I wrote a post about the now infamous 2012 LaJolla, California conference where the NRDC gang cooked up its anti-Exxon strategy. Others subsequently picked up the story (more here) and the entire thing slowly unraveled. Exxon, of course, has also taken up the fight in a big way and tells some of the same story with this web page and the following video:

Here are the key paragraphs from the story, which incorporates what was first exposed here at little old NaturalGasNOW:

The #ExxonKnew campaign is the outgrowth of a plan devised by environmental activists and class action lawyers at a conference in La Jolla, California in 2012, as activists themselves confirmed in The New York Times. The Climate Accountability Institute (CAI) and the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) held this workshop to brainstorm how they could use litigation to gain access to internal energy industry documents on climate change, in hopes of creating scandal that would force a settlement similar in scope to the one reached with Big Tobacco. They put their strategy into a report called, “Establishing Accountability for Climate Change Damages: Lessons from Tobacco Control.”

The #ExxonKnew campaign is extremely well-funded and includes paid media coverage, legal support, activist groups, and academic research. Foundations providing financial support for the campaign include: Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Fund, Rockefeller Philanthropy, Open Society Foundations, Energy Foundation, V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation, Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, and Mertz Gilmore Foundation.

We told you so!

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  1. When Governor Wolf is in the western part of the state he loves the gas industry. When he is in the eastern part of the state he hates it.

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