Natural Gas Now Best Picks of the Week – November 28, 2020

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

Readers pass along a lot of stuff every week about natural gas, fractivist antics, emissions, renewables, and other news relating to energy. As usual, emphasis is added.

Using Solar to Help Power Natural Gas Compressor Stations!

Well, this is certainly interesting; a classy gas industry response to renewables:

Enbridge has broken ground on the Heidlersburg Solar Project—another state-of-the-art solar energy facility that will help to green our natural gas pipeline operations.

The facility will produce 2.5 megawatts (MW) of solar energy for Enbridge’s Heidlersburg Compressor Station, offsetting a portion of the station’s electric load and helping power the compressor units that keep gas flowing along our cross-continent Texas Eastern Transmission pipeline.

natural gas

The first such project of its kind, the Lambertville Solar Project in New Jersey, entered service in October 2020 and supplies 2.25 MW of green energy along the Texas Eastern right-of-way to deliver natural gas to homes and businesses.

I’m not sure this makes any economic sense for the nation, but it sure makes economic and political sense for Enbridge. The pipeline company is undoubtedly grabbing Federal and state subsidies to do these solar facilities. One can imagine an Enbridge executive saying something like “Subsides, huh? Ok, we’ll use to deliver your gas that you can’t replace with solar.” Brilliant! Love it!

Cabot Gets the Holiday Spirit (Again)!

Cabot and its GDS affiliate replay their toy drive:

In Susquehanna and Wyoming counties, Cabot partners with Interfaith Friends and the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains for a holiday drive that gets bigger every year. We sure are going to miss our annual shopping trip to Walmart, sorting and tagging the gifts at our Montrose office, and dressing up like Santa and his Elves to deliver all the toys and clothing to Interfaith. But, rest assured, both Interfaith and the Community Foundation have figured out how to work with Mr. Claus to ensure that the families in need in the area get some of the things that want and need.

natural gas

You can donate securely online by visiting the Community Foundation’s Donate Now page and select the “Holiday Helpers” tab from the drop-down menu. You can also send a check payable to Susquehanna County or Wyoming County Interfaith Friends and mail it to Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, attn: Bonnie Morris, at 8207 SR 29, Montrose, PA 18801.

Pitch in! Get the spirit!

Why the New York Times Is an Utter and Complete Joke

Hiroko Tabuchi is a “climate reporter” for The New York Times and is fond of doing hit jobs on the oil and gas industry. That’s what a “climate reporter” does, of course, but is there any validity to her work? Well, here is a Tweet (now deleted) which she published despite an admonition from the Times’ own handbook for journalists that “Staff members are free to discuss their own activities in public, provided their comments do not create an impression that they lack journalistic impartiality or speak for The Times.”

natural gasThis is The New York Times, or as Mark Levin says, ‘The New York Slimes.’ What a joke. And, even crueler joke is the fact so many of our elites (you know, the sort of folks who fund fractivism and do its dirty work) hold it in the highest esteem as writ from the heavens where their secular gods reside.

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