Natural Gas Industry Educating Future Employees

natural gas industryBrittany Thomas
Coordinator, External Affairs
Cabot Oil & Gas


The natural gas industry is investing heavily to make sure they are giving their future employees the best education and hands on training possible.  

We’ve talked before about the importance of finding people with the right skillsets to help replace the aging workforce of the oil and natural gas industry. And of the importance of investing in the education of our future employees in programs such as Junior Achievement and Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas.

natural gas industry

But sometime’s it’s better to hear about the importance of a solid education and opportunities from students, interns and new employees who have participated in these programs.

Below is a segment from WNEP featuring some of these stories which help highlight just why the investment in future employees makes good sense not just for the companies and students, but for the local areas where they work and live.

Editor’s Note: The natural gas industry is changing lives, in Pennsylvania as well as other shale regions, by providing economic opportunities that keep the kids home. It is remarkable thing that gives real hope to rural America, while delivering cleaner fuels to urban America and lowering carbon emissions for those who are concerning about issues such as global warming. Natural gas is the future!

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