Natural Gas Consumers Score Win After Win After Win!

Tom Shepstone
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It just doesn’t get much better for natural gas consumers, as an Energy Information Administration post tells us. It’s one huge win after another.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is out with an excellent post today that reveals just how much winning natural gas consumers are experiencing. The post is titled “Natural Gas Prices in 2019 Were the Lowest in the Past Three Years” is all about production, prices and versatility in the way natural gas consumers are able to share in the benefits.

Here is the chart that tells everything:

natural gas consumers

Natural gas consumers in the U.S. have enjoyed a decade of consistently low prices delivered by the shale revolution. The rest of the world has also gained, except perhaps for the Mid-East and Russia, who can no longer bully oil and natural gas consumers. Consider, also, these points from the EIA article:

Why are exports important to U.S. natural gas consumers? Well, there are three reasons:

  1. Extending the benefits of the shale revolution to other natural gas consumers around the world, particularly allies, only strengthens the world economy and burnishes our own energy security.
  2. Exports of natural gas support the natural gas industry and allow production to continue at the economies of scale that deliver consistently low prices.
  3. Exports bring new cash and investment to America, which redound to the enormous benefit to the economies of rural areas in Pennsylvania and Texas, for example, where the drilling takes place.

Natural gas consumers are repeat winners, even in places such as Massachusetts that don’t want pipelines but will take LNG. The trick is to make sure it’s American and not Russian LNG, but that will happen in time and more pipelines will be built because they must be built. There is no substitute for natural gas and natural gas consumers are benefiting by lower prices, greater energy security, stronger economies and future opportunities to grow business and put more money in the pockets of those same consumers.

natural gas consumers

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