Natural Gas and CNG Represent Sustainable Economic Development

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CNG will fueling the future with cheaper costs, fewer emissions and its contributions to a sustainable economy for rural America.  Cabot Oil & Gas featured these many contributions of natural gas at a special event this week.

Cabot Oil & Gas celebrated the opening of its compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Springville, Pennsylvania this week with a fantastic event that was educational, hands-on and, most important of all, interesting,  There were not only Cabot officials there to address the potential for CNG, but also state legislators, representatives of three colleges, industry spokespersons, suppliers and many others.

Over 100 people attended the Cabot CNG Celebration to see the station and the types of equipment Cabot is now powering with natural gas and to get the facts on natural gas.  They also heard a consistent message about CNG as part of a broader move to create a sustainable natural gas industry in Susquehanna County; one that will produce economic opportunity for multiple generations of residents.

The station site was filled with examples of natural gas powered equipment ranging from this retrofitted 1955 Chevy:

CNG Chevy 1955

Rep. Sandra Major Viewing 1955 Chevy Retrofitted for CNG

to this new duel fuel unit used to hydraulically fracture natural gas wells to stimulate production:

CNG powered hydraulic fracturing unit

This unit is an example of how Cabot Oil & Gas and others are using natural gas to help produce natural gas, reducing costs and air emissions on two fronts; during production as natural gas replaces diesel and during consumption as natural gas replaces coal and fuel oil.  Combine this with initiatives such as that of Corning Gas and Williams to bring natural gas to homeowners and businesses in Montrose and other communities in the gas region, and you have a perfect model of sustainability. Residents will be able to heat their homes, run their vehicles, power their businesses and provide for their families with natural gas they produced, at home, using the very same product, not unlike the way the region’s first settlers made use of its abundant natural resources.

Better yet, this model of sustainability is allowing landowners to hold onto to their farms and open spaces and provide jobs and other economic opportunities sufficient to keep young Susquehanna County residents hired by the industry today on the job until they retire many years hence.  This was a point emphasized by local Rep. Sandra Major in her remarks:

Several others, including Rep. Tina Pickett (equally enthusiastic about natural gas) echoed her comments in noting how the CNG initiative is just one more indication natural gas is an industry that will support Susquehanna County for many years to come.  Speakers from Cabot and its affiliates noted that upwards of 85% of employees are now local and the region is exporting gas workers to other regions.  George Stark of Cabot and Scott Staruch of America’s Natural Gas Association (ANGA) both emphasized the sustainability of the industry in their remarks, noting these moves would allow the natural gas industry to provide employment, heat and fuel for county residents for the next half-century; to the grandchildren of current employees and those attending the event.

The event will be covered in detail at EID Marcellus, but here’s an overview from WBNG:

Appropriately, WBNG labeled its story as “Fueling the Future.”  Yes, indeed.  And, does it all fit in with the Susquehanna County we’ve all known so long?  Well, take a look at this well pad barely visible behind the corn field – a few innocuous tanks rising above the stalks and fueling the future; while saving the farm.  It doesn’t get much better than this – sustainable rural economic development!


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