National Grid Shows Some Backbone in Fighting New York Energy Insanity

Tom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


National Grid doesn’t seem to fit the New York model. It is not surrendering to political correctness and pandering to the governor. It is fighting back.

That New York’s brain is infected with green political correctness that amounts to energy insanity is beyond doubt. The state government under the leadership of Governor Corruptocrat has chosen to deny pipeline after pipeline to claim the king of the hill spot in green virtue signaling, while companies such as National Grid and Con-Ed have been forced into moratoriums. Cuomo is playing a very dangerous game, in fact, depending on the Feds at FERC and in the courts to overrule him so he can claim the gold for global warming activism, while still getting the gas. But, he’s played too close to the edge. Real people are hurting and National Grid is fighting back, which isn’t polite under New York rules.

Yes, it’s highly unusual for New York companies to fight back. More typically, they surrender meekly, mouthing words of praise for their tormenter. Energy companies, in particular, are more apt to sing the green praises in vain hopes of gaining a couple of well-disguised bones from government than they are to stand up to the bullies playing stupid political games with their consumers’ fortunes. National Grid, though, has just tramped on the playbook. They’re telling Andrew Cuomo to stop with the Machiavellian scheming and approve the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) pipeline project. They’re doing so with this radio ad:

national grid

Click to play radio ad

Quite frankly, I’m shocked. Since when does any company in New York defend their own and their customers’ interests by going on the offensive? It simply doesn’t happen. But. it is happening. National Grid is telling radio listeners to get on board with the NESE (“Nessie”) project. Praise be to God, there is life left in New York! There is at least one company with the chutzpah to state the obvious. The emperor of the Empire State has no clothes.

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6 thoughts on “National Grid Shows Some Backbone in Fighting New York Energy Insanity

  1. The same think is happening in Lansing NY where outside agitators came into the town and fought against a 7 1/2 mile ten inch NYSEG pipeline. Towns listening to what I call the “Walter Hang Choir of Doom” are by now waking up to the self destruction they have lowered upon their economic future. Home builders won’t build without gas, businesses won’t expand and in fact leave without gas.
    My recent trip to Lynbrook, Long Island was eye opening to the devastation created by the “Green Mean Deal Denier” Cuomo in which bldg after bldg was closed because gas meters were shut off.


      Have you seen the sunrise movements theory about why hickenlooper dropped out of the 2020 race? It has to do with this new report by Professor Howarth about fracking.

      It’s hard to believe that Howarth can be covered at this point without his antifracking activism and board membership on food and water watch being mentioned, don’t ya think? I’m very worried about what’s happening with the reporting on fracking and natural gas and nese pipeline.

  2. So happy to see this company calling out the gov and shifting the blame to where it belongs. Tom, you said in earlier articles that for Cuomo, this is a hypocritical win-win. He can scream bloody murder, virtue signalling to his base, while the pipelines get built and the nat gas flows.

    • But he wants a new Islander’s arena next to Belmont racetrack. Not so in the know Islander’s fans are salivating at the idea through fancy renderings of the proposed facility, but without NESE, it’s a no-go. How long can his Lordship hold out? The so-called win-win could be unsettling to his ego, and like his brother, it is easily bruised.

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