My Viral Experience With A Corrupt Cuomo Protecting Media

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner, Shale Gas Activist


Victor Furman, candidate for a seat in the New York State General Assembly, talks about his experience with a viral post and having to fight the media.

Have you ever had a Facebook or similar post go Viral? I did. It was exciting, and an eye opener. The post was two sentences and exposed more of the ongoing corruption in Albany, particularly the judicial corruption. That corruption was, I believe, a big factor in decisions by our state courts that went against landowners and robbed them of their mineral rights. My post got more then 97,000 shares and over a million likes causing Facebook to fact check it, but someone needs to fact-check the supposed fact-checkers who, based on my experience, are nothing more than political hit men.


Yes, Facebook, now employs USA-Today to go after you if your post goes viral and they don’t agree with the politics. They went after me because I said something unpopular about our governor and legislature. featuring me nationally to criticize my simple post. This what I actually penned:

 “While NY is shut down NYS Legislators gave Cuomo and themselves the largest pay raise in History.”

Here is the first letter I received via USA-Today. Mind you, they claim to be fact checkers for Facebook:

From: Doug Stanglin, USA Today

Mr Furman, I am a reporter for USA Today and am following up on your recent Facebook post regarding the NY legislature, which said: “While NY is shut down NYS Legislators gave Cuomo and themselves the largest Pay raise in History. All while screaming NY is broke”

As part of a joint fact-checking project between USA Today and Facebook, we looked into this claim and can find no evidence that the legislature did take such action during the shutdown or indeed at all this year. Instead, the courts have even blocked the last two parts of a phased-in raise approved by the state commission on raises.

Can you clarify or elaborate on your claim as it appeared on the Facebook post?

And, here is the headline and link to the hit piece by Jon Cambell and Doug Stanglin. Note the headline is slightly but significantly different than my post, yet it is USA Today who declared my post false:

Fact Check: New York legislators did not just vote a pay raise during the coronavirus shutdown

What made this viral experience interesting for me was how annoying it was at first. My computer was beeping about every three seconds, so I turned it off not realizing my post went viral. Six hours later, when I turned my computer on, it was still beeping like crazy and didn’t stop for three days. People were liking and sharing it like crazy.

But, there was more good to come!

Elena Ruth Sassower, from the Center for Judicial Accountability (CJA), contacted me by e-mail, which led to many many hours of phone conversation that was educational and explanatory the whole time we chatted. Elena lives in Cuomo Country, in Westchester County. She had explained to me that Albany is off the NYS-Constitutional rails and why my post was correct. All I can say is “Wow, 2020 is one crazy year so far.”

You see, what happened during the budget process in 2019 was a pay raise for the state judiciary that also gave the Assembly a $31,000 raise to all 150 members, as well as a huge increase for the Senate. The state Attorney General, every presiding judge and every district attorney saw their salaries raised from $89,000 to $180,000. Cuomo and his Lieutenant Governor also got raises. Check out the truth here.

How can we ever expect to get justice from a system where the judges depend on salary favors from a governor who imagines himself a benevolent dictator and legislature that licks his boots? Do you think judges are going to side with us on issues such as takings, home rule and fracking bans when the governor and the legislature, who are their partners in seeking pay raises, signal them to sell out landowners? Do you think any of these folks are independent, that there is any balance of power at play in New York? If you do, I’ve got some ice to sell you for your Antarctic adventure trip.

Albany, it seems, has bought and paid for the judiciary in New York. Not since 1987, has anyone audited decisions handed down by commissions to investigate and recommend pay raises.

At this point, I should say I am Victor Furman running for the NYS-Assembly in the 122nd District and ask you to donate. Well, I guess I did say it…

But, let me be perfectly clear; rampant corruption in Albany killed the drill in Upstate New York. It wasn’t the activists and, if we want to change that, our power is in the vote, which is whyt I ask for yours.  My campaign promise has, from the beginning, been transparency, but now I will add another.

If elected, I will use my office to whistle blow on the “three men in the room” and their followers, to build a team of like minded Assembly members and become the loudest minority in the history of the house.

Upstate property owners got cheated out of wealth, choice and our constitutional rights. Instead of money, although I won’t turn it away, I ask for your support by sharing with your families, your friends, your children or parents, Support me, Victor Furman, in the 122nd New York State Assembly primary on June 23rd and, for that, I thank you. I promise you I will be a disruptor on your behalf.

Also, if you’re in New York State’s 122nd Assembly District please share the word on my campaign with your friends and family. Ask them to support the only candidate who will truly fight for them and never be silent—Victor Furman.

Victor Furman

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4 thoughts on “My Viral Experience With A Corrupt Cuomo Protecting Media

  1. Hey Vic we need a voice in Albany and I know your the man for the job.
    The first thing that you should do when you get into office is to put on the voting ballot is to have TERM LIMITS for New York State Governor so we can legally have Corrupt Gov. Cuomo removed from office!
    Only then can we move forward to allow landowners in New York to drill for Natural Gas!
    Good Luck for your run for office…………….

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