Lynbrook, New York Gets Serious About Natural Gas Shortage

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Lynbrook, New York, is getting its act together on natural gas. They’re getting behind the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline project with a rally!

Earlier this month I wrote about how “maddening [it was] watching New Yorkers debate how to solve their natural gas problem or, more precisely, their lack of natural gas capacity.” I said I wanted to scream ‘It’s your governor, stupid.'” Since then, though, Lynbrook, Long Island, the subject of my post, seems to gotten serious. I must say I’m impressed. They seem to now understand what must happen, although I have a few additional suggestions.

As often is the case, one of our readers put me onto the new direction in Lynbrook. Instead of whining and playing the victim they’re getting into the fight, as this notice he sent me illustrates:


Not only is a rally planned, but the Village of Lynbrook is encouraging residents to write to New York State DEC to support the Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) pipeline project. Here it is, along with instructions and a printable pdf version may be found here:

Karen Gaidasz
NYSDEC – Division of Environmental Permits
625 Broadway, 4th Floor
Albany, NY 12233

Dear Ms. Gaidasz :

Subject: I Support the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE)

I’m writing to support the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE), a critical expansion of existing energy infrastructure that will provide New York City and Long Island consumers greater access to reliable, clean and affordable natural gas ensuring safety, reliability and resiliency for the New York region.

This critical infrastructure project will provide National Grid’s service territory in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island with much needed gas supply which is vital to customers, the environment and the economic viability of our region.

Downtown mixed use projects, affordable housing developments, and the opening of new small businesses are at risk of being delayed or denied if this infrastructure project does not move forward on a timely basis.

This project could not come at a more crucial time for New York, as it experiences significant economic growth. Increasing the availability of cleaner, more reliable energy to meet demand will allow the region to sustain and build on its positive momentum.

Therefore, I respectfully request that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation approve this much-needed energy enhancement project.

Thank you.


Name & Title

Affiliation & Address

Please e-mail to:

That’s a pretty good letter and it’s going to the correct place. Remember, Andrew Cuomo, doesn’t really care what happens with the NESE pipeline. He just wants credit for trying to delaying, modifying or killing it. He’s already accomplished some of that and lots of letters to DEC will make it appear he had no choice but to finally approve it after securing some additional concession. But, if he doesn’t get many letters, he can still accomplish his goals through a court overruling him, but that will mean much delay and more harm to Lynbrook. It’s far better to fight now.

The letters are good politics and the rally is even better. Still, I have a few suggestions for additional activities. One would be a legal protest in front of the nearest DEC office. There’s one at 50 Circle Road, Stony Brook, New York. Make sure all media know about it in advance. If that doesn’t appeal, try the Empire State Development office at 150 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, New York. They’re responsible for economic development, after all.

Another and, perhaps more appropriate, protest location would be at Food & Water Watch’s office in nearby Brooklyn. After all, they’re orchestrating most of the hurt on Lynbrook as this web page illustrates. Their office is located at:

32 Court Street Ste 1506
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Phone: 347-778-2743

The building, of course, is heated with natural gas, according to New York City DEP boiler records, although they have the option of burning No. 2 fuel oil. Natural gas is the much cleaner fuel, of course, but if you think Hoof & Mouth Watch wants to be sure there’s plenty of gas so as to have avoid oil use, you’re wrong. They’re only interested in an ideological war against gas for various selfish reasons and they’ve already got their gas. It’s Lynbrook that’s paying the price here.

Some op-ed pieces in local and, especially, Albany media, of course. Overall, the message needs to be similar to the above letter and target those responsible for this fiasco. That includes the Governor and, in particular, the forces pushing him in the other direction. And, Hoof & Mouth Watch isn’t the only one. Here are some of them:


These are Lynbrook’s enemies. The Governor has been listening to them because groups such as are financed by the highly influential Rockefeller family. It’s time for Lynbrook to fight back.

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4 thoughts on “Lynbrook, New York Gets Serious About Natural Gas Shortage

  1. Great article Tom. I certainly hope that you get recognition from your fellow citizens for your efforts to promote the manifold benefits of natural gas and to counter all the misinformation, fear and falsehoods of its opponents.

  2. We have another problem here where I live in WV. I would love to have Natural Gas in my house instead of propane, but Mountaineer Gas tells me no one has shown an interest in it. There are to regulator stations for distribution within 1/4 mile of where I live and 2 transmission lines even closer. The area they could serve with a simple loop would pickup and additional 1700 houses. The real problem is Mountaineer only want to court industrial customers and won’t beat the bushes for residential load that is normally the bread and butter of most gas companies. I hate to think I personally will have to get a customer drive to show the interest, as I am heading to KY shortly. One of my requirements is my new property will have Gas.

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