Lynbrook Community Receives Some Insights on New York’s Gas Crisis

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Landowner Advocates of New York


Lynbrook, Long Island, folks heard from Vic Furman of Landowner Advocates of New York Wednesday. They received some great insights on New York’s gas crisis.

This past week a good friend and I were inspired to make a long trek that took us over the the Binghamton area over to the Hudson, Mario Cuomo bridge and eventually down onto Long Island to what has been a growing community in Nassau called Lynbrook. We went to join a protest. The inspiration came from this blog where we read National Grid was being blamed, along with Con-Ed, for obstructing development in the greater New York City metropolitan area. The drive was four hours each way, but well worth the trip.

When we got there, we introduced ourselves to the Mayor of the Village of Lynbrook, Alan C. Beach.  When he learned we made such a long trip to support his rally for natural gas, he was beyond belief. He couldn’t imagine we got up at 4:00 AM and drove so far to get there, but he was very grateful for us coming.

There were politicians there including former New York City Emergency Management Commissioner Joe Esposito who said he had once taken the misinformation citizens bus tour of Northeastern Pennsylvania with Vera Scroggins.  More on that in a minute.

I sat across the stage and listened with great interest as the featured speakers talked about how what not having natural gas meant to continuing the revitalization of their village.  The mayor opened the rally stating the lack of natural gas greatly hampered the effort of the area’s growth.

This rally was held in the midst of a section of town where building after building, was rented out for local commerce, but closed because the gas could not be turned on!


I heard the head of the local chamber of commerce decry the fact that, without natural gas, the area’s growth was at a stand still. Interestingly enough, there were also, apparently, other rallies that took place the same day in other parts of the metro area, and for the same reason. Several of the speakers touched on their beliefs the far-off future would and should include green energy but also pointed out the technology isn’t anywhere near ready on the scale needed and wouldn’t be ready for another 30+ years.

One local entrepreneur testified he had gas but turned it off so as to spend some $800,000 to renovate his first floor apartment building restaurant and when he called for the service to be turned back on it was denied also leaving his apartments without gas, the tenants being left high and cold.

During the question and answer period I raised my hand and was surprised when the mayor announced to the crowd that I was one of two who traveled such a distance to be there. He asked me to come up on stage. I gladly accepted, which will surprise no one who knows me. I had to keep it short and to the point however.

This was because I discovered many of the people present were being told  by the “keep it in the ground” types that their gas shortage was a ploy by Con-Ed and National Grid to put pressure on Cuomo to build gas delivering pipelines. In fact, throughout the rally, several people demanded in their presentation that this stop.

If you know anything about how the Public Service Commission (PSC) works you understand the ramifications these utilities would suffer if the accusation of creating a shortage ever turned out to be accurate. The truth is this; there is a shortage quite simply because Andrew Cuomo has blocked much needed pipeline infrastructure from delivering clean cheap natural gas. So what did I say to the crowd?

Good Morning,

I am Vic Furman and I have an answer to your gas shortage. It’s not your power companies; they can’t sell what they don’t have and they don’t have enough gas to go around because of Andrew Cuomo’s war on pipelines and natural gas. The path is there for the pipelines and the companies are seeking to send it to you.
And we, your fellow New Yorkers, have so much gas it’s coming out of our faucets and has been as early as the 1950s or before, “with not one gas well drilled” in our own local area. The facts are coming out in Pennsylvania court about the deceptions used by the anti-gas factions.


You see, the campaign against natural gas in NY was built on the foundation of a Hollywood lie that being Josh Fox’s Gasland! The decision not to drill made on December 17, 2014 was a stake in the heart of all New York that just recently got pushed into the heart of NYC itself. The anti-gas movement forced a sitting governor to make a poor choice, an extremely bad decision. It cost New York thousands of high paying Jobs and billions of dollars.
It cost UpState New York farmers their lands and their livelihoods.

Cuomo’s decision has prompted some New York residents to unwillingly pay the highest utility bills in the lower 48. All this was based on well-funded environmentalist initiatives employing deceptive tactics. Cuomo is too much of a coward in my opinion to admit he was wrong so I have started a gofundme to help right a wrong in federal court. Please think about supporting yourself through this link. Thank You!

I shared the link to our Landowner Advocates of New York fund-raising website and I hope some of these Lynbrook folks now sharing our pain will join the campaign!

But, back to Joe Esposito. I talked with Joe about his citizen tour informing him of the court room events in Montrose and directing him to the Pigs To Rigs updates and testimony showing him he was deceived by paid fabricators. I think it was the highlight of my day seeing those who were against fracking in New York now wanting it, realizing green may be decades away, understanding that almost all our natural gas comes from hydraulic fracturing. I promised the mayor he would get this write up and I want him to see the opinions, facts, and stories that effect all of New York. I encouraged him to read NaturalGasNOW and Marcellus Drilling News.

A big thank you goes out to my good friend who did the driving on our journey of truth and consequences relating to New York’s energy policies. Let also thank the mayor for the very warm he gave us.

Finally, don’t forget what we are aiming to do as Landowner Advocates of New York; we aim to take the governor who created this mess to Federal court.

Landowners and Lynbrookers Unite!

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11 thoughts on “Lynbrook Community Receives Some Insights on New York’s Gas Crisis

  1. Mr. Furman

    Much respect directed to you for your engagement in these affairs.

    As this long running drama starts to turn against the self serving fraudsters (see Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans” brouhaha), the efforts of Mr. Shepstone, Mr. Willis, and certainly your own will come to be regarded as the courageous, clear sighted contributions that they truly are … put forth for the benefit of all.

    True warriors.

    My great hope is that your neighbors will join in to put your region on the path to prosperity.

    Alternatively, accepting the deluded options of hydrocarbon foes will lead to a future of closed opportunity as is so powerfully depicted by your included pictures of shuttered buildings.

    Great work!

    • As a veteran I learned that it takes God, heart and soul to find the strength to forge forward in any battle to cross the victory line! From family I was raised to believe that truth will rise above all and claim the lies before it as fuel for the fire, i sincerely appreciate the recognitition i often get but i need you to know, i do what i do not for self, but for my neighbor who lost her husband forced to move out of her home, but with drilling would still be there,
      For another neighbor 76 years old who should be on his porch drinking lemonade, not getting up to go to work to pay taxes. I do what I do because the truth needs to be heard in the face of well funded lies. If i can turn the minds of the mis informed even just one, then it’s a victory and there were many victories in Lynbrook Long Island, that’s what keeps me going

    • You’re correct. If there’s even a half-dozen such people in your county I’d be shocked. And, the ones that did split off their mineral rights to score big.

    • Vera: “All the people who had to move”. Please quantify “all”. Is it 10? How about 20? Did they move to NY or stay in PA? While on that subject, why do you still reside in a polluted and devastated area if it is so toxic? Do you think everyone is stupid? At last count there have been over 11,000 gas wells drilled in PA since 2007. Did you expect zero accidents and therefore a perfect process? If so, then you had better never ride in a car again as your life is in far more danger riding in a car than it is living near a gas well. Your ilk and you tend to fear monger using broad generalities and that works only on the weak minded and ill – informed which are in great abundance in NY state.

  2. I’ve lived around fracking for 20+ years-you don’t even know it’s there. The danger is so exaggerated it’s ludicrous. Please find out for yourself how this type of fuel actually reduces carbon in the air.

      • Another interesting fact – The 4th largest airport in the US had about 250 wells drilled on its property (about the size of Manhattan) in the last 20 years. The royalties (in the millions per month) paid for airport retail updates and renovations. This same airport recently received an award for being completely carbon-neutral, the only airport to do so in the US.


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