Liar Cuomo: A Dark Prince of Deception or Lost in A Forest of Falsehoods?

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[Editor’s Note: Liar Cuomo has been playing games so long Vic Furman is convinced the governor doesn’t know when he’s lying or what he really thinks of gas.]

Governor Cuomo, or Liar Cuomo, as I’ve come to think of him, has argued that having a nuclear power plant operating so close to New York City, a very densely  populated metropolis, defies “basic sanity.” Oh, the hypocrisy!

liar cuomo

Indian Point Nuclear Energy Center

Yes, major hypocrisy or is it just more lies? Well, let’s think it through.  Liar Cuomo says we must close Indian Point but whatever shall we do, how shall we replace the clean reliable energy now provided by the Westchester County nuclear facility to much of that densely populated New York City metro area?

Will it be wind turbines? The answer is NO!  Although Liar Cuomo has allocated billions of dollars to his green energy scheme, even this self-described ‘Just call me Gov. Gumby’ knows wind is intermittent and wind turbines have a very short life span. And, just forget the fact each wind turbine uses 240 tons of steel derived from mined iron ore, some 6-7 thousand pounds of copper (also mined) and transportation from mine to manufacturing plant to the windmill site burning an estimated 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel, not to mention the fact the three 90 feet long wind blades are made from natural gas.

Will it be soLIAR Energy? No I didn’t misspell it, I call it soLIAR because of the highly deceptive and misleading practices used to sell soLIAR energy to a general public that has already bought and paid for it through tax dollars in the form of subsidies. If, as I do, you surf Facebook articles promoting soLIAR energy it isn’t long before you realize one of three things about the promotions:

  1. They typically don’t allow comments
  2. When comments are allowed, they’re about 95% against soLIAR
  3. Negative comments are frequently removed or commenting shut down

Isuru Seneviratine, in a New York Times article, calculates that “each of Indian Point’s reactors had been producing more power than all of the wind turbines and solar panels in the state combined.” Follow the link provided to her site and you learn this, in fact:

We respect other work by PSE to bring attention to the significant climate and health impacts of continued fossil fuel consumption. However, we are compelled to respond to aspects of its brief on Indian Point that paint a misleading picture of energy in New York,” said Isuru Seneviratne. Joined by Dr. James Hansen of Columbia’s Earth Institute, Seneviratne and others have prepared a critique of PSE’s seven-page document and its conclusions. Their critique discusses errors and oversights of the brief, recognizing the challenges associated with designing systems capable of meeting energy needs in the real world. Such an understanding is particularly important as New York seeks to implement the state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), which calls for a rapid transition to carbon-free electricity and as the nation renews its commitment to tackling climate change.

I strongly recommend you read the Times article and all what Seneviratne has to say on the subject (putting aside the compliments to Tony Ingraffea’s PSE).  Let’s all archive it, in fact, as it will probably disappear along with most other meaningful media discussion of the ‘New Green Spiel.’ Along that line, also read Robert Bryce, who calls closing Indian Point “one of the greatest strategic blunders in the History of New York.”

But here’s the thing; the concerns of New Yorkers will be quietly addressed by the natural gas moves of Liar Cuomo, although he won’t let New Yorkers produce the gas itself. He approved the construction of two natural gas power plants now online. Yes, natural gas will come to the rescue. Competitive Power ventures (CPV)  built a 680 megawatt natural gas powered electric plant in Orange County and Advance Power constructed a 1,100 megawatt facility called the Cricket Valley Energy Center. There are, too,  plans to retool the old Lovett coal-fired power plant in Stony Point.

All this, but Liar Cuomo won’t allow Upstate New Yorkers to provide power to New York City. Instead, the natural gas will be purchased from Pennsylvania suppliers, trucked in by those supposed ‘bomb trucks” or shipped in from Russian on LNG carriers to keep the heat and lights on in the Big Apple, while covering the surface of Upstate with meaningless soLIAR panels and monstrosity wind towers and denying landowners the right to simply harvest their natural gas from below ground while disturbing next to nothing above.

We have all witnessed the tragedy of Liar Cuomo since 2010, the bad calls, the exaggerations and the total disregard of science by both him and Dr. Zucker, “the child claiming childless father of no one.” The corruption wrought by Liar Cuomo has known no boundaries. Worse, the lack of political spine even by local elected leaders to stand up to the disgraceful practices of Albany, has left Upstate defenseless before his lies. But, be assured my fellow natural gas allies, we can stand for the truth and it will prevail. Facts outpace deception in the long-run as the proof unfolds in tid-bits from the mouths of the deniers themselves.

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