Let’s See An Atlantic Sunrise!

Marcellus-Utica ShaleJim Scherrer
Scherrer Resources, Inc., Exton, Pa


Here’s a fast way to help the shale gas industry in Pennsylvania: write to FERC and support Williams’ Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline project to deliver gas to urban markets.

I have been watching the shale industry improve the lives of Pennsylvanians in the Marcellus Shale gas regions of the Commonwealth but sitting down here in the Southeastern corner of the state I also know how important the Atlantic Sunrise project is to urban areas such as the one I live in as well. We can help each other by writing to FERC  and offering positive comments to support the project, which will help deliver more Marcellus Shale gas to market and reduce energy costs to consumers at the same time.

I like getting “Paleozoic Solar Energy” through natural gas pipelines; and the name of the project (Atlantic Sunrise) is appropriate to the concepts involved. Moving natural gas around is like moving ancient sunlight from one location to another to shine on our activities and improve lives today. That’s why supporting this project makes so much sense.

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Here’s the message from Williams:

We need your help and your voice matters.

Please show your support for the Atlantic Sunrise Project, CP 15-138, by submitting comments to FERC within the next 30 days. Every supportive comment to FERC demonstrates that projects like Atlantic Sunrise are critical to meeting the growing demands of natural gas customers across the nation.

Simply visit the FERC e-comment site. Tell FERC how construction of the Atlantic Sunrise project will support future economic development by:

  • Increasing economic activity in Pennsylvania by $1.7 billion.
  • Creating more than 8,300 direct construction jobs and positions in supporting industries.
  • Adding $859 million in total value to Pennsylvania.
  • Moving clean and affordable natural gas from the Marcellus region to markets that need it.

You can also visit our website to learn more about how we are protecting sensitive resources and minimizing impacts to the environment.  FERC needs to understand why you support the Atlantic Sunrise project. Please take a few minutes now to send in your thoughts.  Thank you for your continued support!

Your comments matter because the opponents of this project (who also oppose every other project) will be delivering thousands of repetitive comments in opposition, pulling them from all over the world. That’s what they do when they’re not engaging in ridiculous antics intended to send America back to the dark ages (quite literally). Don’t let their indifference to our needs govern the day. Write now!

Need some motivation? Watch this 2011 video of Gabrielle Engh, who supposedly organized a group of “99 Percenters” and then dressed up in a hazmat suit and gas mask to “stare down” the FERC panel at a FERC hearing on a different project. Engh, of course, is anything but a 99 Percenter; she’s a Vassar graduate who was part of an insane group called “Sane Energy” and called fracking “terrorism,” doing so from the luxury of city where natural gas is now cleaning the air she breathes every day. Subsequent to her appearance at this FERC hearing, she apparently took to selling real estate, in fact, but it doesn’t seem that worked out so well, so she does oriental medicine or something. That’s who FERC hears from on the other side. Now, will you speak up for the Atlantic Sunrise by writing to FERC and offering some sanity?


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