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Oil and gas lingo provides some many laughs for those both inside and outside the industry and here’s more from our readers.

Maria Turconi, then an External Affairs intern at Cabot Oil & Gas, authored our most popular post ever here at NaturalGasNOW a couple of weeks ago. Titled Laughable Oil and Gas Lingo, it was a playful look at the colorful language used in the oil and gas industry. We also had a number of readers chime in with their own examples, so we decided to offer up some of those for other readers who enjoyed Maria’s work so much.

Here are some of the most interesting contributions from readers to our compendium of laughable oil and gas lingo:

More of Those Animal Terms Used in Oil and Gas Lingo

Maria noted farm animals seem to be a reoccurring theme in this industry. Here are some more examples:


Everyday Meaning: Head of a cute creature with curly horns that likes to climb, provides rich milk and is the most popular meat animal in the world.

Oil and gas lingo - goat head

Oil and Gas Translation: A “frac head” (this one from Bestway Oilfield) designed to ensure efficient and safe hydraulic fracturing fluid flow when pumping high volumes at extreme pressures during the process.

“Mule Shoe”

Everyday Meaning: Horseshoes for a mule or a particular style of heeled shoes typically worn by women (although there are men’s versions as well).

oil and gas lingo mule shoes

Oil and Gas Translation: A bottom hole assembly for use in directional drilling.

“Bull Nose”

Everyday Meaning: The nostrils and snorting organ of a generally angry and pushy male bovine such as this Scottish Highlander bull depicted below.

oil and gas lingo bull nose

Oil and Gas Translation: A friction reduction device for use at the bottom of a perforating gun assembly (such as this one from Omega Completion Technology, Ltd) or a particular type of head for a drilling assembly:

oil and gas lingo bull nose assembly

These are far from the only animal references used in the industry. Here are a couple more:

“Possum Belly”

Everyday Meaning: The stomach or pouch of the common marsupial known as the Possum. Also, favorite dinner of the “Beverly Hillbillies.”

oil and gas lingo -possum bellyOil and Gas Translation: A metal container on a drilling rig that receives the drilling fluid that is flowing back. A possum belly may also be referred to as a distribution box or flow line trap. Here’s an illustration from International Continental Scientific Driling Program.

oil and gas lingo possum belly

“Crows Foot”

Everyday Meaning: The foot of an annoying noisy black bird that tends to prey on other birds and consumes large quantities of seeds and grain meant for other purposes. Or, dreaded skin wrinkles.

oil and gas lingo crows footOil and Gas Translation: A particular type of pipe coupling. Here’s an illustration from 4-Star Hose & Supply.

oil and gas lingo crowsfoot

Still More Oil and Gas Lingo

There are a couple more great examples from our readers:

“Geronimo Line”

Everyday Meaning: A particular type of line dance, depicted in the video below:

Oil and Gas Translation: A steel cable attached to the rig derrick or mast near the work platform for the derrick man which he or she can use for rapid escape in the event of an emergency. Here’s a video of that:

“Monkey Board”

Everyday Meanings: A bulletin board used in many school classrooms, a guitar pedal board or a game such as this one from Fredericksburg Children’s Board Games.

Oil and Gas Translation: The working platform used by the derrick man (or woman).

oil and gas lingo - monkey board

Please provide some more of your own examples. If you hear a term you don’t know, try the Schlumberger Glossary, this Lube Lingo oil and gas dictionary or this website of oil and gas slang. Oh, and more thing – a big thank you to Maria Turconi for digging into all this oil and gas lingo and pointing us all toward an often overlooked part of the industry that makes people stay with it for their entire careers, its culture of getting it done but always with a smile.

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