Last Day to Speak Up for the NESE Pipeline Project Against Fractivists!

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Today is the last day to fight back against the uninformed, politically motivated fractivists and show your support for the NESE pipeline project!

Williams’ Northeast Supply Enhancement project, a $1 billion investment in the natural gas infrastructure network in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, faces a major regulatory hurdle in New York. This is our opportunity to fight back against the uniformed, politically motivated fractivists from New York City and special interests groups trying to stop this important project.

NESE pipeline

The NESE pipline project will:

  1. Create more than 3,000 jobs for local union laborers,
  2. Keep the gas flowing for economic development as ConEd and others enact moratoriums on connections to fight Cuomo’s pipeline blockade,
  3. Make gas available to convert old oil burning boilers in public housing projects to clean natural gas,
  4. Make gas available to continue the conversion of other heavy oil burning boilers to clean natural gas that has lowered emissions of all types and saved up to 600 lives per year attributable to asthma, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well,
  5. Maintain the annual savings in the costs of heating homes as a result of the availability of inexpensive natural gas, and
  6. Continue the revitalization of rural areas of Pennsylvania where natural gas is produced.

Please help to support the Northeast Supply Enhancement – Sign the support petition that the project will submit to the NYSDEC before the public comment period ends today, March 15.

NESE pipeline

Millions of residents across the Northeast are already facing rising energy costs due to the region’s insufficient energy infrastructure, and policies being pursued by elected officials such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are about to cause a full-blown energy crisis if something isn’t done. We cannot let this happen.

Please share the support petition with your network, and help secure a strong economic and energy future for New York and the entire Northeast. Do it now, in fact!

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3 thoughts on “Last Day to Speak Up for the NESE Pipeline Project Against Fractivists!

  1. Philly loses mfr business because they do not have sufficient pipeline supply. Instead business goes to TX. No matter what happens, there will be pipes in the ground and the gas will go to TX. This region will lose. To the pipe opponents, please disconnect your gas connection from the street. Heat, cook, and cool with wood and coal. Show us the way. Just remember you are right, the earth is flat.

  2. The activists need to go home get a job and stop trying to mess mine up .the pipeline is needed so let’s just build it

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