Landowner Sets Cuomo Straight on Natural Gas


Kim More
Otsego County Landowner


After being beyond frustrated beyond belief with her state government’s lack of leadership on natural gas, upstate landowner Kim More decided to write a letter to Governor Cuomo himself.  He is promoting the “new” New York on commercials daily.  Kim has some distinct thoughts on this hypocrisy.

When I read this recent press release from our governor’s office, I became angry and decided to do something about it, writing a personal letter of my own in reply:

“Dear Fellow New Yorker,

Over the past two years we have cut middle class tax rates to their lowest rates in sixty years, cut taxes for small businesses, while at the same time investing like never before in our institutions of higher education. Continuing his commitment to revitalize our state’s economy, especially upstate, Governor Cuomo announced yesterday a game-changing economic initiative to transform university communities into tax-free communities.

The Governor’s Tax-Free NY initiative entices companies to bring their ventures to New York State by offering new businesses the opportunity to operate completely tax-free – including no income tax for employees, no sales, property or business tax – while also partnering with the world-class higher education institutions in the SUNY system. Under the Tax-Free NY program, communities across

With recent data showing unemployment in New York State at its lowest in years, we are beginning to see the results of the Governor’s efforts to revitalize our economy. Tax-Free NY will supercharge our efforts to grow our economy by transforming localities in Upstate New York into virtual tax-free communities for new businesses and new jobs.

Together, we have shown that government is working and New York is rising once again.


The Office of the Governor”

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 3.37.41 PMIf you live in New York, as I do, it is extremely difficult to look at this and not be as outraged as Governor Cuomo seems to perpetually be, knowing how he has delayed and delayed and delayed some more while offering one phony excuse after another, including his pathetic “What happens if a child falls down a well?” comment.  Could there be any more telling response than that one to reveal his ignorance and cavalier attitude?

Anyway, here is what I had to say to our dear leader.

Dear Governor Cuomo,

You are single-handedly driving businesses out of New York. You said you would open New York State for drilling when the science said it could be done safely, yet here we sit drowning in debt while the rest of the country prospers from developing their natural gas!! The United States (everywhere but New York and even including California) are or will soon be welcoming the natural gas industry and satisfying their desire to develop and use this clean, affordable energy soiurce. Not our Governor – he’s too busy playing politics – pushing casinos, encouraging people to gamble their savings, homes, pensions away.

Who’s going to pay the bills for these people who have spent all their money at the casinos?  Answer: the hard working farmers and people who are paying property taxes and every other tax you impose on our land, the land that you are preventing us from developing!  What happened to “going with the science,” which has already proven it to be safe?

Are you honorable? Are you ever going to stand behind your words? We have been more than patient – enough is enough!  I have paid close to $80,000 in taxes on my vacant farm land in the last 12 years. Developing my natural gas is my constitutional right.  I’ve paid for it.  You want companies to come to New York and not pay taxes so I can support them?

Time to get a backbone and do what you said – listen to the science and open upstate New York State for drilling now!

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11 thoughts on “Landowner Sets Cuomo Straight on Natural Gas

  1. Keep the pressure on. Join with your neighbors. Make a lot of noise!! Science supports you as do thousands of other lease holders.

  2. I agree Kim, you’re right as rain! This backboneless Governor of ours has to open NYS for drilling…enough is enough! This is a taking of property rights!

  3. NY Governor Cuomo must be made to realize he is not only hurting New Yorkers but also Pennsylvanians in the Delaware River Watershed. We will be sure to remember his lack of action if he ever runs for President and expects us swing state Pennsylvanians to help him out.

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  5. Well, to quote Ron White, “you just can’t fix stupid.” Maybe the Gov needs to know that we upstaters are NOT stupid and do not fall for his ridiculous ideas like revitalize upstate by building more casinos. And thinking that yogurt plants will make us all rich. And by thinking that tourism will carry our area financially. Highest taxes in the country and no end in sight for counties paying for state mandates. If he has political aspirations, he needs to find his backbone and make some good decisions that are not influenced by his family and rich friends.

  6. Kim to the Gov. May I add NO MORE STALLS, NO MORE LIES , NO MORE VOTES FOR YOU. Good letter Kim. Kathy Colley

  7. He should be flooded with letters like this and a public acknowledgement that this is how a majority of NYS residents feel. Over and over again until he can’t help but capitulate. But, change is probably not going to happen unless its at the voting booth.

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