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How Labor Got Sold Out on NED Pipeline

NED Pipeline - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
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Labor unions got sold out on the NED Pipeline as Hillary Clinton chose to align with the NRDC gang and fractivist elites rather than workers.

Every day something new comes out from WikiLeaks exposing the corruption of American politics by the plutocracy represented by the NRDC gang and cohorts. One of the latest of the John Podesta emails reveals how American workers are being sold out. It is a exchange between Nikki Budzinski, Labor Outreach Director at Hillary for America and Podesta, the campaign chair. It talks about Hillary Clinton’s opposition to the NED Pipeline. It also reveals the anger of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) at realizing they had been sacrificed by Hillary Clinton at the altar of NRDC gang types.

I wrote about the role of the Rockefeller Foundation in the Clinton Foundation scandal on Friday. I also noted the extremely cozy relationship of the Foundation with Hillary Clinton. Before that I described how Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky had, through NRDC gang leader John Adams, sent a message to the Hillary Clinton campaign in February to get with the gang’s program on fracking and related issues.

NED pipeline

It appears Lucy was re-inforcing a message already delivered and warning the Hillart campaign it had better not put the interest of workers ahead of the NRDC gang. Some 10 days earlier, the Clinton campaign had embroiled itself in a controversy with labor by taking the NRDC position against Kindred Morgan’s proposed Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline project. It’s all laid out in this February 9 e-mail to Podesta from Budzinski, with copies to Huma Abedin and Robby Mook (emphasis added):

Good afternoon – I wanted to loop us all together on feedback I’ve received from the Building Trades, specifically LIUNA, with the news yesterday that HRC is opposing the NED pipeline in New Hampshire. They are very upset. I expect to hear from the UA and IUOE soon. President O’Sullivan has cancelled his trip to Las Vegas for our strategic planning meeting on Friday and has cancelled his member canvass and rally on Saturday in Las Vegas as well. I reached out this morning offering to have HRC stop by the canvass and meet privately with Terry, and that did not change the situation.

I’ve been coordinating very closely with Trevor, Kristina and the policy team on our energy platform and understand that HRC being ambushed on a rope line in NH is not a accurate portrayal of her energy platform. But I have run out of the options to hold off the frustration from the trades and I think its at a point where only HRC can clarify where she stands on some of these larger energy issues and/or clarify her position on pipelines and natural gas specifically. These issues and some of our recent nuanced answers on energy are now being viewed as “cute” by our labor partners in the building trades and it is impacting our labor support on the ground. LIUNA has disengaged.

Today, LIUNA is requesting that we put out a statement clarifying HRC’s position on the NED pipeline. I think a broader statement would address the issue as well if she could put a finer point on what type of pipeline projects she supports. She has privately told the building trades that she does not oppose pipelines. Can we outline instances where a pipeline would have her support? Please note (as you know) the pipeline issue will not go away as they run through many March primary states (Ohio and Virginia, to name two). They are also concerned that she committed to not making pipeline by pipeline decisions and it now appears she is breaking to pressure and doing just that. They also point out that they have refrained in states like NH, intentionally, from putting any pressure on her around energy (like having their members on rope lines) in order to be a good partner and not escalate the situation.

Now they are also asking about natural gas and where she stands in support of this use. How does HRC see natural gas playing a role in the energy transition?


-Could we put out a statement clarifying some of these energy positions? What are the qualifications for her to support a pipeline once examined? Where does she stand on natural gas? I told LIUNA I would circle back on the possibility of a statement today. I think until there is clarification they will remain disengaged.

– Is the Milwaukee, WI debate this week a opportunity (now past NH) to lean in and clarify some of these issues? Talking about infrastructure, prevailing wage (the building trades lost prevailing wage in WI) and energy infrastructure?

– Can she starting more publicly and regularly saying “Infrastructure” is a top issue to address in her administration? Feedback I continue to hear is that its not said enough.  I appreciate your thoughts on this, after yesterday these issues have escalated to a point where senior staff direction is now needed.

Thank you.

No further explanation is needed. The NRDC gang put itself in the middle between Hillary Clinton and her normal allies. Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky’s letter, delivered through the father of the Catskill Mountainkeeper, whose position on the NED Pipeline was explicitly clear months before, left no doubt as to which side Hillary was to give her allegiance when the interests of the gang conflicted with those of LIUNA. Clinton might tell unions one thing in private but when put to the test she knew on which side she had to be. That position was then dutifully re-inforced with a 350.org news release trumpeting Hillary’s anti-NED statement (attached to the e-mail). 350.org, of course, is bought and paid for the Rockefeller family and Bill McKibben carries water for Lucy as we saw here.

Oh what a tangled web the NRDC gang weaves and it’s trapping workers who, like the flies of summer, exist but to be trapped or swatted away.

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2 thoughts on “How Labor Got Sold Out on NED Pipeline

  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/05/us/politics/hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-climate-change.html?_r=0

    This is from April and it is in the nytimes with a headline of? “Fractivists increase pressure on clinton and sanders in ny”.

    The headline is ludicrous since it was only Clinton under pressure from the fractivists for one thing and the headline and story appeared just before the ny primary which by the way Sanders didn’t win.

    That the nytimes was unaware that Sanders campaign had antifracking organizers working for it and produced this shoddy article shows only that the problem with reporting when it comes to natural gas and fracking and pipelines is at an absurd level. This has been so for years.

    People should be writing to reporters snd publications and calling news stations with complaints or requests for corrections for all the nonsense and errors they see. I have done this myself for a long time now but one voice alone seems to mean nothing.

    Alternately the other option is to take some direction action , occupy something and get arrested as this is what makes news if you want to be seen and heard.

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