Josh Fox’s Plan to Disrupt: Will the DRBC Surrender to Anarchy Again?

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Six years ago the DRBC caved and surrendered to anarchy created by Josh Fox and the Povertykeeper refusing to vote on gas. Will anarchy now win again?

It was 2011 when the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) drafted gas drilling regulations only to sit on them. The Commissioners, in an astonishing display of cowardice, surrendered to anarchy created by Josh Fox and the Delaware Povertykeeper, simply refusing to vote. The regulations were anything but reasonable and constituted a massive DRBC power grab but, faced with the opposition of a sniveling producer of smut films and a shill for its sugar-daddy funder, the William Penn Foundation, the agency crumbled anyway.

It was perhaps the worst combined display of malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance ever, as Fox grabbed credit for killing economic opportunity in the poorest area of the basin. Now, he’s hoping to resurrect anarchy and force the DRBC back into its secret hiding place. Will they let him? Carol Collier was only too happy to let her friend “Josh” get his way in 2011 when she was running the DRBC. She sympathized with the Povertykeeper, after all, and put that organization on most of her committees even though it had sued the agency. Steve Tambini, her replacement, seems less of her ideological ilk, but he faces his first big test tomorrow. 


Delaware Povertykeeper disrupting a meeting of the DRBC in 2013 – an agency on which her group is represented on a majority of its committees even as it has sued it. Will it happen again? Click to watch this shameful episode.

Yes, tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15, Josh Fox and the Povertykeeper are planning to disrupt the DRBC public hearing, which is supposedly reserved for comment on specific matters currently before the Commission. The Povertykeeper begs its band of bellyachers to come and “tell the DRBC that now is the time to enact a permanent ban on all gas development, including drilling and fracking, in the Delaware River Watershed.” Josh Fox goes full radical with this little ode to hysteria signed by one his toadies:


We just wanted to make sure that you received our email last week on this very serious and time-sensitive situation.


After years of enjoying a moratorium on the extreme practice, a series of events including lawsuits against the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) could allow fracking to run rampant. THAT WOULD BE THE EQUIVALENT OF A DEATH SENTENCE AS THE DRINKING WATER FOR MILLIONS WOULD BE PUT AT RISK. We must stand strong and stand together right now to prevent the Delaware watershed from getting completely fracked over.

That’s why we need to get as many people out to the next DRBC meeting, this Wednesday February 15th and send a message: WHEN IT COMES TO THE DELAWARE WATERSHED, DON’T FRACK IT UP. Can we count on you to attend this extremely critical meeting? Click here to learn more about what’s at stake and what you can do to help.

You’ve seen the movies. You know what’s going on. You know that we fought tooth and nail to stop fracking from poisoning the Delaware River. If you worked with us in those years: THANK YOU. Your efforts helped make history. But we always knew it wasn’t a permanent win until we achieved a full on no holds barred fracking ban once and for all.


Plain and simple. We can’t do it without you. Let’s show them we are organized. Let’s show them we are committed.  We need you to show up THIS WEDNESDAY, the 15th at the next Delaware River Basin Commission meeting. We need EVERY SEAT filled. We need BEAUTIFUL signs. We need to be bold. And while this meeting does not allow for public comments, we can still make a MAJOR STATEMENT with our presence and our message.

Let’s show them we are organized. Let’s show them we are committed.

Johnny Misheff
International WOW Communications

How To Let Go Movie

DRBCThis email is total nonsense, of course, as we might expect from this clown. There is zero evidence from the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) experience that a decade of fracking has had any significant negative impact of water quality there. Moreover, three of the DRBC Commissioners (a majority) also serve as the majority on the SRBC and know that to be a fact. Add to that the fact there is also zero authority for the DRBC to impose anything such as a permanent ban on fracking.

Fox’s organization is, to boot, a non-profit tax-exempt corporation (a charity, believe it or not) known as Sweet Jane Productions, Inc. that regularly raids public and other non-profit treasuries. It’s not supposed to be doing any lobbying. Meanwhile, he promotes movies for which he conveniently creates separate LLCs. It’s a nice gig and depends on creating crises that put Fox in the limelight. A little disruption here, some short jail time there and, presto, the non-profit corporate welfare machine is up and running again.

The question is whether Steve Tambini and the Commissioners will let him (or the Povertykeeper, as its habit) get away with it again. The rules of the meeting are as follows:

  • The public may comment only on the items that have been advertised in the public hearing notice.
  • Individuals who wish to comment for the record during the public hearing on February 15 are asked to sign up in advance by contacting Ms. Paula Schmitt at In your email to Ms. Schmitt, please identify the hearing item(s) on which you plan to provide oral testimony.
  • The public hearing will be conducted by DRBC staff. One alternate commissioner is expected to attend the public hearing.
  • There will be NO open public comment session at the February 15 public hearing.

Will Tambini enforce the rules? Or, will anarchy reign yet again? Tomorrow will tell, but, meanwhile, those of us who work for a living and don’t have all day to waste on a three-hour trip downriver to hold up signs have a better opportunity to make our point – by signing our petition, which you can do by going here.

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