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Josh Fox is Back and Pushing Support of the DRBC Fracking Ban

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Josh Fox has resurfaced and has sent out an email blast trying to drum up support for the DRBC’s proposed fracking ban. Let’s shut him down.

Josh Fox, as you may remember, is a fractivist known for his anti-fracking screed Gasland. It was a sham; full of deceit and exaggerations. It did not take long to realize this spoiled child extremist had no credibility and certainly no concern for anything but promoting himself.

fracking banNow, Josh Fox has sent out an email blast pushing support of the DRBC’s proposed fracking ban. Asking for people to comment on the DRBC’s website in support of the ban. Saying the DRBC needs “to know that we want it ALL banned!”

If you don’t want this guy’s stupidity to carry the day when this issue goes to court, please, protect your own landowner rights and get your own comments on the record in support of fracking in the Delaware River Basin.  You can do so at the DRBC’s public comment page.

Please remind the DRBC the justification of their fracking ban is riddled with errors:

  • hydraulic fracturing has polluted water supplies (it hasn’t),
  • gas wells are repeatedly hydraulically fractured multiple times (they aren’t),
  • the amount of water used is massive (it doesn’t come close),
  • the water is lost forever (not true),
  • water use is growing (not so),
  • hydraulic fracturing causes gas migration (doesn’t happen),
  • risk increases over time due to declining well integrity (not true as pressures decrease over time),
  • wastewater disposal is not regulated (it is thoroughly regulated),
  • the drinking water of 15 million people is threatened (not even close), and
  • fracturing using other than water (e.g., CO2, natural gas, propane) might still be subject to DRBC regulation (ludicrous).

Let’s also not forget right next door in the Susquehanna River Basin the SRBC allows fracking; finding it has “no discernible effect on the quality of water resources.” The “special protection waters” excuse the DRBC is using is also no justification when there is already natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing taking place in Exceptional Value watersheds in Pennsylvania with no ill effects.

The DRBC’s reasoning for their proposed fracking ban is totally unjust and thoroughly dishonest.

Please submit your comments against the DRBC’s unjust proposed fracking ban here, and if you would like further information, the UDRBC is a great resource.

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17 thoughts on “Josh Fox is Back and Pushing Support of the DRBC Fracking Ban

  1. Gas Drilling has polluted water supplies all over the fracked counties in Pa. including my county and verified by the DEP.
    The word fracking is used to include both drilling and fracking for gas.
    Prove that the water used in drilling and fracking is not lost forever ?

    Gas Drilling causes gas migration and it’s still happening in my county as of this year and last ;
    Casing failures continue and with that gas migration and with gas migration, other elements can be transferred into the water wells and aquifers and DEP has proof of this…
    like heavy metals, radiums, bacteria and even chemicals.

    Well integrity does continue to fall with ongoing years
    and show scientific proof otherwise.

    Show proof that others who testified used the term “hydraulic fracturing” in describing the risks from fracking or drilling…

    I don’t know of gas wells being fractured multiple times…It may happen. I’ll have to ask the DEP.

    Josh Fox’s movie has not be discredited or a sham except by those who are die-hard pro-gassers, otherwise,
    it enjoys credibility.

    Well, keep trying to convince the DRB to not ban fracking…it doesn’t look like its working.

    • Gas Drilling has “NOT” polluted water supplies all over natural GAS DEVELOPED counties in Pa. including Susquehanna county and this can be verified by the DEP.
      The word fracking was introduced in 2008 by anti’s to make it sound sexual as speeches were given by these wayward hippies of the sexual revolution to make it sound dirty. Steingrabber, anti activist leader, gave a plug to the term when she called it rape of mother earth.

      Gas drilling causes gas migration like it was suppose too, infact that is what drilling does. The drill goes down 5000 feet or more, the rock is fractured and the gas migrates up the pipe eventually to our homes and it’s still happening in my country, over 30 states as of this year.

      Other elements can be transferred into the water wells and aquifers and DEP has proof of this…septic systems need to be regulated to protect drinking water no one should have to drink their own waste not even Vera.

      There have been cases where naturally heavy metals, ceptic bacteria but never chemicals found their way into homes because when you drill into an aquifer it does stir up the sediments. But the claim the Saunters made that they got 2 different weapon grades of Uranium is as far fetched as saying water defies gravity and floats up through 5000 feet of solid rock to Vegas well. The fact is residents in Her county turned down a water line saying the water wells were polluted even after the well drilling took place, put up signs in their yards that read NO WATER PIPELINE and OUR WATER IS FINE right in Dimock PA.

      John Hanger, the head of the DEP at the time retracted the decision for the waterline. So what did Vera and New York Residents Against Drilling [NYRAD] do… let me tell ya. In 2010 they organized a March for Clean Water in Montrose Pa to Dimock PA. 4 people from NY showed up and 11 from Dimock… out of a town of thousands no one showed, in fact it was shunned. But these activists don’t quit, they are cult like in their efforts. And, they’re media darlings.

      Well integrity was brought into question by Anthony Ingraffea, a Cornell Professor who taught rock fracturing, but he never went to a well site to check, yet presented in hundreds of town meetings that casings will fail according to his computor model. A model he testified in court was written by him. Under oath he said he was wrong about many things.

      I don’t know of gas wells being fractured multiple times…It may happen. I’ll have to ask the DEP.

      Josh Fox’s movie was so discredited, such a shame, a sham exposed by those who are die-hard truth finders, that it was denied a Grammy, caused Josh to melt down when confronted by scientists, and was the subject of a professional documentary by a producer who, unlike Josh Fox, didnt jump from producing pornos to BS. A movie called Fracknation, that the enjoys credibility and praise. Unlike Gasland in which the corrupt DRBC, Carol Collier executive director, received credits from, Fracknation is factual and shows Josh trapped in lies and deceptions.

      Well, keep trying to convince the DRBC because eventually science and honesty wins the day…

    • And so the Park Foundation shill again is the first to post. I can’t wait for the Binghamton University students to hear more info from Mr. Furman and other JLC reps on all the lies and hyper – exaggerating by Vera and her ilk. Not a single link or data, only her “word”. Oh please stop the nonsense and BS.

    • Hate to burst your bubble, Vera, on the credibility of Josh Fox, but if you know anything about sources, I am a primary source on that one. Gasland was based on three whoppers. Fox claimed he received a lease in the mail in 2008 offering him $100,000 to lease his land. However, Josh did not own the less than twenty acres in Milanville. Offers that high were not even made in northern Wayne County where there was more interest and there was even less interest in southern Damascus Township where Milanville is. I am north of there and no one in my area was offered that much. But the biggest lie was the date. Flashing across the screen in Gasland is our lease and not even the final lease but a draft that was emailed out mid July. The final lease went to the printer on July 25, 2009, and at the signings in August of 2009, I hand collated them. So, how did he get it in the mail in May of 2008 when it never was finalized and went to the printer until July 25 of 2009? Then he tried to claim membership in NWPOA. Problem is I maintained the database and held the key to the PO box so every single check passed before my eyes and through my hands. No, neither he nor his father were ever members so they never received the final lease on any date. His credibility has tanked even worse than yours.

  2. And for another blinding leap into the obvious, Vera:

    Susquehanna River Basin Commission (http://www.srbc.net)

    The Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) established the Remote Water Quality Monitoring Network (RWQMN) in January 2010 in response to natural gas drilling activities in the basin. More than 50 water quality monitoring stations are operating in watersheds experiencing unconventional shale gas development. Each station continuously monitors the following parameters: pH, temperature, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and relative water depth. The data are collected at five-minute intervals and uploaded to SRBC’s publicly accessible web site.

    Note that carefully, Vera: data collected at five minute intervals at over 50 monitoring stations. Real science at work.

    from the Conclusions to the 2016 report:

    “Over time, the increase in conductance did not correlate to the presence of natural gas wells since similar increasing conductance trends were also observed in watersheds with no natural gas development.

    Although there is a possibility that conductance could be linked to natural gas development in these watersheds, the correlation between the two is inconclusive, especially without identifying the source of increased conductance in watersheds that lack well development.

    Increases in concentrations of ions commonly found in hydraulically fractured fluids (including chloride, sodium, magnesium, and calcium) were not consistently correlated to increases in conductance.

    There were no significant changes to the aquatic biological community, as indicated by macroinvertebrate scores, as a function of increased conductance trends.”

    Stop with the rumors and try a few facts. Every time you spout your nonsense you will find me, and many others, right back on line pointing out facts and providing references to reputable science, not hysterical paid to play clowns like Josh Fox.

  3. Vera please show us proof that drilling has affected the Susquehanna River’s quality or water level. The scientific studies cited above prove the river hasn’t been affected.

  4. Has anyone heard of the term FRAC OUT? THIS IS what has occurred on my property here in Lenox township and several places elsewhere….Google it. DEP has every excuse you can think of but the Truth. Gone to my township…they say we don’t know what to do. County Comissioner hasn’t helped….but Does do a commercial for Cabot on WNEP. As I watch my home and land fall into the ground…. Haven’t drank my water in over a year. FIRST test done by Cabot showed NO me than propane or ethean BUT the water test by DEP does. They say it’s ok to drink…WHY doesn’t anyone care? Guess cause it’s NOT them. Neighbors property has issues too yet he denies it. WHY? He doesn’t live there. This Is my home. I shouldn’t be afraid…people tell me I’m crazy to stay here. I shouldn’t have to leave my home. This is now a worthless piece of FRAC OUT land.

    • More propaganda. After Googling you, I found this – http://wnep.com/2016/03/28/the-mystery-of-the-holes-in-susquehanna-county/ Here’s the article in it’s entirety as it is very illuminating – LENOX TOWNSHIP — One home in Susquehanna County has signs warning people to stay off the property. The homeowner says the signs are not just warning trespassers. “This is what my granddaughter found. It was just a small hole like this and that’s what it turned into,” Sheila Petrochko said.
      Finding holes on this Lenox Township property near Kingsley has become a regular occurrence lately for Petrochko. “I walk through my yard and I’m finding more holes everyday,” Petrochko added. She also thinks her yard is starting to sink. “Is my ground going to open up? Am I going to fall into a hole? Are my grandchildren? That’s what I’m concerned about,” she said. In her 10 years living here, Petrochko said there have never been any holes. “Nothing new has happened in the area besides a well that Cabot drilled and they finished about a month and a half ago,” Petrochko said. According to a Pennsylvania DEP spokesperson, there have been no other complaints about possible sinkholes in this part of Susquehanna County. Late this afternoon, a DEP inspector ruled out natural gas drilling as the cause. State officials believe the holes were caused by natural subsidence.
      The state isn’t exactly sure what naturally caused the holes to form. Cabot Oil & Gas pointed out its gas well is about a mile from the homeowner’s property. The gas company said they are not responsible for the holes in Petrochko’s yard. Lenox Township Supervisor Fred Benson agrees. “I just think it’s a settlement. It ain’t got nothing to do with the gas from my estimation,” Benson said. Petrochko said she just wants to know why the holes keep popping up. “I feel like I’m yelling and screaming. I would like to find out what happened and why and how we are going to fix it,” she said. A spokesperson for DEP said that an inspector placed meters in the holes. It determined that there was no natural gas present in the areas where the holes have formed. A DEP spokesperson added that natural subsidence can be caused from rain or even the type of fill someone has in their driveway.
      I’m quite sure that Josh Fox and Park Foundation funded shill Vera will create a lie to explain the subsidence.

      • Gopher Hunt ought to take care of this problem….lol thanks for once again pointing out the theatrics Frank

  5. Feb 13, 2018: The judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Tim by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    My website is
    “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

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