Johnny Green, “The Earth’s Champion,” Takes on Worst Polluters

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Johnny Green is someone you probably haven’t heard of just yet, but he goes by “The Earth’s Champion” and you may agree after learning more about him.

Who is Johnny Green? Well, I’ll get to that in a minute. I never heard of him until yesterday but I’m already a fan. Who couldn’t love “The Earth’s Champion,” after all? That’s his title. He’s an intriguing fellow who lives what he preaches and has a compelling message. I found about him through an interview I did yesterday, during a post-interview chat with the host, Jason Spiess. He told me about Johnny Green and I just had to check him out.

Jason Spiess is the man behind The Crude Life Network. He produces his content from the region where he lives, the Bakken, and focuses on energy issues. You can listen to his interview of me here, in fact. And, here’s Jason’s description of what we discussed:

Economics with natural gas, flaring, innovation, renewables and pipelines are all areas discussed in regard to natural gas. The interview also layers in the rise of environmentalism, energy law, the paradigm shift in energy and their current public relations battle from Colorado to presidential candidates to the Green New Deal. LNG, CNG, Mexico, Europe buying our LNG, Lake Charles and new processing plants coming online are also topics covered.

The interview was a great deal of fun. When it was over, we had a brief follow-up chat. It was during this conversation that the name Johnny Green came out. Jason told me he “sponsors” Johnny and briefly described what Green was all about. I was immediately eager to learn more, of course. That took me to the Johnny Green website, where he is described not only as “The Earth’s Champion,” but also as “The Greatest Environmentalist On Earth.” Who doesn’t want to follow up on that?

Here’s a sample of Johnny Green for a lot more fun, but be sure to pay close attention:

If you were paying attention you noticed some humorous references to some of the things we’ve talked about here at NaturalGasNOW in a more serious vein. You can even get a neat shirt with his “Renewables Ain’t Doable Without Fossil Fuelables” line emblazoned on the front. That’s a rather clever way of getting the point across, isn’t it?

Johnny Green has also announced a Clean Your Mind Tour:

“The real irony is that today’s environmentalist has changed completely and arguably is causing more harm to the planet than good.”

“Today’s environmentalist has become a texting, trolling, Keurig-drinking carbon waste disaster zone more concerned with posting finger-pointing moments than planting trees,” Green said. “To be The Earth’s Champion, you have to have a strong mind and desire to help Mother Earth. Johnny Green says stop texting pollution and take part in the Earth’s solution.”

The Earth’s Champion Johnny Green is sponsored by The Crude Life, an energy-centric content network.

“We really wanted to support Johnny Green’s climate change message regarding cell phone and their data centers,” The Crude Life founder Jason Spiess said. “Not to mention I personally agree with Johnny Green’s whole thesis that today’s environmentalist is causing more harm to the earth than solutions while the irony exists that the energy industry is now the new leader in saving the earth.”

Green’s platform consists of two main themes: the first is that the cell phone is the planet’s number one source of pollution, and second, energy is part of the solution.

According to Green, the cell phone is a “three-headed polluter” and is eco-issue number one.

“There are 19-to-28 rare earth minerals that go into a cell phone, depending on the phone and research study you look at,” Green said. “These rare earth minerals are often mined in third world countries where their environmental standards are nowhere near what they are in the United States and Canada.”

Green then listed a myriad of reasons, studies and stats about cell phones and their three-pronged attack on the environment.

“Second is the manufacturing, construction and distribution of the cell phone,” Green said. “But the worst of the three is actually the data centers for our texts and social media posts.”

To put Green’s data center comment into perspective, in James Brindle’s book “New Dark Age,” Brindle points out that just the data centers have a bigger carbon footprint than the entire aviation industry.

“Data centers are more like 20th century steel factories than anything clean or positive for our environment,” Green said. “The fact is a smartphone streaming an hour of video on a weekly basis uses more power annually than a new refrigerator.”

In addition to the pollution from texts, streams and tweets, Green continues pointing out that the air conditioning energy needed to cool the data centers are another layer of pollution and the “eco-icing on the cake”.

You go, Johnny Green! Save the planet!

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2 thoughts on “Johnny Green, “The Earth’s Champion,” Takes on Worst Polluters

  1. Holy Vulcan Mind Meld, Batman!!!!
    This guy and I have been essentially saying the same thing!!! 🙂

    I will add one more thing. If you really think about it, none of these “environmentalists” ever expound upon and/or give solutions to a point many of us can agree on, what can we do about real pollution management?

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