Ireland Banned Fracking But the Shale Revolution Has Risen Up to Meet It

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The Irish may, in their desire to appease environmental extremists, have banned fracking but the shale revolution has risen up to meet Ireland anyway.

A few years ago, Ireland, once the home of fierce independents, decided to go the environmental appeasement route and ban fracking. That decision, designed to quiet the usual suspects despite the mountain of evidence countering their hysteria, is one the Irish may well come to regret, given what the UK is about to accomplish at Lancashire and elsewhere. It looks like Ireland’s conventional natural gas supply is dwindling and American LNG will have to make up for it. The troops of the shale revolution are about to land on Ireland’s shores, in fact.


The Irish Times reports the following (emphasis added):

Ireland needs to build a terminal for importing liquid natural gas (LNG) among other measures to guarantee future energy security, a new report warns.

Natural gas provides around 30 per cent of the country’s energy, is used to generate around half of the electricity that we use, and heats around 650,000 homes.

According to the Irish Academy of Engineering (IAE), an independent all-Ireland body, the country will need new sources of gas from the early 2020s when reserves in the Corrib and Kinsale fields, responsible for two-thirds of our needs, begin falling

By 2030, Ireland risks ending up depending completely for natural gas on Britain, whose own North Sea reserves will be depleted, the engineers’ report predicts

…a US company NextDecade signed a deal with the Port of Cork to develop an LNG terminal in the country’s largest natural harbour. Under the terms of a memo of understanding between the two the Cork facility would receive liquid natural gas shipped from a plant in Texas

The IAE suggests that Ireland’s dependence on natural gas will increase as coal- and peat-burning electricity generators shut down in coming years.

Government policy is to shift to a low-carbon electricity network, which will rely more on renewable generators backed up by natural gas facilities, which produce less greenhouse gas than coal and peat.

Imagine that; Ireland needs more natural gas, especially to back up its renewables and to coal and peat-burning electricity generation. And, the natural gas will come in the form of Texas LNG (perhaps, too, Marcellus and/or Utica Shale LNG one day).

That gas, of course, will be a product of the shale revolution. It will be available because of fracking here in America and it will save Irish asses. It’s the European way. England is the exception, having risen up to fight for its life in 1940. It is also now leading a budding shale revolt in that country, which has apparently panicked Irish folks whose worst fear is being dependent on the English. Some things never change but road of reality always rises up to meet us, doesn’t it?


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