Infrastructure Investment Paying Off with Growth and Savings

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Brittany Ramos
Coordinator, External Affairs
Cabot Oil & Gas


Investments in natural gas infrastructure have been beneficial to our region; businesses, consumers and non-profits are all saving with lower energy costs.

The investment in expanding infrastructure to move natural gas produced from the Marcellus shale is having big benefits for northeastern Pennsylvania residents and businesses.

Senator John Blake joined us for this Power to Save segment to highlight some of the projects in the region taking advantage of the close proximity to the natural gas supply, like the $1.2 billion Lackawanna Energy Center project.

infrastructureThe Lackawanna Energy Center, with its state-of –the-art technology, will be one of the most energy-efficient power plants in the United States. Because of the investment in these kinds of electric generation facilities, businesses and manufacturers are seeing up to a 30% reduction in their energy costs, and they are passing these savings along to the consumers.

The close proximity to the supply of Marcellus Shale gas makes the Wilkes-Barre and Scranton areas very attractive for new businesses looking to come into the area. As well as established businesses looking to expand their operations, hire another shift or expand their manufacturing capabilities.


The good news isn’t just for businesses. Natural gas is also helping non-profits save. The segment also highlights St. Francis Commons in Scranton which provides transitional housing, food and non-cost clothing for our veterans. St. Francis is energy efficient with a 5-star plus energy rating. The facility burns natural gas and because of the lower cost, the money which would have been spent on energy costs can be redeployed into other programs to further assist the residents.

Check out the full five minute segment below to learn more about how this abundant resources is benefiting Pennsylvanians every single day.

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