Hollywood Style Climate Change Activism and Fractivism

Climate Change - Vic Furman ReportsVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R

The climate change march in New York this weekend was a Hollywood B-Movie production that illustrates how little fractivists have to give.

This past Sunday in New York City a march was held to protest climate change. From all the news coverage (there wasn’t really that much} it was a big hoopty-doo that brought activist in from all over the USA and according to the coverage I did see, several countries.  The reason for the march this past Sunday was so the protestors could coincide their activities with the United Nations Climate Summit and get together to show the world its their way or doomsday. Like most fractivist initiatives (and this might as well have been one given the lead role of folks such Mark “Buffalo” Ruffalo), it wasn’t very convincing. 

Lots of Hollywood Types, No Climate Change Scientists

One thing I noticed in all the reports prior to the march was that there was going to be a big draw and apparently it did attract a lot of people, but what was the draw? It appears, in this case, it was Hollywood actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo, a one per center taking your tax dollars to fund his solar statement.  Throughout the media coverage of this march I read of no scientist, no scholar in the field of climate change or no experts of any kind who were highlighted. Rather, it was largely a string of statements from Hollywood activists who live in high energy consuming mansions bragging on their ability to sway the masses of populated areas to their point of view.

Here, in fact, was Leonardo DiCaprio’s home in Malibu (one of multiple homes he owns), which was available for rent at $75,000 a month ($115,000 per month during season) until he sold it for $17.35 million in December of last year:

Hollywood Climate Change

DiCaprio just bought this home (below) to replace the one he sold and add to his collection:

Hollywood Climate Change 2

According to the article:

The latest purchase comes on the heels of a spate of real estate activity for DiCaprio, who bought an eight-figure “health-centric” home in Greenwich Village in November and sold one of his Malibu homes for $17.35 million in December.

How nice of Leonard to shower us with instructions about how to live. He says “This disaster has grown beyond the choices that individuals make” – his way of rationalizing his own choices and lifestyle while asking everyone else to do something and satisfying his desire to imagine he actually did something. And, by the way, that new “health-centric” home includes a gas range depicted in this picture:

Hollywood Climate Change Activism

Yes, 66 East 11th Street in Manhattan (Greenwich Village) is served with natural gas.

Are We Going to Let Hollywood Run This Country? 

The People’s Climate March was, in short, a a manufactured bit of Hollywood play acting that predictably drew a lot of people but did it mean anything? We know the numbers will be exaggerated over and over again like other fisherman and fractivist tales.  The coverage started out with news accounts of 100,000 to 300,000 participants, then grew to 400,000 and I’ll bet the count will soon be inflated to over a million by the usual suspects in the upstate fractivist camp. However many there were, it means little if the attraction was the actors and the participants had nothing better to offer than this:

Are a Romper Room dropout like DiCaprio or a few lucky busboys, perhaps a waitress, who were discovered and fell into the arms of Hollywood for their playacting abilities, going to decide for us?   We’re done as a country if they are. DiCrapio is a high school graduate good at role playing, not a scientist or an expert on anything but acting. Not one of the speeches I heard them give was anything but fear mongering and/or the politically correct thing to say, with absolutely no science to back up the words.  These Hollywood activists are using climate change to give them meaning in a make-believe world and accord them the power of influence as stars.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in climate change and I believe it has been changing since the earth began and that it will forever be changing and nothing we can do will ever slow it down or make a meaningful difference one way or the other. The earth has been much warmer before then now and there’s no such thing as a perfect temperature. I also believe pollution happens and that is what we should be targeting, not trying to impose some impractical utopian vision. DiCaprio’s speech to the UN Climate Summit (which tells you how unserious that effort was) read like a 9th grade school essay. What’s wrong with our institutions, that they descend to listening to such drivel? Are DiCaprio and Ruffalo going to set policy for us? If so, we’re the ones who are doomed.

One of the saddest things I saw that came out of this march was this Tweet, which tends to tell us more about the participants than perhaps anything else:

Climate Change - Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.09.45 AM

Ordinary Americans, not these self-important actors and spoiled children, should be running the country. Our problem is not that we are right and they are wrong, but that we are apathetic and find excuses not to take charge, sitting and waiting to see what happens.

October 15th is the deadline to register to vote in the New York State gubernatorial election, so I am asking you if you care then register and then get out and vote on November 4th. This is one of the few times we can participate in our own destiny and, no matter who wins, if you voted you can tell those who ask you what you did to change for the better. You can tell your grandchildren with pride you voted. If we could double the vote count it will, win or lose, send a message to all politicians that we are paying attention. My vote is going to Astorino for exactly that reason and, again, win or lose, if enough of upstate does the same, perhaps the politicians and policy makers will spend a little more time listening to us than Leonard DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and all the other phonies on display at the “People’s” Climate March.

Editor’s Note: For some insight on how crass the People’s Climate March was and who the “people” really were, read this leftist analysis. Take note of the corporate sponsors, the branded PR campaign nature of the whole event (supporting Vic’s perspective) and the role of 350.org, the Rockefeller organization. The “people” who made it happen were some of the wealthiest on Earth pursuing their own special interest agenda by co-opting some of the biggest useful idiots to be found.

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11 thoughts on “Hollywood Style Climate Change Activism and Fractivism

  1. Vic, you asked, “but what was the draw?” Given your lack of concern over human-caused global warming, I’m not surprised you don’t get it. People came for a variety of reasons but the main one was out of frustration that our elected and appointed officials seem incapable of taking meaningful action to address the problems.

    I can assure you that the draw was not to rub elbows with the few celebs who made their appearances. Are you suggesting that rich people have no right to participate in such protests?

    You also seem to fault the whole event because the media focused on the wrong people and the wrong voices. Whose fault is that?

    You wrongly conclude the event was organized by Hollywood. Please see: http://peoplesclimate.org/partners/ and let me know how many movie stars are listed.

    I suggest you come to grips with the fact that the majority of people on this planet are fed up with your dirty business. You have good reason to be upset over such events as they are exactly what it will take to implement the policies you most fear.

    • Cliff,

      For once I might agree that yoo’re right and Vic is wrong. The Hollywood types are just useful idiots that do not do the organizing (they don’t have the time or skills likely, they just show up), albeit at a slightly higher level in the antis’ pecking order than the rank and file useful idiots. No, the real orgainizers are much less transparent and much more secretive about their hidden agendas. The REAL organizers are the moneyed interests that have been written about in other posts at this site and in numerous articles. The most damning evidence of these 1% of 1% “organizers” is the US Senate Committee report available here…


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  4. Cliff what Vic has brilliantly illustrated here is some celebrities hypocritical behavoir.
    Isn,t typical of a Marie Antoinette mentality that they tell the imperial court ( the celebrity loving media ) that the unwashed population to ” Let them eat Cake ” . What I really love is Leo decaperino being so unintelligent to the a huge fact historic event basically gave this actor his public profile . Imagine if a Leo decaprino of 1900 got his objective of today ? This would indeed mean no Steam propulsion of ship. No Titanic launched and no disaster that would provide the subject matter for James Cameron to cast Decaperino in a movie that made this mans career. It is the height on hypocracy to say let’s roll back the industrial and information technology ages when indeed commercial activities resulting in you being part of a billion dollar movie indeed used fossel fuels for both the Titanic in the early 1900,s and the computer generate one of James Cameron . Calling Carbon a poison , how trite and stupid. Frankly people in the developing world laugh at this WHITE ignorant young peoples movement that really has a terrible side effect . getting the 3 billion people without electricity is actually going to save lives and stabilize the global population. These people know electricity 24 hours a day means life . Something these airheads has taken for granted because they have never lived like Africans have even in some of the most modern cities on that continent. I visited Abuja Nigeria in 2007 and this very modern city would have prolong blackouts routinely at the time . There is nothing like a catfish barbeque in that city to illustrate the smoke one experiences via hundreds of pounds of caracoal. Lack of electricity killed a friend of mines top Olympic wrestling prospect in Nigeria . At Fifteen this pormising olympics athlete died of Malaria. Air conditioning in one residence in sub Saharan Africa but pinhead actors and yoko ono have this misplaced ideal of saving the world .

    • Paul, you can’t so easily re-write history. What we can do is learn from the past. We have been at this giant fossil fuel experiment long enough. We now know the unexpected and unfortunate results and people who are concerned about the future are trying to change our trajectory.

      Funny you should mention Nigeria. There is one reason its the poverty and disease – oil and the corruption it has brought.

      • Rachel Carson is responsible for deaths due to malaria in Africa plane and simple Cliff. What is bringing a Nigeria out of poverty is electricity generated largely by Nature Gas Cliff .

  5. sorry cliff but I m not wrong as I have attended star studded events where I heard college kids say “I don’t care about the drilling I just want my CD signed. People can go to any protest they choose but if their going to protest something as important as this the should study the facts first and not the crap put out by your side.

    • That’s my point, Vic. It was not billed as being “star studded” and that’s not why people went. There were no CDs being signed. I appreciate that you have preconceived notions about these events and the participants, but again, you’d be wrong.

  6. None of these ill informed partisans were from The New York State Southern Tier, whatsoever. Just an orchestrated dog and pony show by a bunch of out of state, trucked in yuppies.

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